My 5 Festive Favourites 2014

There’s so much to love about Christmas in general but here’s 5 things that are really tickling my fancy this year.

1. Personalised Christmas Bauble

This was my first purchase from Down That Little Lane, and I don’t think it will be my last. These baubles are totes adorbs and can be personalised in so many ways and in so many colours. This one makes my Christmas heart beat a little faster! These babies were so popular that they actually sold out, but I’m sure there’ll be back in stock for next year. In the meantime, you can check out more of Julia’s wonderful work here.

DTLL personalised bauble

2. Christmas Jumpers

You can take the girl out of the northern hemisphere but you can’t take the nothern hemisphere out of the girl. There are so many things I love about living in Australia but a hot Christmas isn’t one of them. This year I’ve been obsessed with Christmas jumpers and the only reason I haven’t got one yet is because I can’t decide which one to buy. I really wanted one with puddings because I figured that if I don’t stop eating ALL the things, I’m going to be just like a pudding by Christmas; that is round, sweet, a bit fruity and full of booze. Alas, by the time I hit the online shops, all the ones with puddings had gone. In the end I settled for this one. Very festive, no?

ASOS Christmas JumperASOS Christmas Jumper 

Rest assured, I’ll be wearing this on Christmas day, whatever the weather, and no doubt,  I’ll be the one more roasted than the turkey!

3. Christmas Earrings

I have my mum to thank for my yuletide earring obsession. She bought me some shiny Santas a few years back. This year, I added these subtle snowflakes to my Christmas jewellery collection. I got them from Lovissa and got change from 10 bucks. Huzzah!

Lovissa earringsDo my earlobes look big in these?

4.  Christmas Rocky Road

I’m a sucker for Rocky Road, I’ve posted some of my favourite recipes here, here and here. However, Lucy from Bake, Play, Smile has taken Rocky Road to a whole new level with a Rocky Road Wreath! This is one recipe I have to try.

Bake Play Smile Rocky Road Wreath

5. Giving good

Sonia from Life Love Hiccups  and Bele from Blah Blah Magazine posted about the UNICEF programme Give Good where for as little as $16 instead of giving each other stuff (we  don’t want or need,) UNICEF will deliver goods to children who need it the most. I love this so hard.

Enough Stuff


If you want to splash your cash a bit closer to home, Bianca from Bigwords put together an awesome charitable gift guide.

For me, giving is what Christmas is all about. We’re not buying gifts or sending paper cards this year, but instead will be giving money to charity, where the money will be much better spent.

So tell me, what are you loving this Christmas? Will you be wearing a Christmas jumper this yuletide? Are you a fan of  Christmas jewellery too? What do you add to your Rocky Road? Tell me ALL the things!

  • Marney

    Love that bauble! DTLL IS THE BEST! also love the christmas sweater notion! I’ve never had a cold Christmas but it’s on my bucket list! You and David should do a Christmas sweater Christmas card! How cute would that be?

    • I am so in love with that bauble, it’s not funny. There’s something so classic about a cold Christmas, that’s why I insist on having Christmas in July, it may be 6 months early, but it looks and feels just like Christmas, to me anyway! The men’s festive knits were way cooler than the women’s. After reading your comment, I promised David to buy him one in the sales. He wasn’t quite as enthusiastic about the idea as you or I (understatement! alert!) but look out for our 2015 festive photo…

  • All of these ideas are great! We have personalised ornaments for each member of our family and just love them. Also, I think you should definitely team up that jumper with those earrings this Christmas! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the weather stays cool for you!

    • My jumper arrived today so I am totally going to rock the jumper/earring combo – so I might be slow roasted after all! I love that you all have personalised baubles – that’s a very merry idea!

  • To true Sammie, it’s all about the family and friends and being with the one’s you love. It’s so close I can touch it, can’t wait, have a great weekend x

    • I know, right?! I’m so excited! I love it that Santa’s beard is nearly full! Bring it ON! Bon weekend! xx

  • Great post and I’m off to check out Bianca’s post – I want my kids to give away some cheer this season. That bauble is DIVINE! I love that you’re in to jumpers, too hot up here for that! x

    • Giving makes you feel good. Hubby and I are going to choose a charity each, so we can really share the love! I am totes loving that bauble – I can just imagine one on your tree with “Have a Laugh on Me’ or how about the “HALOM Family”! The possibilities are endless! x

  • Thank you so much for sharing you gorgeous woman you. Nothing makes your heart feel more full than giving good in whatever way you can at Christmas xx

  • I love the idea of a Christmas jumper, but I think even if I sat in front of the air conditioner I would still be hot. I’ve just been wrapping up the gifts for everyone and getting so excited. I love taking the time to choose just the right present and wrapping them up carefully and making the presentation just as exciting and beautiful as the gift. I’d love some classy Christmas jewellery.

    • Oh no doubt about it, I’m going to be cooking alive, with or without the air con! So you’re one of those ninja wrappers! I’m in awe because my wrapping skills leave a lot to be desired, but what I lack in skill, I make up for in curling ribbon and enthusiasm! I wouldn’t say my jewellery is classy, but it’s definitely Christmassy! When it comes to yuletide jewels, I sometimes think the tackier the better! Happy holidays lovely! x

  • That bauble is awesome! I have been seeing everyones around the place and they look so good. I was so excited this week when I heard from Bele at Blah Blah that I was one of the lucky people to win 6 Footballs going to people in need. The best giveaway ever!!

    • Those baubles are totally orse. It’s one of my favourite things on the tree. I won some nutrition packs in Bele’s giveaway too, best prize I’ve ever won! I was totes stoked! x

  • Grace

    I wish I was organised enough to do an advent calendar! Last year the boys didn’t care at all but this year they have been bugging me every day. EVERY. DAY!
    Giving to a charity on Christmas is so important. And UNICEF are a great, tireless organisation. Have a fabulous Christmas, Sam! It’s been such a buzz meeting you this year! Look forward to getting to know you better in 2015! xxx

    • We have advent calendars but we’re not organised, we fill as we go! I love UNICEF’s work and was lucky enough to win 2 UNICEF prizes in giveaways, there’s nothing more winning than giving! Meeting you and finding your blog was definitely one of the best parts of this year, here’s to more fun and frolics in 2015! Happy holidays lovely! xx

  • Yep, giving good is what it’s all about. As cute as that jumper is, I would be a puddle after 2 minutes, with the heat we’re having up here at the moment.
    Have a beautiful Christmas Sammie, and may 2015 be super-duper xx

    • That’s a sweat-er in every sense of the word! Wearing that woolly on Christmas Day might be a test of endurance! Happy holidays lovely, I hope all your Christmas wishes come true xx