The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #41

Ultimate Rabbit Hole 41

Hello there! How are you travelling? Are you ready for more fun and frolics down the Rabbit Hole with Oreo, Bubbles and I? You are? OK, let’s hop to it.

Did you know October is National Popcorn Poppin’ Month? My friend used to work at a cinema and once told me what went on in the popcorn machine and I haven’t eaten popcorn “out” since. There’s something super fun about the poppity pop of making your own popcorn and something really delicious about it too, especially when you cover it with caramel, nuts and chocolate and transform it from a humble bowl of popped corn kernels into Kukukachu Corn.

I’m not big on Halloween but I am big on all the spooktastic treats on offer. This week, I put together six of the best Halloween recipes from Aussie bloggers, and then I found these Chocolate Red Back Spiders which are also too good not to share.

Can you imagine your favourite food giant sized? Yes please! I’d like a giant dumpling but would happily settle for the elephantine Mars Bar. Check out these 29 giant versions of your favourite food you can make yourself!

Spending time with favourite people is good for the soul. After setting the world to rights over a glass of wine and a harbour view during the week, my beautiful friend sent me these things to remember when everything is going wrong. It’s not that anything is going wrong,  it’s just that these tips are so top, they’re good to remember when everything is going right. Number eight is my personal favourite. What’s yours?

Did you know exercise doesn’t just make you fitter and healthier it makes you happier too. Exercise is a one way ticket to get out of a funk and here’s 10 reasons why. 

Since I farewelled my thyroid, my brain sometimes has trouble keeping up. I actually thought I had early onset dementia for a while but my doctor told me that if I can remember that I’m forgetting, I have nothing to worry about. In the meantime, I’m going to be all over this list of brain boosters.

I call it holding on to things. Others call it hoarding. I’m making a conscious effort not just to get organised and declutter but to de-own. It’s a work in progress but I’m getting better at it and having more space is ace!

Now I’m at home full time, cleaning seems like a full time job. I’m always looking for tricks that will make my jobs quicker or easier. These 42 cleaning tips will have the place looking shiny as a new pin (for about 3 nanoseconds before I mess it up again!)

Christmas is a-coming (in two months and one day) so there’s plenty of time to channel your inner crafter and make your own gift wrap. How cute is that?

Did you see the post a while back about the Tree Change Dolls?

As part of her project “Mighty Dolls” artist Wendy Tsao, is giving Bratz Dolls a massive makeover and and painting them to look like  extraordinary women. I’m loving it hard.

What say you about Halloween? Yay or nay? If you could have make your own giant food, what would you choose? Do you have any cleaning hacks to share? What extraordinary woman mighty doll would you like to see?

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  • Simplify.Create

    Here I am thinking I need to stop eating naughty food, then you add links to some amazing desserts and sweets. So torn hahaha

    • I just couldn’t help myself! You don’t have to eat all the naughty food, save yourself some calories and just drool over it instead!

  • Lilly Mary

    More importantly, did you know that the 23rd was International Champagne Day… I hope you popped a few corks and enjoyed all your successes. xxx

    • Aargh! How did I miss International Champagne Day?! Don’t worry, I shall spend the weekend making up for lost time. Hope you’re having a spectacular weekend!

  • merilyn

    these weeks are rolling around too fast, if you ask me sam!
    lots of good things to peruse!
    enjoy your weekend!
    an insta tangent! … Sydney harbour is superb isn’t it! … love m:)X

  • OMG how awesome was that popity pop corn! LOVE!
    Those dolls I loved watching that and they look so amazing. Why do we have to make things look so different for? I don’t quite understand it.
    Happy weekend lovely! xx

    • I love those dolls almost as much as I love popcorn! That’s a lot, by the way! Hope you had an ace weekend! x

  • Those XXL cinnamon rolls look amazing! And I totally need to know what they put in ‘out’ popcorn! Happy wkend lovely xx

    • Trust me, you really don’t want to know what they find in the popcorn, you really don’t. On the other hand, I think we totally need to know how to make those XXL cinnamon rolls! Hope you had a beautiful weekend! xx

  • You had me at caramel with the popcorn and I just love that Halloween cake by the lovely Lauren.
    Hope you are having a fab weekend.
    BTW I tried to comment on my iPhone this morning and couldn’t find the comment link, it works on my iPad though.

    • Lauren is so clever, isn’t she?! It wasn’t you not being able to comment, it was me! First, only half of the first paragraph of the post was published, and then there was no space to comment. Lucky I married someone who is good at computers. Hope you had a beautiful weekend x

  • Those cleaning tips are awesome! I bookmarked them. Oh and I love Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday. 🙂 And if I had to pick a giant food I would go with the giant gummy bear. That was pretty cool!

    • I think Americans love Halloween even more than I love giant gummy bears (which is a whole lot!) How are you going to celebrate this year?

  • ooh you know how much I love to keep my home clean and organised – definitely checking out and pinning those cleaning tips! Hope you are having a lovely weekend Sammie.

    • You are the Queen of Organised! I knew you’d love those tips! We had a wonderful weekend down the coast – I wish weekends could last forever! Hope you had an awesome one too!

  • I go crazy for popcorn too! Good to know about Cobs – thanks for the tip! Hope you had a delicious weekend xx

  • Wow I just love the mighty dolls, they look fabulous. The girls watched the video with me and want one now!!! I’m closing my eyes to the renovation mess as not having the house clean & tidy freaks me out but can’t do anything about it at the moment! Hope you have had a wonderful weekend xx

    • I want a mighty doll too! You’ll have plenty of time to be clean and tidy after the reno, for now relish the fact that you’ll never have a better excuse not to clean up!

  • I love how the end of that ‘8 things…’ post ends, Think positively. Eat healthy. Exercise today. Worry less. Work hard. Laugh often. Sleep well. Repeat…
    Perfect! I hope you have had a wonderful weekend. x

  • So much down the rabbit hole reading to do – thanks Sammie! Did you update your logos/colours etc, your page looks different to me? I love it! Happy Monday, have a good week x

    • No, no bloggy makeover here, we’re still traumatised from the last blog overhaul! I love my rabbit hole adventures and hope you had a hopping good time too! Here’s to a wonderful week!

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigela

    I love the makeunders for the dolls. While I love makeup, it feels a bit too early for kids! And have you ever wrapped presents using old maps? I love using them up plus they are gorgeously colourful!