The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #37

The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #37

Hello friends. It’s been a big week here. I left my job so I can focus on my studies, bake a lot of cakes and morph into a domestic goddess… something like that anyway! How was your week? Tell me all about it and then let’s hop on down the Rabbit Hole with OreoHe’s got his eyes on the prize this week!

Oreo Bunny hails from the good old U S of A, where they’re celebrating National Pancake Day today. But America is not the only country to have delicious pancakes. Pancakes are an international food group and here are 24 delicious reasons why. I think crepes are my all time favourite, what’s yours?

I might be freshly Australian, but I’m technically half English so of course, I still love to talk about the weather. It’s been exceedingly fresh (as in freezing cold) round here and I’m swapping spring salads for winter warmers on ye olde meal planner. Baked potatoes are one of my favourite comfort foods, and this one comes with a goat-tastic mini movie and  a chance to win an all singing and all dancing microwave. Get on it, peeps!

Once upon a time I went on holiday and packed my favourite bottle of perfume in my suitcase and it smashed in transit. I was so sad but on the flip side, my clothes have never smelt so good. However, it’s not an experience I am keen to repeat and now I won’t have to because look, here’s a guide for 5 Travel Size Perfumes. Winning!

The interwebs are a funny place. It gives us a window into other people’s worlds but you know, we’d all do well to remember things are not always as they seem. This project  shows how some Instagram users use carefully framed photos to make their lives seem more glamorous or exciting than they actually are. I’m not one of those Instagram users, ain’t nobody (and when I say nobody, I mean me,) got time for that!

Getting old has so many perks but this is one of my favourites because I don’t think we’re ever too old to pay attention when someone smarter and wiser tells you something worth listening to.

Talking of embracing age, I know I’m 44 on the outside but I’m not a day over six and a half on the inside. Well, it turns out I might be onto something because the secret of creativity is to think like an adult, but act like a child. I should be creative plus because if there is one thing I excel at, it’s acting like a child. You should see me at Disneyland!

I think a chalkboard feature wall would be loved by adults and children alike. If, or should I say when, we renovate, I’m totally having one of these in the kitchen.

My fitbit doesn’t just track my steps, it tracks my sleep too. I was shocked to see I’m only getting between 5 and 6 hours shut eye each night, and I’m such a restless sleeper that not only is the quantity of my sleep not good, the quality isn’t crash hot either. I’m thinking I need to try one of these 5 Guided Meditations for Sleep so that I can be fresh as the proverbial daisy every morning, because seeing the sunrise is good for you.

Talking about being good for you, Jamie Oliver has come up with a list of hero ingredients that everyone needs in their pantry. Apparently, eating these 14 foods could help us live to be 100 years old! Nine of these ingredients are regularly consumed at our place, but I draw the line at tofu. It’s my food nemesis.

Did you catch the interview with Krystal yesterday? She’s So Inspiring.  She also popped up in this post  and the Let’s Talk about Breasts documentary. This short documentary could literally change your life, and with Hologic donating $1 for the first 10,000 views and shares of the  documentary to Pink Hopethe money raised could help change the lives of others.

So tell me, what’s your food nemesis? How many hero foods are you eating? Are you an early riser? What’s the quality of your zzzs? What are your tips for a sweet sleep? Do you think like an adult and act like a child? However you think, and whatever you’re doing today, I hope you have a beautiful weekend! (And don’t forget to check your breasts!) See you on the other side!

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  • I’ve seen that instagram photo project before – it’s a good one!

    I am really sad sometimes when I see these glossy ‘perfect’ feeds on instagram. I won’t follow them. I know it’s all just posed and arranged just so, and setup just for a photo. I prefer little snippets from people’s day, even if it is blurry or there’s a bit of a mess in the background!

    Exciting quitting your job too – hope the change goes well for you 🙂

    Thank you for the link up

    • I totally agree with you about Instagram, I come from the school of keeping it real! The break from work is exciting but I’ve got a feeling that I’m going to be busier than I was before! LOL! Happy Weekend! x

  • It’s Friday high again (Saturday for you I know). This week really went fast. Yay to giving up your job to become a domestic goddess. Looking forward to all those yummy recipes on your blog.
    I don’t have a food nemesis per say, but tofu could just be it. Never tried it, never wanted to and just the thought makes me ill don’t know why.
    My sleep is terrible, I am always tired, but battle with not getting a good nights sleep every night.
    And on that note going to read some of your links for a few minutes, then off to sleep. Have a great weekend

    • I think that as the months go by, the weeks seem to go by faster, it’s as if they’re all racing to get to the end of the year! Hope you got some quality zzzs and have a great weekend xx

  • So excited for your next chapter of domestic goddessness. Hate fresh tomatoes but love every other type and trying to work on getting more zzzzzz! Have a great weekend ( from the city of sunshine!!) X

    • I’m so excited that’s the first comment I’ve seen from the City of Sunshine. Here’s to new adventures. I am so excited for you too! x

  • I must be more creative than I realise because I’m great at acting like a child! This includes bedtimes! I’m always wanting to stay up later than is good for me!

    Thanks for hosting this link up! I’ve enjoyed my Saturday morning blog reading time down the rabbit hole!

    • Ah, yes, I always want to stay up way past my bedtime too! I’m pleased you enjoyed your time down the Rabbit Hole, hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend too 🙂

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    I’m eating all the hero goods except tofu…goats milk hsloumi is my fave X

  • Lilly Mary

    Great links – I grew up on English pancakes with lemon and sugar for Saturday breakfasts and Finnish donuts on Sundays… good days… as for acting like a child… I think I have that down pat. Have a great weekend!

  • Lucy @ Bake Play Smile

    Happy weekend Sammie!! Hahaha I totally think like a child too! You’re only as old as you feel, right! Love what the Pink Hope ladies are doing – such a fab cause!!

    • Exactly – you really are only as old as you feel. The Pink Hope peeps are just so awesome and Krystal’s story is just so inspiring. Here’s to a delicious weekend! xx

  • Whoa! That was quite the read, so much packed into one post – I loved it! Let’s see … Freezing here in NZ, rain rain rain and more rain for two weeks now! Love me a baked potato with sour cream, sleep … probably on par with you at 6 hours a night (if that!). Have a great weekend!

    • It’s chilly here too. I think spring has taken a break! Shame about the rain, hope you get to dry out soon! Baked potatoes and sour cream… now you’re talking! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and don’t get too wet! x

  • merilyn

    love your down the rabbit hole posts! thankyou sam for introducing us to all of those inspirational people out there!
    good luck with your new way of life i’m sure it will be rewarding for you! have a little rest too!
    you have such a great attitude!
    we have nice weather today! not before time!
    lots of spring cleaning and walking to be done in between drawings etc. etc. etc!
    i’m not good with plans! … lol m:)X

    • Enjoy the lovely weather – I’m not great with plans either. Sometimes it’s good to be spontaneous! Have a beautiful weekend, lovely xx

  • Jam packed rabbit hole! Love it. I’ve started saying I’m too old for this lots lately and completely agree with that list! How awesome was Karin’s blackboard wall! And I’m totally checking out those guided meditations. We’ve been listening to the same one for so long… need some variety! Happy week end lovely xx

    • I’m totally going to download those guided meditations this weekend! I want sleep and lots of it! Hope your weekend is full of awesome!

  • Simplify.Create

    Not even remotely an early riser here! I go to bed about 2am, baby up about 4 or 5 for a few minutes and lately toddler up about 8:30 but we used to be a 9-10am wake up family lol night shift hubby.

    I always buy perfume minis for travel to avoid the smashed bottles lol oops!

    • That’s some sleep routine! I actually woke up “naturally” at 8.30 and paniced thinking it was a week day. Of course, I woke up hubster and told him how late he was for work… And then I realised it was Saturday! Doh! Perfume minis are such a great idea, aren’t they? Have a beautiful weekend!

  • jess

    Wow big week for you indeed! I have 11 of Jamie’s ingredients, wahoo!

    • Yes, huge week. I’ve gone from working part time to studying full time and running my own business! Aargh! Eleven hero ingredients! Go you! (Is tofu one of them? Don’t worry if it is, we can still be friends!) Have a great weeekend x

  • Loving those travel perfumes!!! Will definitely check them out for our trip.

  • I’m so down with a chalkboard feature wall, how cool would that be?!?

  • Ooh yes Sam you def need more sleep! Seven hours minimum for wellbeing. I forgot that fitbits could do that. I should check my stats. Yay for finishing work. Was this the newish job you left? You’ll rock domestic goddess 😃 x

    • Do you think there is a thing as too much sleep? I don’t! It was the newish job but the door is open to go back. In the meantime, I have plenty to keep me busy with my counselling course, baking, running, blogging and my Jamberry nails debut! Exciting times!

  • What a WEEK. You have made some big change this week and for one can’t wait to hear more about the study and the business. Like learning a lot! My hub is doing Bach Counselling on-line and works as a volunteer at Lifeline. Me? I am over the study/work/teach component in my life so I am doing a mindfulness course with Monash Uni, and am also part of Brightside Coach’s Flourish group. I am ‘arting’ my way to emotional equanimity and walking most days. I gave my fitbit to my psychologist son because it was stressing me out… and I have downloaded those sleep meditations to add to my internal fitness routine. Love your posts …thanks Sammie!

    • Yes, such a big change. I have never not worked, so it feels like a whole new ball game, but one I’m happy to play along with. I’m very lucky that I’m in this position and to be able to follow my heart. It feels good! A mindfulness course sounds just the ticket – I think it’s about horses for courses. It would be a bit boring if we all did the same. I love my fitbit – I’m love to be held accountable, even if it’s just too myself! Let’s compare notes on the sleep meditations. Any suggestions which one would be best for first timers?! Hope you have an awesome weekend! xx

  • Such exciting times ahead for you, hopefully you will find time for more sleep in there somewhere. Meanwhile I hope I win one of these fandangle microwaves!! And thanks for the mention, that was nice to stumble on xx

    • Yes, I hope I have time to sleep too! I’m also crossing my fingers for one of those all singing, all dancing microwaves – they look ace and I loved your post – it was just too good not to share! Hope you’re having a fantabulous weekend! xx

  • I’ve always wanted another chalkboard wall, we had one before, it was totally cool and it kept the kids amused for hours. You could write beautiful messages to your David that would be cool, yep I think you should do that one

    Happy weekend x

    • I was thinking the very same thing about the chalkboard. Romantic minds think alike! Hope your weekend is as gorgeous as you! x

  • Pancakes are so versatile. we have both sweet and savoury when the need arises. V x

  • I must be on another planet, what are you studying Hun?
    I don’t have a fitbit because my kind of exercise is lifting my arm to my mouth drinking cups of tea. But I love it tracks your sleep. Having kids I learn it was all about quality over quantity, I could have 8hrs interrupted & feel not great but have 4hrs sound sleep & be ready to take on the day.

    • I’m studying counselling, well, I haven’t been but I’m going to! I guess once the kids come along, you take you quality zzzs where you can! x

  • Are you excited about the job quitting? And derrrrr I’m an early riser, kinda comes with the territory and I totally love it- can’t sleep in past 8am

    • I knew you would be an early riser. So excited about job quitting because a) I know I can go back and b) I can do exactly what I want (every only child’s dream!)

    • PS Tried to comment on your ace post – but it wouldn’t let me 🙁

  • So that’s how people take such great instagram photos! lol! I didn’t do too well on the Super hero foods. I had two. And I loved that I’m too old for this article! Great links!

    • I can’t wait to check out your links, Paula, they’re always the business! I’m too old for lots of things but super hero foods is not one of them! x

  • Ah the old Instagram crop magic! I keep reminding myself that those “lazy Sunday mornings” shots probably had more work put into them than meets the eye (on a Tuesday afternoon, probs, when the lighting is better!) when I’m slobbing about in trackies and bed socks trying to wipe Vegemite off soft furnishings.

    • It’s important to keep it real, don’t you think? Besides, there is a lot to be said for trackies and bed socks. It’s my favourite outfit!

  • The quality of my zzz’s is terrible – having two under two. Although my eldest sleeps through the night, my youngest can still wake up three to four times a night 🙁

  • Great links lovely and thanks for sharing my post. Did you have a wonderful weekend? I hope so. x