Wednesday Words of Wisdom – Be Anything

Well, as it’s the first Words of Wisdom of  the year so I had to be sure it was a good one. I couldn’t choose a word for the year because I have commitment issues and it was impossible to stick with just one wise word for a 12 month period.

I really rather like “kindness” though, because the world definitely needs more of that. I can’t change the world, but I can sprinkle kindness wherever I go and be kind not just to others, but to myself too. In a world where we have so many choices, kindness is always a good option, don’t you think?

Happy New Cheers, friends!

Do you choose a word for the year? What would you like more of in 2016?

Words of Wisdom - be kind

  • merilyn

    that’s lovely sammie! … because you are!X
    everyday I seem to choose a new word!
    i’m starting at the beginning of the alphabet! … who am I with such order!!!
    adaptable is my word for this day! … when you bend but don’t break!
    trying to keep body and soul together!
    where the outer aligns with the inner spirit/higher self!
    encouragement is also what i’m connected to! … as there are enough knockers and critics out there!
    it’s about the positives over the negatives!
    i’m raving now hun! thanks for allowing me that outlet! … lovely one!
    enjoy your day! much love m:)XX

    • I love the idea of a different word for each day and with a different letter too! You so clever – I can’t wait to see what you come up with for X! I think you’re exactly right – it’s all about being positive and encouraging. The world always needs more of that! xx

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    That is the perfect word darling Sammie! 😀

  • Yes yes yes !!! but please tell me… why kind people are always, ok often , harrass by mean people??? it’s not fair!!! xx cathy

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  • Being kind is the simplest thing to do, I fail to see why so many choose otherwise. xx