The Friends in my Computer

thank you for my friends

There’s not much I miss about the mother country but I do miss my UK friends a lot. A whole lot.  Moving to another town or city and making new friends is hard enough, but moving to another country is even harder. In a nutshell, making friends when you’re a grown up (or pretending to be one) is hard.

I have wonderful friends and lots of them in the UK, there’s just the matter of the odd 17,000 kilometres between us. I guess we’re lucky that our friendship does not depend on being together.

Thank you for my friends

Me and Jazz circa 1979 (old friends considering we buddied up in 1974)

Finding friends and making friends in a new country isn’t always easy but it’s always worth it. Slowly but surely, we’ve made some fantastic friends and what our Aussie friends lack in quantity they more than make up for in quality.

When I got cancer,  I started blogging (although I use the term loosely) mostly as a way to keep in touch with my overseas friends but something really funny happened. I got friends in my computer. And lots of them. Strange but true.

I’m friends with people I haven’t met yet, but I know them already and that real life thing, well,  that’s just the cherry on the top of a truly delicious friendship cake.

Last year, I attended my first ever blogging conference and met hundreds of friends from inside my computer in real life. And yes, if you’re wondering, they were every bit as lovely offline as they were on it.

Thank you for my friends

In 2014, I enrolled in Fat Mum Slim‘s Clever Cookie School of Blog. The course was blog-enlightening but my far and away favourite takeaway was the friends I made and yep, you guessed it, they’re all in my computer. This year, Cathy travelled to Australia from France to meet all those online friends offline and very jolly it was too.  This is what it looks like when three states, two countries and one blogosphere collide.

Thank you for my friends

Last week,  I went to Brisbane and met my friend Nicole and had the full house tour, got to cheers Dr Sash and enjoyed Karin’s hotel facilities and her daughter’s Disney princess castle. There was lots of cheers-ing, lots of chatting and a whole lot of jolly.

Thank you for my friends

As if all that wasn’t wonderful enough,  if I hadn’t blogged, I wouldn’t have discovered the joy of Jamberry which has filled my computer with even more new friends, like the lovely Renee and Alison. We’ve totally nailed this online/offline thing!

Thank you for my friends

I guess it’s not so weird that I found so many friends in my computer because it is after all where I found my husband too.

Some people think the interwebs are a bad place and full of bad people. But I wholeheartedly disagree. The interwebs are a fun place to hang out and they’re full of  really rad people whose paths I’m very glad I crossed.

Now I’m not at work, I’m home alone almost all day, every day. But I’m not lonely. Because I’ve got my friends… In my computer.

Thank you for my friends.

Have you got friends in your computer too? Have you ever met an online friend offline? Do you find it easy to make  friends?

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  • I love my online community, it gives me such a sense of connection and support. We live in a slightly isolated spot so online is a great way to keep in touch. As a newbie I haven’t yet translated those online friends to real life, but I’m planning on it x

    • That’s the beauty of online friendships, they don’t depend on being offline, although meeting in real life is a fabulous bonus! The community is far and away the thing I love most about blogging x

  • LydiaCLee

    My online life is a little quirky – but I’m in a fb group where we discuss things and I’m meeting some of them. I’ve not been to a blogging event for a few years as I’m away whenever they’re on (or at a concert) but I plan to organise bloggy bowling – but I’ve been talking about that for about 2 years and still not done it….

  • What a lovely post! I’ve made many beautiful friendships through my computer, including you lovely lady xx

  • This is really lovely, I’ve also made some very special friends through my computer – including you x

  • A big Awww! This is just the best! And I’m absolutely delighted and very lucky to be one of those friends in your computer! Big hugs lovely! Xx

  • I love how many friends I’ve made online, was great to run into you last night!

  • Natalie @ Our Parallel Connect

    You are a popular friend inside the computer. I haven’t attended many events but i still think I have made some great friend online.

    • The gift of friendship is priceless! The beauty of online friendships is they don’t require you to meet offline. A computer is all you need!

  • writeofthemiddle

    I’m home alone almost all day every day too and thank goodness for my friends in my computer or I’d be so much more lonely! xo

  • What a beautiful post! I find that many of my online friendships are stronger than some of my offline ones. Just the way it goes. x

    • Thanks, Em! I find that some of my online friendships are stronger than some of my real life ones too – strange but true!

  • Having moved so many times, I’m grateful for my online friends that are with me no matter where I go. It certainly made moving across the country away from friends and family a whole lot easier.

  • I love this. Before I started blogging I had very few writer friends at all. Now I have dozens, it’s awesome! And meeting online friends IRL is amazing – I was nervous the first time but since then I’ve realised people are no different IRL, it’s just that you get to have more dynamic conversations!

    • I agree! I’ve found that the friends from my computer are just as awesome offline as they are on it, but only more awesome!

  • merilyn

    this is a lovely post thankyou sammie!
    I certainly enjoy my online connections albeit ever so brief! but that is what I seem to need short and ever so sweet! sometimes it connects to the best part of us! … our souls!
    with other friends one is usually tied up with years of many emotions! … but I think sometimes that can also get in the way of the now moment of joy and spontaneity!
    you are always delightful with me and our interactions are meaningful!
    enjoy your day hun! love m:)X

    • Yes, maybe you’re right! I love our interactions, your comments always brighten my day. It would be jolly fun if we met outside of the computer – we could just have a hug and it would be still short and sweet! xx

  • I have lots of friends in my computer. Facebook is a good example.
    I get to see my friends from all over Australia and all over the world even when they are not IRL. Skype is the best thing ever for having a cup of tea with your bestie who is on the other side of the globe.
    And I have met up with many a blogger IRL who I’ve met on the webs. I love it!

    • It’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it? And not just bloggers but even people I’ve met who read my blog. Praise be to the computer and all my friends inside of it!

  • Waving back at you from my computer! yes indeed you are one of my friends in the computer. I have been blogging for over 5 years, on twitter since 2010 and been to a number of bloggy events and even spoke at the Digital Parents Conference in Melbs on “my blog my story”. I make any effort I can to meet with friends in the computer where it works out. In my teaching I tended to keep friends within that school then when I left teaching, it became harder to connect. This here, what you talk about, makes me happy as I get to connect each & every day! I wish I knew a few more IRL people in this new (to me) area but I know one or two and make it my business to get to catch up with them. Thank you for your on-line friendship and connection! Denyse. #teamIBOT

    • One of the things I love most about the friends in my computer is that without the interwebs our paths might never have crossed! Can you imagine? It’s such a wonderful gift – thank you for your online friendship and support. It means a lot to me! x

  • I’ve made so many wonderful friends through blogging. I totally believe in having friends in your computer.

  • Hello there, yes I do love meeting friends online, and then it’s ideal to meet them IRL too… and to natter away all day and all night. Blogging conferences are so great for that – the best reasons to go!

  • I feel so lucky to have met you, and even luckier still that you are as lovely offline as online. Was great to catch up xxx

  • shelly

    I would never have thought I’d meet friends on line. We have a group of 20 girls who became an online group about ten years ago. We share a lot and I’m sure we know things about each other that others don’t. They are such a great support and great friends to me. I’d met a few IRL and about 6 years ago we organized a weekend in Sydney to meet up. I was freaking! It was fantastic! We’re still in touch and friends and have caught up a couple of times since. I’d never have imagined it! And now I’m looking forward to meeting you in July!!!!

  • Hugzilla

    I love this so much! I’ve made some amazing friends through blogging and it’s given me the opportunity to meet so many talented and creative people. Including you, Sammie!

    • I’ve crossed paths with some totally awesome peeps that I would likely never have met in real life, and not only are the big of heart and kind of spirit but they are very clever too. And you are one of the cleverest! I always look forward to your posts every week and take my time reading them in the same way I would savour a curly wurly. I just never want it to end!

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Aww what a gorgeous post and I still love that pic of you and Jazz! I think the internet is what you make of it. It can have a dark side but it often depends on where you want to go 😀

  • I have so many friends in my computer! And it’s even more thrilling when you get to meet them in person 🙂

  • Blogging and online networking has really expanded my ‘friends’ group. I’ve been lucky to meet some of them, but not enough. Hopefully that will be rectified in time to come.

    • The connecting part of blogging is definitely one of my favourite things. The good thing about online friendships is that they don’t depend on being together offline 🙂

  • Excellent speach my dear no more in the computer friend! I guess a lot of our online friends will stay forever online friends and that’s ok but when you have the opportunity to meat in real… it’s just like meeting an old friend that you just left 2 days ago! That’s blogging magic I guess. But I also met some online friends through instagram or even through the gift exchange. I love that the blogosphere is smaller than the world and that it can mke us meet. Thanks to our blogs we’re now friends out of the computer! Haha! xx cathy
    ps nice pics btw (you look exactly the same!)

    • The blogosphere makes it a small world after all! I’m so happy that we’re friends in and out of our computer – it was so funny when we “met” for the first time because it was like we knew each other already! And of course, me and Jazz are still friends, and still look exactly the same!

  • Love this Sammie, and glad to know you in and out of your computer xx

  • That’s so lovely! It’s hard moving anywhere new, I shifted to the opposite side of town when I married the hubster 25 years ago and it took me a looonnnggg time to make friends and feel settled here. I recognise Steph and Renee in your photos above, but none of the others – the blogging community is so big!

    • Aren’t Steph and Renee fabulous? The blogging community is huge, isn’t it and that just talking about Australia! The good thing about the blogosphere being so big is that we’re never going to run out of people to meet or blogs to read!

  • A lot of my real life friends don’t understand my online blogging buddies, they were horrified 😉 when I told them I was going to meet Jo & Kristy for the first time, you’re going out to meet people you met online???!!! Being in Perth makes it a little harder to meet IRL, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less of a friend! x

    • That’s the beauty of online friendships that your friendship isn’t measured by how often you see each other in real life! Some of my favourite people online are those I have never met (yet!) And yes, I think some of my friends were the same, although maybe they’re used to it, after all, I found my hubby online too!

  • jen@mysentimentaljamboree

    I’ve never been to a blogging meet up or conference so you’d be my first actual ‘meet in real life’ if the stars align in September. My fingers and toes are crossed.

  • Lovely post! I’ve always been internetty and I have people on my Facebook that I have never met in real life that I’ve “known” longer than my husband. Blogging has been brilliant for making new internet friends – I’ve met a few Adelaidian ones (and will be meeting more this Sunday!) and one in Sydney when I visited last year. I am seriously hanging to get to Problogger and tick more off my list, it will be like birdspotting – haha!

    • Argh! I won’t be at Problogger this year, so you might just have to come to Sydney! Everyone needs friends in the computer and yes, wait til you get to PB, it is just like birdspotting, or should I say blogspotting! That could be a new trend!

      • Oh no! You definitely would have been on my blogspotto! Actually that would make a good icebreaker activity, wouldn’t it – everyone gets handed a random card with ten blogger names on it and you have to meet and get each one ticked off!

  • Awww sweets, love this! So true! I think for all the negatives that the internet and social media can deliver, the ability to build connections and friendships is such a triumph over all that stuff. It keeps us connected socially and brings people together. So glad we got to catch up, and I heard you ladies might have been a tad dusty after a lovely night of hanging out ha ha. Can’t wait to catch up again soon- we must make some regular dates love! xoxo

    • Me? Dusty? Never! It was all about the hair of the dog the day after! So much fun catching up with you lady, I hope we get to do it again (very) soon! x

  • Love this, Sammie. One thing I love about blogging and being active online is all the amazing people I have met online. One of my bestie bloggy friends is like my ‘sister to another mister’ – we are so alike it’s spooky. We have yet to meet IRL however that is our goal this year – I can’t wait! Online friends are REAL and they are awesome. “Find your tribe, love them hard”

  • TeganMC

    I think if anything it’s easier to weed out the bad people when you meet them online because people put so much of themselves online now lol. I love that the internet has enabled me to meet a huge range of people that I wouldn’t have normally had the chance to meet.

  • I read this earlier in the week but I was on my phone 😀
    There are many people out there that are not true to themselves online but it is easy to see through that. I am blessed (did I just say that!) to have met some awesome people online that are so true to themselves. You, Sammie, are a gem!! I loved having you over. I still am laughing at how easy it was. It felt like you had come over a million times before. Perfect!

    • I don’t think I’ve ever met a person offline who wasn’t like themselves online – I think like Tegan said, people share so much online these days, that it’s hard to be anything other than your real self. I loved coming to stay, it was like I’d been a hundred times before. I think that’s because you are the hostess with the mostess and the whole family gave me such a warm welcome! Thanks for having me – it was such a fun time!