The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #28

URH 28

Hello friends! Happy Weekend! All being well, I will be touching down on Australian terra firma as this post is being published. Holidays are fun and all but there is no place like home.

I love coming home but don’t love the  jet lag that comes with it.  However with these trusty tips, I’m going to beat jet lag like a boss!

Even without an epic voyage, everyday life can be exhausting but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 5 unexpected ways to beat fatigue.

The earth is a funny place isn’t it. I still have trouble getting my head around the fact that it’s summer in the mother country and winter down under! I’ve been wearing sandals in summer but I’m coming back to winter and back to my boots. I’ll be all over these styling tricks for ankle boots.

Flying always makes me hungry. Let’s talk food! I don’t know what happened to our jaffle maker. I think it got re-homed or maybe it went to jaffle maker heaven. I think I may have to invest in a new one just so I can make these life changing jaffles this winter. Banana and Marshmallow Waffle with Caramel Sauce. Need I say more?

And while we’re on the subject of all things delicious, how about these edible caramel chocolate cookie spoons? Yes please!

It’s no secret that I love Instagram but I’m don’t love the idea of everyone knowing my whereabouts. Did you know about Instagram’s secret map?

Sunday Night Blues. That’s a thing, and it’s quite a big thing when you’ve been gallivanting around the globe for the last three weeks. I’m going to set myself up for the week ahead in the best way possible just like this.

I’ll be back to work with a hop, skip and a jump which is all well and good, but I’ll also be spending a lot of time in front of the computer. I’m going to have to try out some of these at-desk-exercises to avoid becoming positively chair shaped

Here are 9 nifty ways to put a smile on your dial when you’re having one of those days, and all for less than ten bucks.  Winning.

As we’re down the Rabbit Hole, and the Ultimate one at that, it seems only fitting that we hop on the Bunny Rabbit Chic train. Bunny Rabbit Chic, that’s totally a thing!

Remember the  pinata cake I made for David’s birthday. It was a sweet sensation and it’s coming to a blog near you sometime soon, (ie, this blog) but in the meantime can we just take a minute to marvel at these incredible pinata style desserts?

If you’re a cookbookaholic like me, or even if you’re not, you should totally enter my Birthday Giveaway because there are two awesome cookbooks up for grabs. But you know what they say, you have to be in it, to win it. Hop on over and enter here, but hurry, there’s only a few days left to enter!

I’m a sucker for a happy ending and this one is the best. Social media gets a bad rap, but in this story it’s the best. Just goes to show that together we really can make a difference. If you want to feel all warm and fuzzy be sure to check out the video clip at the end.

Oh and one last thing before  I embark on my unpacking/laundry frenzy, will every bunny please say hi and bye to Gatsby. This handsome fellow belongs to my friend Emma and his currently hopping himself happy in Singapore. Bless his little furry paws!

Have you any jet lag busting tips you care to share? How do you like your jaffles? Do you get Sunday Night Blues too? What makes you smile? Have yourself a very merry weekend! xx

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  • OMG those jaffles!! Welcome home, here’s to kicking jetlags butt 🙂

    • Those jaffles take toasted sandwiches to a whole new level. As for kicking jet lag’s butt, me and coffee make a great team!

  • Thanks for the Instagram tip. I didn’t realise it pinpointed my exact location! Now fixed!

    I hope you had a safe journey home!

    • Journey back was much quicker, smoother and more pleasant than the journey there. There’s no place like home! Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  • Welcome home. I hope the jet lag does not linger for too long. V x

  • Hope you had a smooth and uneventful trip home! I will be checking out the jetlag and the fatigue links! Jetlag as we have a trip overseas planned for next year (with a toddler, eeek!) and fatigue because day to day life with a toddler can be exhausting haha!

    Thank you for the link up 🙂

    • Oh how exciting for your big trip next year! The return journey was much quicker and less eventful than the outward one. It’s true what they say, there’s no place like home! Hope you have a cracker of a weekend! PS. Meant to say how much I loved the SMH no-buy July article, I meant to share it here today but DOH! Holiday Brain! x

  • Fab links this week Sammie! I don’t believe there really is much of a cure for jet lag, it’s just a punishment we must go through for being lucky enough to travel! I’ve been thinking about buying a waffle making…takes me back to my childhood memories of baked beans and cheese jaffles!

    • Oh yeah, baked beans and cheese jaffles! That’s a classic! For some weird reason, the journey home always seems to fly by quicker, I’m hoping the jet lag also passes me by in the blink of an eye! Bon weekend! xx

  • Wishing you well on your return to Winter! My bro and SIL arrive back this week after 9 weeks of the hottest days in Europe and methinks they will be ‘feeling the chill’ for some time. Thanks so much for this linky which is a friendly one that’s for sure! D x

    • Oh, yes, everybunny is very friendly down the Rabbit Hole! I’m sure your peeps will be feeling the big chill for quite some time. I was very lucky with the weather and had totes forgotten how glorious English summer can be. However, Australian winter is a great excuse to give my new beanie it’s first outing!

  • Welcome home Sam!

  • I hope the flight home was more enjoyable than the one over. Good to have you back! Thanks for the intel on the IG geotagging. I’ve deleted all mine, but not turned it off. Will have a think about it. And loving all the bunny cuteness from Kimba.

    • Now I really feel like a chocolate bunny, Kiralee!

    • Yeah, I deleted all mine and have turned the geotagging off but will occasionally add them on, if I’m some place I want to remember. The flight home was infinitely better than the outward journey. Reason to be cheerful number 654. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

  • Thank you so much for hooking up my Bunny Rabbit Chic – it is totes a thing. Now hop to it! xx

    • Saw so many bunny things in the mother country and I wanted them all but luggage limits curbed my enthusiasm somewhat!

  • Welcome home Hun, I hope the flight wasn’t to bad. Rest up & enjoy being home. x

  • Hey Sammy, glad you are home safe and sound and my your other blog posts, I can see you had a lovely time. How cute is the bunny 😀 definitely looking into the five ways to beat fatigue, the chair shaped body and the Instagram hidden map, that scares me.

    • What about the Instagram map? I’ve turned my location settings off, but if I’m somewhere where I want to add the location, I turn them back on. I guess the Big Brother/everybody knowing your business and whereabouts is the down side of technology. The fatigue busters and chair exercises are great! Hope you are going good and having a lovely weekend xx

      • I meant I will also be looking into the Instagram secret map, because it scares me that strangers can see exactly where you are without you even knowing.

  • Welcome home Sammie! Hope the flight wasn’t too bad and you sorted out the in flight entertainment. I’m in a food coma after seeing those pinata deserts! Oh my! And jaffles are on high rotation in our house… but nothing like those ones! We’re all about the basic cheese jaffle but the butter must be on the OUTSIDE! Hope the jet lag eases quickly. Enjoy getting back into your winter boots! xx

    • The flight home always seems quicker and less painless, but maybe it was just because I had entertainment. If only jet leg was easier too! Jaffles always have to be buttered on the outside, it wouldn’t be a jaffle if you did it any other way. Alas, I wish I could have bought some summer home with me, but at least the sun was shining when I got home! Hope you’re having an ace weekend xx

  • Tash from Gift Grapevine

    Welcome home Sammie! I hope you had a great time – I loved all your travel pics on IG. Hope you aren’t missing that cutie The Great Calvino too much xx

    • Awww, thanks love. Leaving The Great Calvino has left a whole in my heart. Rest assured, I took a trillion and one pictures of him, so he look out for him in latergrams on Instagram! xx

  • merliyn

    glad you are home safe and sound sam! and that you’ve had a wonderful time visiting your mum and doing some special things!
    we are off to queensland to visit my daughter! … I’m hoping for some warmth!
    i’ll be internet free for a while! … much love m:)X

    • Oh have a lovely break with the fam and from the internet! Have fun in the sun! Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back! xx

  • Lucy @ Bake Play Smile

    Instagram has a secret map!!??? Off to check it out now!!! Yay! So glad you’re home and you really do look like you had the most amazing holiday!

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    Yay you’re home!😀 get the washing on straight away…like ripping off a bandaid the quicker it’s done the better! I still have fond memories of tinned spaghetti in the jaffle cooked over an open flame, can’t beat it x

    • The washing is done, shame about the jet lag. I could totally smash one of those spaghetti jaffles right about now! x

  • Glad you arrived home safely. It seems I’m always last to the rabbit hole party each week. Might need to do something about that next week.

    I’m craving an apple jaffle right about now.

    • When it comes to the Rabbit Hole, late is always better than never. You’re fashionably late anyway because the party keeps on rocking until Monday midnight. I too could smash an apple jaffle – yum yum for my tum!

  • Back in the day when I owned a Jaffle maker it was spaghetti (from the tin) with grated cheese, my sister and I were at Kmart a couple of weeks ago and she bought a J Maker for about $8, how crazy is that!
    Hope your Jetlag passes soon lovely xx
    PS – that rabbit is too cute!

    • $8? That’s too good to miss! I see a visit to K Mart in my future! Your slice looks so nice – hope you’ve had a delicious weekend! xx

  • Oh welcome back there’s no place like home. Here’s to a sunny day to help get all that washing done. Take a week off to get over the jet lag lol! X

    • The jet lag is pants but on the flip side, I should like a supermodel based on the amount of sleep I’ve been having. Hope you’ve had an ace weekend xx

  • Welcome back lovely it looked like a great trip. I make ham & cheese jaffles most weekends still!