The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #54


The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #54

Greetings my friends! Welcome to the weekend and another adventure down the rabbit hole. How was your week? Mine was action packed but full of fun. We celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary…  I can’t believe we’ve been married nine years – it seems like yesterday! I’ve been reading all about the romance this week, I loved these 8 Surprising but Scientifically Proven Things That Lead to a Lasting Marriage and this piece on How to Choose a Life Partner is just pure gold.

So Wednesday was our wedding anniversary, tomorrow it’s Valentine’s Day and today is National Italian Food Day. There’s just so much to celebrate! I love Italian Food like a pig loves mud, that is a lot. Being the indecisive soul that I am, I couldn’t choose just one Italian dish to share with you, so instead knock yourself out with these 29 Italian Dishes Everyone Should Know. You really will be spoilt for choice.

Today is actually Galentine’s Day – yes, that’s totally a thing – and it’s all about “ladies celebrating ladies” which sounds mighty fine to me! I know it’s short notice but if you want to get your gang together and high five all the wonderful women in your life, you’ll want to check out these 12 Gorgeous Galentine’s Day Ideas.

Now it’s no accident that our wedding anniversary is days away from Valentine’s Day. It would have been on  Valentine’s Day if only it had fallen on a Saturday way back in 2007! I love love and  I heart hearts, so if you want to whip up something special for the special people in your life check out these Giant Chocolate Freckles, Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bark or how about some Sugar Free Strawberry and Cream Gummies? And let’s not forget my Valentine’s Pavlova, ‘kay?!

If like me you heart Nigella,  you’re going to be head over heels about this delicious dozen –  12 Nigella Recipes for Valentine’s Day.

If like us you like to dine in on February 14th but don’t want to feel like a kitchen slave, then you need to check out this list of 14 Hands Free Valentine’s Day Dinners. I love that idea of hands free; less time in the kitchen and more time with your beloved.

If you want to get out of the kitchen and on with some craft, check out these DIY Heart Pinatas or if you can crochet, how about these DIY Crochet Conversation Hearts? Aren’t they the cutest?

I know Valentine’s Day has become a marketer’s dream so if you don’t want to buy into all the hype, why not treat yo’self and buy one of these Valentines Day Gifts for Yourself. Go on, you know you’re worth it!

If you haven’t yet made any plans for the 14th February these  Valentine’s Ideas with Heart will have you feeling the love without breaking the bank.

However, if you want to make your money matter this Valentine’s Day, you can share the love and mend broken hearts at the same time with this beautiful initative from HeartKids.

And to finish off this heart-shaped-pancake-swooning love fest – let me leave you with this delicious recipe for Matcha Pancakes with Chocolate Ganache and Strawberries – it’s like the best of Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day all on one plate!

Do you love Italian food too? What’s your favourite? Let’s talk pancakes, how do you eat yours? And Valentine’s, yay or nay? I’m off to hang with some blogging buddies and enjoy a French cookery class with bubbles. I hope your weekend is equally fun and just as delicious. What’s on your weekend agenda? Pray, do tell!

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  • Happy anniversary!! I’ve never heard of gelatine’s day, will have to read some more 🙂
    Thanks for hosting xx

  • Happy anniversary lovely lady, I’ve never heard of galentnes day, but I’ll be using it this weekend and those strawberry dacquaris… And that playlist looks fab too. Here’s to a fab weekend with lots of love and bubbles for you guys xxx

    • Happy Galentine’s, gorgeous! I can’t wait to check out your house tour, I’ve been waiting for five free minutes so I can sit and savour the whole experience! Have a beautiful strawberry dacquari filled weekend! xx

  • Happy Anniversary! We’ve just had our 18th!! I can’t believe it!! It has gone so quickly. So many love posts here! Will have to get Valentine’s motivated. Looks like we’re skipping this year!

  • Lozzie@MessyRainbows

    What’s not to love about Italian food! I love the classic lasagna but some of those recipes are absolutely drool worthy. I made pancakes for breakfast yesterday & we like ours topped with maple syrup… I threw a few bananas ontop too just cause 🙂 Hubby is working this weekend so we aren’t doing anything for V day but our anniversary is in a few days so prefer to celebrate that, I do like the look of those chocolate freckles though so might have to give them a go 🙂

    • Maple syrup and banana are pancakes are pancakes of my favourite kind! How funny, our anniversary is a few days before Valentine’s and yours is a few days after! Enjoy the loveness! xx

  • merilyn

    thankyou sammie! always love your Saturday down the rabbit hole! this is jam packed full of good and interesting ideas, to peruse and ponder! … and the food! … definitely drool worthy!
    you’ve had busy and lovely times this week!
    happy galentine’s day!
    and enjoy your day tomorrow! … much love m:)XX

    • Yes, Happy Galentine’s M! It’s been such a fun week but I think I need another week off to recover! Have a beautiful weekend xx

  • Happy Weekend Sammie! Sounds like you are going to have fun all round. Was a delight to read your anniversary post this week..LOVE is all around. Denyse

    • Thanks Denyse, I’m pleased you enjoyed the anniversary post – it was such fun putting it together and trawling through the archives! I do like a pleasant sojourn down Memory Lane! Hope you’re having a LOVE-ly weekend! xx

  • Sounds like a good reason to have pasta tonight, not that I need an excuse! Tuesday? Pasta. Hungry? Pasta. Tired? Pasta. Dinner guests? Pasta. It’s the best!!

  • jess

    Valentine’s overload, love it! Mainly for the food and chocolate 😉

    • And you link posts are back – so excited about all teh goodness! I know, I’m a sucker for Valentine’s – hearts, food and chocolate! It’s like my dream trifecta! xx

  • A whole lotta love this week! I love the idea of Galentines! Thanks for sharing the article on how we choose our partners, it makes absolute perfect sense and would save the world a lot of heartaches if heeded 😉

    • Yes, I agree about the choosing of partners, but I still love your “how we met” story. Best evah! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  • Happy anniversary! 🙂 I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s day too. I’m contemplating the idea of ordering in for Valentine’s evening, just to be REALLY hands off in the kitchen, haha! We will see what happens. We typically don’t do anything ‘big’ for the day.

    Thank you for the link up!

  • My husband isn’t very romantic – so I am going to expect nothing and hopefully won’t be too disappointed when it comes to fruition. I think that I might take him out for breakfast to a cafe that is doing pop-up wonderful flowers through one of my favourite florists {that way I am bound to get some – right?}

    • My husband isn’t especially romantic on Valentine’s Day but he is lovely all year round which more than makes up for it! I hope you have a beautiful breakfast and that you get your flowers – because I do love a happy ending!

  • Lilly Mary

    I love love too – meanwhile being the single gal, I’ll be popping some corn, dragging out some DVDs that no doubt fail the Bechtel test and topping the champagne glass regularly. Because I can 😉 Happy wedding anniversary!

    • That sounds like the perfect Valentine’s to me! Popping corn and popping bubbles – I like your style! Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend x

  • It’s amazing how many have anniversaries this time of year. Congrats on yours. We had ours Oz long wknd 12yrs. It goes so fast. But the longer it is the better it becomes I feel.
    & talking of anniversaries my parent celebrate 40 Years tomorrow! Can you believe that! Amazing.
    They got married & Valentine’s Day was unheard of back then. Now they can’t celebrate without having it costing a motsa or booking well in advanced because it’s all so commercial.
    But loving the links you’ve shared. Off to check out the Nigella one & crochet hearts.
    Thanks Hun & happy valentines xx

    • Oh happy belated anni! I think you’re right, the longer it is, the better it feels! Even though it felt pretty awesome to start with! Congrats to your folks too – how romantic to get married on Valentine’s Day but I can see how you’d have to be very organised or have very deep pockets to go out and celebrate. I don’t know whether I’m getting more cynical or what, but Valentine’s just seems to get more and more commercial every year! Have a LOVE-ly weekend! xx

  • How could I not have know about Galentine’s Day?! How awesome! At least I’ll know for next year! And Happy Anniversary Sammie! 🙂

    • Thanks, Paula! Because of the time difference, there’s still time for you to get your party on and celebrate Galentine’s Day in style! Happy Weekend! xx

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Oh Sammie! What a lovely, romantic list! I hope David spoils you rotten. You absolutely deserve it. And thank you for the gorgeous shoutout! xxx

    • I actually spoilt David rotten. I was too sweaty after our run to make your pretty pancakes, but I did make smashed avocado on heart shaped toast. Because everyone knows everything tastes better heart shaped! Hope you had a beautiful weekend! x

  • So much to love here today! Happy anniversary for starters and I hope you have a hearty Valentines tomorrow. Your day today looked like so much fun not to mention yummy too! x

    • It was such a fun day – wished you were there! Cathy is coming your way though and you are in for such a treat! Enjoy!

  • Bensynews

    Happy Anni, Sammy & Hubby! Plus a fun Val Day Weekend.
    Happy Galentines Day to all gals not being treated like a princess today.

    Live the day your way!

    • Thank you 🙂 I think all girls should be treated like princesses every day! Hope you’ve had a grand weekend!

      • Bensynews

        Seafood and semillon by Brisbane Waters… ‘Twas grand!

  • Love Italian food – pasta solves everything 🙂 Have a fab Valentines Day!

  • D’oh! I should have brought a pinata along on Saturday as a wedding anniversary gift for you guys! Or perhaps it could have been a Galentines. I wonder if you could stuff a pinata with some of those delicious Italian recipes. That would totally be my kind of pinata.

  • Hope you had a fun weekend and can now cook fantastic french dishes bubbly or not

    • I can now cook nougat, savoury profiterole thingys and a French cocktail – all the important stuff! Hope you had a great weekend!

  • wow. So many LOVEly links this week! Sweethearts day is awesome. We celebrate it at Master 4’s pre-school. So good for the kids to learn about how we can help sick kids. We don’t do valentines day so I’m all for buying yourself a gift instead, and I’ve had my eye on that Emma Kate Co pendant. I’m also all over matcha tea at the moment and that recipe looks awesome! happy week ahead lovely. See you down the rabbit hole next week! x