The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #45 and The Grand Festive Giveaway


The Ultimate Rabbit Hole Christmas Giveaway

Hello friends! Happy Satur-yay! We’re in the midst of a celebration trifecta  here and we’re loving it. Firstly, David and I are celebrating 11 years to the day since we met, I love me a good meet-a-versary. Secondly, it’s David’s first stroke-a-versary. I’m a bit of weirdo and embrace these dates on the calendar because they’re a great reminder of everything we have to be grateful for. And last but not leastly, it’s time for The Ultimate Rabbit Hole Grand Festive Giveaway – yes, that’s a thing – and a very exciting thing at that! Read on for details.

After the events of last weekend, I’ve been wearing my emotional raincoat 24/7 and have been trying to focus on the good things in life. Ellen’s post being thankful in the face of horror  has given me a lot to think about and I totally get  how  “engaging in gratitude builds our resilience and helps us to cope better in times of crisis.”

As Billy Ocean once crooned “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” (I think the eighties were the greaties!) and sticking with that theme, you can’t go wrong with these  6 Ways to Be More Resilient During Tough Times. I’m going to have to channel all my inner resilience in the coming week because it’s test time. The blood tests and ultrasound are like water off a duck’s back but waiting for the results always makes me twitchy. I hate to wait!  And because cancer diagnoses are kind of on my mind right now, these 12 Things Never To Say To Someone Who Has Cancer are spot on.

Whatever my test results say, I’m a big believer that the Key to Living a Happier Life is all about perspective. This proverb sums it up perfectly but comes with a high goosebump alert. Just sayin’!

And because it’s not a real rabbit hole post without a nod to a national food day, guess what?! It’s National Stuffing Day! I’m sure this has something to do with American Thanksgiving next Thursday – so if you’re celebrating, have a good one – but I’m happy to eat stuffing anytime of year. I love stuffing and could happily leave the meat and gorge on the stuffing instead. I have commitment issues and couldn’t possibly choose just one recipe, so here are 25 Delicious Stuffing Recipes for Thanksgiving (or any time of year, come to that.) Let’s get stuffed!

I know this rabbit hole has been the “self help edition”  full of channelling happy, practising gratitude and being resilient but I can’t help but feel that we (that’s the royal “we” and the real “we”) need more of that right now. Plus kindness, and lots of it!

Talking of happy and kind, let’s talk about the Grand Festive Giveaway, shall we? With a total prize pool of $429, you will want to be in it, to win it! Here’s what’s up for grabs…

The Grand Festive Giveaway

1. Momento – $150 voucher (value: $150.00)

Momento produces some of the best quality photo books and custom stationery around, and are proud to be 100% Australian, home grown and handcrafted in downtown Sydney. Their software and service is designed to make it easy for anyone to layout and print their photo memories in a hardcover photobook, calendar, diary, notebook or card, and they promise to produce it in award-wining style. Some conditions do apply.

The Grand Festive Giveaway

2. Luna & Luxe – Copper Candle (value: $79.95)

Luna & Luxe Home brings you affordable luxury. Their hand poured candles are made from sustainable soy bean wax, essential oils & natural fragrances. The new Marble Candle that Luna & Luxe has given us to give away is so special and new it hasn’t even been photographed yet so the lid may differ from the one shown. Note: this has been edited to marble candle from copper and marble candle. Sorry, I had the wrong one. Still suitably awesome!

3. Oreo & Bubbles Crew Socks (value: $25.00)

These two ultra-papped bunnies have been made famous through The Ultimate Rabbit Hole. Who wouldn’t want a pair of exclusive Oreo & Bubbles crew socks direct from the U.S?

4. The Land of Zonkt – Summer Simple Salad Series (value: $4.00)

Summer Simple Salad Series is all about sharing Kim’s (The Land of Zonkt) love of flavour & food through the humble & sometimes forgotten, salad. It’s proof that salads don’t have to be boring. Sharing 20 of her flavour busting recipes, sure to make your tastebuds smile. Quick, easy & full of flavour!

5. The Cult List – Voyager Hand & Body Wash (value: $37.95)

The Cult List is a label designed and curated by Tessa of Down That Little Lane, Kate of Uberkate and Sonia of Life, Love and Hiccups. The home of #partypocketpants the fashion house has recently added home wares to the unique mix. A collaboration between friends, inspired by what is missing in their lives. With a fresh fragrance a blend of Lemon Myrtle, Tangerine, Rosemary, Thyme and Sweet Orange. This Voyager Hand & Body Wash gently cleanses without drying the skin.

6. The Champagne Cartel – Make-up brush kit (value: $24.95)

Gillian and Carolyn, the friends behind The Champagne Cartel have launched their next venture, The Makeup Cartel. Need some help to feel glam and gorgeous? Treat yourself to a makeup coaching session. Learn how to apply your makeup and build confidence in a relaxed and fun workshop. Expert makeup tips with a side of bubbles, the perfect combo!

The Grand Festive Giveaway

7. Kirsten and co. – A4 print (value: $20.00)

Kirsten brings a fun mix of family life, recipes, fashion, beauty, home decorating, reality show recaps and pretty much anything else that life has to offer (except sport), all delivered in an refreshingly honest, entertaining and relatable style. Kirsten is also a graphic designer and her prints are available through her shop. One lucky winner will receive an unframed A4 print of your choice, printed on 250GSM high quality card stock.

8. Jamberry – Mini mani kit (value: $13.00)

If you haven’t heard about Jamberry products, you must be living under a rock. Jamberry are the in thing for nails, just check out #jamberry on Instagram. Here is your introduction thanks to yours truly! Win a Jamberry mini mani kit comprising a half sheet of wraps (may differ from wraps shown) nail prep wipe, nail file, cuticle pusher and orange stick. 

9. Custom Tan – Win one of three Travel Tan (total value: $51.00)

Travel Tan is a revolutionary gradual tanning moisturiser with added sunscreen to nourish and protect your body from top to toe. It’s a new must have beauty item containing everything your skin needs for summer, all in a handy travel pouch ready for your holiday!

10. Skinnymixers – A Little Taste of Asia (value: $16.50)

Skinnymixers is dedicated to sharing healthy thermal cooking recipes and discussing diet and lifestyle choices. With over 46,000 members it is one of the largest and most active healthy recipe and lifestyle groups on Facebook. A Little Taste of Asia is a collection of 13 recipes highlighting the depth and complexity of authentic Asian cuisine, with the ease of thermal cooking.

11. Lauren & Lucy from Create Bake Make & Bake Play Smile – Christmas Homemade Gifts Recipe ebook (value: $12.99)

This creative due have their festive on with a collection of 16 classic Christmas favourites – the perfect sweet gift for family and friends (or to enjoy yourself). With everything from sauces to condiments, to cookies and biscuits, slices and bars, and plenty of classic favourites, there really is something to suit everyone!

That’s a prize pack to be proud of! All you have to do to be in with a chance to win one of these fantabulous prizes is to simply leave a comment and answer the following question, what is your favourite way to spend a weekend and why?

Before you get all excited and get your comment on, be sure to check out the Terms and Conditions!

1. This is is a game of skill. Each entry will be individually considered. The winners will be awarded based on the strength of their answer to the question ‘what is your favourite way to spend a weekend and why?’

2. There will  be 13 winners in total with one prize for each winner. Prizes will be awarded in order of top skilled entries as judged by the participating blog owners.

3. To be eligible you must leave a comment. Only one entry per person. Responses will be collated across all three blogs (, &

4. The giveaway is open to Australian residents only (sorry internationals. We love your guts though!)

5. The giveaway opens Saturday 21 November 2015 and closes midnight Monday 30 November 2015.

6. The winners will be announced on the blogs Calm to Conniption, My2Morrows and The Annoyed Thyroid and be notified via email.

7. Prizes are not redeemable for cash and are non-transferable.

Update! Here are the lucky winners – why not pop on over and check out their blogs too! 

Custom Tan, Travel Tan  – Lauren from Life at Number Five, Malinda from My Brown Paper Packages and Mel

Kirsten & Co Print – Lydia from Where the Wild Things Are

The Cult List, Voyager Hand & Body Wash – Merilyn

SkinnyMixers, A Little Taste of Asia ebook – Jo from You Had Us At Hello

Land of Zonkt, Summer Simple Salad Series – Denyse from Denyse Whelan Blogs To Connect

Create Bake Make & Bake Play Smile, Christmas Homemade Recipe ebook – Janelle

Oreo and Bubbles Crew Socks – Shannon from Oh Creative Day 

The Champagne Cartel, Make-up brush set – Shelly

Luna & Luxe, Marble & Copper Candle – Lu from Looking for Mama Me

Jamberry Mani kit – Mumma McD from Toilets Aren’t for Turtles

Momento Voucher – Holly from Simplify, Create, Inspire

All winners will be contacted via email and prizes will be sent asap! Thanks so much for entering! xx


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  • WOW! What an amazing giveaway! I must tell all my Aussie friends! Good luck everyone (*sadface* from New Zealand)! Have a lovely weekend Sammie.

    • Should have clarified, New Zealand is not international (unless we’re playing rugby) your our neighbour across the pond! You must enter, and after you’ve left a comment tell all your Kiwi friends they can enter too! Have a cracker of a weekend xx

  • Awesome giveaway, have a lovely weekend. Here’s my entry.

    Mar ble ly would like a bacon and egg roll this weekend.
    Can dle you zap one my way?

    Lol Xx

    • Now I want a bacon and egg roll too. You know how they have those coffee maker machines that you can have at your bedside, well I think someone should invent a bacon and egg roll making machine and quickly! Have a beautiful weekend xx

  • I’ll have my fingers crossed for your results and sending positive vibes your way.

    My favourite way to spend a weekend is with my husband and kids, lazy long breakfast mornings, getting outside in the sunshine, reading, cooking good food to share, late night chats with a glass of wine, finished off with everyone settling in with a good book to read. But why? Because my family and our happiness are the most important things in life to me and in a perfect world I wouldn’t let anything get in the way of that.

    • I love that Malinda – your priorities are perfectly placed! Hope your weekend is just dreamy! PS Thanks for the good vibes and crossed fingers, every crossed finger counts! x

  • Hi Sammie. I do hope all goes well with the tests. I too am bad at waiting. You’ve got a great giveaway happening. My weekends are no longer much different to my weeks! However, I would like to enter on behalf of my daughter who is a single mama to 3 teens and a pre schooler and a full time teacher librarian who’s idea of an ideal weekend is ‘sleep in, kid-free duties, brunch out with friends and someone to come and clean her house and do her groceries!!” Denyse x

    • Denyse, you’re so thoughtful leaving a comment on behalf of your daughter! As a child of a single parent of one, I know how tough single parenting can be, so high five to your daughter for going it alone with four! How was the move? I was thinking of you and hope you’re going to be very happy in your new home! I hope all goes well with the tests too – but whatever happens I’ve had an awesome year enjoying my “reprieve”! Enjoy your first weekend in your new home! x

  • Oooh great giveaway! First up, good luck with your tests 🙂 Hope you get good results!

    My favourite way to spend the weekend is any weekend at home with the toddler, definitely! I like going out and doing something fun with him in the morning and then coming home and getting to relax and maybe even have a sneaky nap myself as he naps!

    • Let me thank you for your good luck message and then wish you good luck with the giveaway! Napping makes every weekend better. True story! Hope you manage to get a nap, sneaky or otherwise this weekend! Have a good one! x

  • Fingers and toes crossed for good results in your tests.

    It never ceases to amaze me,
    How weekday life can get so crazy,
    Juggling kids, work, blogging …… Ahhh stress!
    Weekend bbqs relaxing with friends and family equals bliss!

    • Thanks, Ingrid. Life is all about the juggle isn’t it! Let’s get that barby started! Have a beautiful weekend x

  • shelly

    I love to spend my weekend surrounded by family, friends and friends’ little ones. As a full time working single chick week days are full of busyness, stress and getting things done. Weekends recharge my emotional side with laughter, chatter, cuddles with kids and usually amazing food. It reminds me of all the good things in life. I need these to keep me going.

    • Weekend recharge, that’s totally a thing, isn’t it?! I see from Instagram that your weekend has gotten off to a very delicious start – hope it continues that way! Have a good one, lovely xx

  • merilyn

    time is getting away from me sam! … down that rabbit hole again and I just turned around!
    going too quickly into the future!
    good luck with your tests lovely! … think warm and fuzzy!
    my weekends are chillout times as most of the time! I try not to get stressed or over stretched!
    been there done that and it wasn’t good for me!
    back to the dreaming alice!
    btw they are lovely prizes thankyou for the chance! sam!
    probably give to my daughter too! X
    love m:)X

    • Yes, it’s all about the warm and fuzzy at test time – and keeping my brain full of happy things! I think weekends are for chillouts too, less is definitely more! Aren’t you a treasure giving your loot to your girl? It’s the giveaway that keeps on giving. Hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

  • I don’t like waiting at the best of times but that would be beyond horrible.
    My BIL had his review, full body scan etc & results were totally clear, big phew!!! (Testicular cancer that went to Lymps & lungs).
    The doctor said he was boring, 1st time in his life he has been ecstatic to be boring.
    Happy Weekend Hun & happy meetaversary to you both. xx

    • What great news about your BIL! When it comes to doctor’s appointments, it’s great to be boring! David’s cardiologist said he wouldn’t get out of bed to see him for at least two years and we were thrilled! LOL! Hope you’re having a fab weekend!

  • Such a great giveaway and links. I hate waiting for test results too – it’s the worst. After a sleep-in my favourite thing to do on the weekend would be to hang out with my kids.

    • The waiting really sucks balls. I really think life should come with an emergency fast forward button! Sounds like a plan for a wonderful weekend!

  • Lucy @ Bake Play Smile

    What an amazing giveaway!!! Thanks for including our ebook! Ooh that marble candle… need that in my life!!!

    • If you need that candle, you need to answer the question and I promise not to let you win your own prize! LOL! Thanks for adding such deliciousness to the prize pack – it’s so kind of you and Lauren! Hope you’re having an ace weekend! xx

  • Lozzie@MessyRainbows

    Waiting on test results must be the worst, but hoping you get nothing but good news 🙂 my mum does a fab celery & bread stuffing, we request it for Christmas every year. It sounds strange but it’s oh sooo good with gravy!!
    My ideal way to spend a weekend starts with a sleep in, a delicious breakfast- French toast, crossiants or bacon & eggs followed by some time spent down by the water with my family, catching up with friends & then some down time to read or write with a cuppa in the evening. Cool prizes, what a great comp 🙂

    • Yes, waiting for good news is much more preferable than waiting for bad! It pays to think positive! Bread and celery stuffing does not sound strange to me, it sounds scrumptious! What a wonderful way to spend a weekend – it sounds dreamy!

  • Simplify.Create

    Wow, the 1 year stroke anniversary is a huge thing to acknowledge… Plus the 11 years. Congrats. And those very things are the reason weekends should be full of adventures. We had tragedy this year and my linked post is pretty much about this very thing. Life is too short and unexpected so weekends are designed for making memories, having fun and being with those we love. You never know when you won’t have that chance again so we like to fill ours with new places and experiences… Or simply enjoy cooking yummy meals and eating cheese on a picnic rug in the backyard!

    • The one year stroke-a-versary is a massive thing – we celebrated with an 8km run! 11 years is quite an achievement too. I read your post and you are right – life is all about the moments. Two touches of cancer and one stroke between us and we’ve learned that the hard way – life is a precious but fragile gift and it doesn’t come with an expiry date. As Muhammad Ali says “don’t count the days, make the days count.” And as you rightly point out, weekends are made for making memories. x

  • Tash from Gift Grapevine

    Thank you for reminding me of Billy Ocean! How could I have forgotten him after all these years?! Now I’m bopping along to tunes in my head – Get out of my dreams and into my car and Caribbean Queen 🙂 Here’s to celebrating your anniversaries and to some good news this week xx As for my favourite way to spend a weekend? Surrounded by things that make me happy – family, friends and the beach. Simple really (as long as there’s sunshine!) 🙂

    • Sorry about Billy! I can’t stop singing Caribbean Queen now either! I’m hoping the good times and the good news rolls right into next week! I think that sounds like a wonderful way to spend a weekend – hope this weekend is full of your favourite things x

  • I am still working my way through those stuffing recipes…this week certainly emphasises how the world is changing and wonder how that will affect our kids
    I get very excited on the weekend because I can sleep on past 6 am. Not so long past mind you but the luxury of 7 or 8 just makes me so very happy…..small things. Enough time to actually ring or see friends and have a laugh with my teenager

    • The world is a-changing, isn’t it? That’s why I think it’s more important than ever to appreciate the small things. Weekend lie ins and time with special peeps for the win! Hope this weekend has been full of good stuff!

  • Oh give me all that stuffing!! Mmmmm x

  • OMG – what an awesome collection of prizes! My favourite way to spend the weekend is with family – my husband works most Saturdays. So I treasure the weekends that we have him on both a Saturday and a Sunday. I like leisurely breakfasts, trips to the park {or even better, the beach}, long laps, one on one time with the children {or even better the husband whilst the children take long naps}, BBQs with friends and the odd campari and soda.

    • It is an awesome collection of prizes, isn’t it? I love leisurely breakfasts and campari and soda doesn’t sound half bad either! Hope the weekend was a smashing one!

  • Happy Meet-a-Versary! I enjoyed reading about how you two met. 🙂 Those stuffing recipes look delicious! I can eat stuffing all the time! And your giveaways always make me wish that I lived in Australia! 🙂

    • Oh Happy-Nearly-Thanksgiving! Moving to Australia might be a bit extreme, but how about you enter the giveaway anyway, and if you win, you can come down under on vacation to collect your prize! #winning

  • Yay for celebrations! Celebrate ALL OF THE THINGS! That’s my motto.
    Happy Meet-a-versary.
    I love the gratitude infographic in Ellen’s article.

    Your giveaway is like Christmas coming all at once! Oh wait…

    • There’s no such thing as too much celebrating, is there? Hope everyone at your place is feeling in much finer fettle this fine Monday x

  • I’m with you, celebrate it ALLLL!! Every actual thing! Loved hearing a bit of your backstory. That is such an incredible array of prizery. Here is how my ideal weekend would look:

    Friday night: city-based hangs with friends enjoying good food and loads of delicious drinks
    Saturday morning: escape hangover, breakfast with the fam and an excursion – maybe to the beach, a park, a pool or the like.
    Saturday night: low-key extended family hangs
    Sunday: absolutely nothing. Including housework.

    • Prizery – now that’s a word! You sure know how to have a good weekend, hope the one just gone was just like that!

  • Fantabulous giveaway!! Also a huge congrats to David for being fit as a fiddle for a whole year. Best news xxxx

  • I’m sorry I’ve been absent from here lately hope to be back on track soon as I’m missing my weekend trip down the rabbit hole! David’s recovery has been amazing and fingers crossed for your results too. x

    • Lovely to see you! It’s hard to be on track and stay there, isn’t it? It’s important to remember that in real life or on the interwebs, we don’t have to do it all! Hope you had a beautiful weekend. x

  • Sarah Travia

    My favourite weekends are ones spent with my little boy and husband. Saturday mornings are usually spent in Fremantle. We go to the markets stop off at different cafes for wonderful treats of cold drip coffees and special donuts. The quirky shops are always good for a look too. Our son always loves to stop at Esplanade for a play on the playground under the pines and then a walk along the fishing boat harbour to see the boats. Our little boy has just stopped day naps so it means more time out and about for us. Sunday’s are usually a lazy thrown together picnic at the local park. It’s nice not to have plans sometimes.

    • Oh I love Fremantle! What a pretty place to spend your weekends, and yes, I agree, it is lovely to free yourself up and be spontaneous!