The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #49

The Ultimate Rabbit Hole 49

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Hello friends! I hope everybunny is feeling as festive and looking as cute as HashBrown and Freckles! I can’t believe it – only six sleeps until Christmas and our last foray down the Rabbit Hole for 2015. Shannon, Karin and I are going to have some screen free time over the holiyays but we’ll be back on 16 January 2016 ready and raring to go for more Rabbit Hole adventures! Although, I’m shutting up shop at the Rabbit Hole today, I’ll be back on the blog next week for a last festive flurry. Do bob on over and say hello, won’t you?!

Today is National Oatmeal Muffin Day and it’s also nearly Christmas so excuse me while I indulge in a little bit of shameless self-promotion and share my own muffin recipe with you, of the Raspberry and Oat variety. These muffins are super yum, freezer friendly and packed with wholemeal oaty goodness.

There’s been a lot of Christmas deliciousness around the interwebs but these No Bake Clinker Truffles were one of my favourites! These would make great gifts – if you can bear to part with such deliciousness that is!

If you don’t have time to make your gifts but still have to buy some, check out these Last Minute Gift Ideas from K-Mart. Who doesn’t love a one stop shop gift guide where you can still get change out of 30 bucks per present?

All our friends who are like family are going out of town this yuletide so we’re staying put, but if you’re going places and need to take a plate, Beth has your back with a whole heap of Bring a Plate Ideas.

It’s too easy to over indulge at this time of year, well it is for me anyway (because my willpower is ZERO) but with these simple balancing tips you don’t have to break up with food at Christmas.

I’m not a podcast person per se, but I am a serious Serial fan and I am seriously excited that it’s back for another series. Have you got on the Serial Train yet? If you have no idea of what I’m talking about and even if you do, check out the Serial Sessions, it’s like Serial 101!

David is also excited about new things, but of the Star Wars not the podcast variety. David is definitely the Star Wars fan in this house. We have tickets to see The Force Awakens on Wednesday – I hope he doesn’t combust with excitement before showtime. Anyhoo, Star Wars is so much more than light sabers and the dark side, it’s full of hidden life lessons!

While we’re on the subject of life lessons, sadly, I didn’t get to see Oprah down under but I do know someone who did, so now I too can learn Lessons from Oprah.

Keeping with the theme of self help – if you’re into positive psychology and want something good to read these holidays then you might want to check out these books to make an excellent life. I love reading. I just wish I had more time to do it.

This visual representation of the human lifespan, and the takeaways from it are both fascinating and confronting. Time is precious! However you’re spending your time these holidays, I hope it makes you happy.

So tell me, have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? What’s your great Bring a Plate? Are you a Serial or a Star Wars fan? Or both? Did you go and see Oprah? What’s happening on your holidays?

Whatever you’re wishing for this Christmas, I’d like to wish you the happiest of holidays and a new year that’s chock full of good health, good fortune and good times! Thank you to everyone who hops on down the Rabbit Hole with us every week and makes it such a happy-ning place to be, our adventures wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without you!

Every Saturday morning, we will open up the rabbit hole link up for bloggers to add their link list posts or even just their favourite post (if you are not of the link list kind) for the week.  Do try and pop along to say howdee to some of  the other lovely linkers. Link up here, over at Calm to Conniption or My2Morrows. It doesn’t matter where you add your link because it will appear on all three blogs, as if by magic!  The link up will stay open until midnight the following Monday.

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  • Thanks for Hosting these great linkups. Enjoy your screen free time in January and Merry Christmas!

  • Lozzie@MessyRainbows

    I love Kmart!! It’s like my second home 🙂 those clinker truffles are on my list to make for sure 😋 I wish I’d gotten to see Oprah, hopefully if she ever comes out here again I will. Thanks for hosting the linkup each weekend, it’s fun discovering new blogs & falling down the rabbit hole to all sorts of wonderful posts. Enjoy your break over Christmas & New Years x

    • Next time Oprah is in town, let’s go together! Thanks for linking up and joining us on our weekend Rabbit Hole adventures! Hope your holiyays are full of happy! x

  • Aww the bunnies in boots is too cute! 🙂

    The last minute Kmart gift ideas is great, we are going there today (hopefully it’s not too crazy busy!) as we still haven’t done the wishing tree yet. Here’s hoping the toddler understands that picking out a toy for another child means leaving it behind…..haha!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and thank you for the link up!

    • How cute are Hashbrown and Freckles? They must go down in history as the cutest kittens ever! Hope K Mart wasn’t full of people who had read that awesome post and that you got to leave your gift on the wishing tree – that’s what Christmas is all about, isn’t it? Hope you have a cracking Christmas! See you down the Rabbit Hole next year! x

  • Well hello lovely lady, thanks for the bring a plate share I’m loving the look of the mango salsa, we have a fair few mangoes to use at the moment.
    I thought David would be a Star Wars fan, here’s to a most fabulous Christmas with loads of bubbles and many happy memories.
    Have a fab new year too xxx

    • I bought my first tray of mangos for the season and I’m as excited about it as David is about Star Wars, ie, very excited! Hope you have a fantastic festive season and that 2016 is jam packed with happy! Mwah x

  • Kmart is such a treasure trove isn’t it! Must make a trip to my local! That visual representation is quite scary, I saw it the other day amd have not stopped thinking about it. Thanks for reminding me about serial… Quite possibly the second best news I’ve heard this week! Off to download it right now! Happy sunny wkend lovely xx

    • That visual representation is a stark reminder of how precious our time is and how precious are people are, isn’t it? I’m listening to Serial when I go out for a run. I’ve never had a better incentive to get out and pound the pavement! Happy weekend – hope you’re having lots of festive fun!

  • Super cute bunny shot to finish off with {although I am wondering why one is holding a dummy?}. Thanks for hosting the link up throughout the year – I’ve really enjoyed linking up and following all of your fabulous links. I hope you have an awesome Christmas and New Year xox

    • Ha! I think the dummy is because their babies and don’t worry, no bunnies were harmed in the staging of this photo, that’s the magic of photoshop! I’ve loved all your links and all the deliciousness that you’ve brought to the party! Hope you have a magical Christmas and an absolutely fabulous 2016! Bring it on!

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I’m so excited about the new Serial! I’ve listened to the first episode of season 2 but I had to stop and read more background into the case and look for images because I wanted more context. I didn’t actually know much about the case before Serial!

    • I’m trying not to delve too deeply because I want to listen with an open mind. Waiting a whole week for an episode is torturous and the suspense is killing me! Serial 1 will always be my first podcast love, but I’m sure Serial 2 will have me just as riveted.

  • Thank you Sammie. Jen and Shannon for making my weekends with Rabbit Hole and I wish you all a great break coming up and looking forward to 16 Jan. I am not a Star Wars fan but my DD and the teen grandkids all went to a 12.01 screening (and then to work for my DD after!). Hope David loves it. As for Serial. It captured me for the first series but this time I am not going back. I actually got frustrated with the introspection but I love many other podcasts. Particularly those where fav authors are interviews. I keep an eye on Richard Fidlers Conversations for people I’d like to know more about. My fave bring-a-plate when I had no time to cook was some festive chocs, fruits of season and some shortbread bickies on a festive, disposable plate. Or fairy bread in star shapes. I never bought a plate I had to worry about remembering to take home. Denyse x

    • Wow, your family are Star Wars hardcore! I don’t know if I’ll stay awake at the 6.30 showing, I wouldn’t have lasted a minute at the midnight one! I know what you mean about Serial, it certainly keeps your brain busy! I love the idea of all your bring a plates – I have major FOMO about Fairy Bread, we never had it growing up in the UK. I feel like I should make up for lost time and lost fairy bread! Thanks for joining us on all our Rabbit Hole adventures – see you for more fun and frolics in the new year! Happy Holidays!

  • Christmas shopping was done in November 🙂 The shopping centres seem to get more manic each year, went to get some groceries this morning at 8.45am and the carpark was already full at our local Westfield! Crazy… Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing Christmas x

    • I wish I was organised as you! We stopped off at the local store to pick up a few things for dinner and it was like everyone was shopping waiting for an apocalypse! Christmas isn’t for another week yet! Eeep! Hope your Christmas is full of merry and that 2016 ifs full of all good things! x

  • Tash from Gift Grapevine

    I can’t wait to see Star Wars but will have to wait until after Christmas. We’re in full festive party mode with 5 functions on this weekend – it’s all a bit crazy. But a good kind of crazy! Have a lovely weekend and I can’t wait to see your festive flurry posts next week xx

    • Five! Wow! You’re hardcore! I know what you mean about the good kind of crazy though! Enjoy your weekend of festive fun and have yourself a very merry Christmas – hope all your wishes come true! PS I hope you’re going to take a moment to bask in the glory of all the glorious gift giving you’ve “enabled” this yuletide with your absolutely fabulous gift guides. You are a Santa’s Helper of the best kind xx

  • merilyn

    too cute thanks sammie!
    I will not say anything about how fast this week went! hellooo!
    I will peruse at leisure! if there is such a thing! … yes I make leisure happen!
    it is far too hot here today and my laptop is burning up!
    lol m:)X

    • Stay safe in that sun, Merilyn! I’ve heard about your sizzling temperatures. Hope you keep cool and take pleasure at your leisure this weekend! Mwah x

  • Oh… How did I miss those muffins?
    Hmm will have to pop over to them for sure!
    Thanks for the clinker love & of course for the link up every week. It’s a lot of fun & so many links & shares there’s seldom enough time to see them all.
    Merry Christmas Hun. xx

    • Those muffins are oldies but goodies. Reshooting all my old recipes is hard yakka but I’ve had such delicious fun trawling through the blog archives! Thanks for linking up and joining us down the Rabbit Hole! Here’s the holiyays full of happy!

  • Enjoyed the post from Wait But Why, really does put things into perspective! I love Clinkers so I’m hoping those truffles appear like a Christmas miracle in front of me at some point.

    • It’s so thought provoking isn’t it!? I’m hoping one of Santa’s Little Helpers magically makes me those Clinkers Truffles – that would make my Christmas extra sweet!