The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #93

URH 93

It’s a whopper of a weekend here. My trusty co-pilot Karin is here in da house, and when I say da house I mean my house! Squee!  We’re having a fun packed few days, hopping all over town, seeing the sights of Sydney, eating, drinking and generally getting very merry and now we’re about to hop on down the rabbit hole. Come join us!

So when I checked today’s National Food Day, it said it was National Yorkshire Pudding Day and I nearly spontaneously combusted with excitement because David and I love Yorkshires and when we lived in the UK we used to eat them all the time (but only because it was so easy to buy them ready made.) We made our own Yorkshires on our first Christmas down under, only it was 40 plus degrees that year and we haven’t made them since! Anyhoo, before I hit publish on this post,  I checked again and realised that I was looking at October on the calendar, not November but let’s not split hairs because… Yorkshire Puddings! Check out these 15 insanely delicious Yorkshire Pudding Recipes – oh, what fun it would be to cook and eat one’s way through the list! And if you’re super keen to know what food day it really is, it’s National Pizza with the Works Day. Knock yourself out!

After reading Amy’s post last week, I’m all aboard the Sharing the Dignity train.  If you’re wondering what to include, Amy and friends are sharing what’s in their bags and they’re full of ace ideas. My bags are packed and ready to go too. I’m just waiting to take a snap and get the deets on the drop off points, all will be revealed on the 16th.

Christmas is coming and my tree is already up but that’s as far as I’ve got in the Christmas Department. I’ve seen some cracking posts with some top tips for your cruisiest Christmas yet. I think Kelly is on to something, your best ever December starts in NovemberEva has 5 P’s to a stress-free ChristmasRobyna is all over heart filling traditions and fitting them in. Plus here’s one I wrote earlier (as in 3 years earlier!) with 5 tips to avoid the Christmas cray-cray. Some things never get old!

I have the attention span of a gnat so although I have heaps of time on my hands, I never seem to get much done. I think I need to employ some of these 7 ways to be more productive when working from home. I wonder if there’s a correlation between the state of my inbox and my rate of productivity, if so I’m going to be all over these email inbox management tips to make you more productive.

Be still my beating heart, check out these 13 examples showing kindness to animals around the world. Make sure you scroll to the end for the IKEA dog parks! Too cute!

Talking of dogs, last week it was Tumblr and this week, it’s Snapchat. Check out these 15+ Hilarious Dog Snapchats – it’s impawsible not to smile!

What’s happening in your weekend? I’m off to host my visitor in the style to which she has become accustomed, but first tell me, are you a Yorkshire Pudding lover too? Christmas is coming – how are you feeling about that? What’s your top productivity tip? How’s the state of your inbox? Tell me all the things!

Every Saturday morning, we will open up the rabbit hole link up for bloggers to add their link list posts or even just their favourite post (if you are not of the link list kind) for the week. Please link only one post. This makes it fair for everyone and allows more posts to be read. Talking of reading, do try and pop along to say howdee to some of  the other lovely linkers. Link up here, over at Calm to Conniption or The Geeky Shopaholic. It doesn’t matter where you add your link because it will appear on all three blogs, as if by magic!  The link up will stay open until midnight the following Monday.

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  • Why specifically pizza with the works though? Can’t it just be pizza? Because I’ve got some in the fridge leftover from last Sunday that I reckon might still be OK.
    P.S. Yorkshire Puddings are delicious.

  • Have the best weekend with Karin. Hopefully the weather will improve for you tomorrow!

    Tonight I’m going to a Jazz concert to listen to my sons band among others. I can’t wait!


  • Oh being underprepared for dinner this evening works out well – I can order pizza and celebrate the day, haha!

    The Sharing the Dignity bag drive sounds like a great idea! I’ve seen a lot of this from my friends the US lately, they call them “blessing bags”.

    • I hope you got a pizza full of your favourite things! I love the term blessing bags but whatever you call it, it’s still an ace idea 🙂

  • I always buy toys for the kids that will go without so really excited this year to do something for the women who go without. Thanks for including my Christmas post.

    • Share the Dignity is such a great initiative, isn’t it?! Your Christmas post was too good not to include. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  • LydiaCLee

    Love, love, love #Sharethedignity…but you knew that!

  • hey Sammie and Karin! Two for the price of one today. It is a pity the weather is crap (raining here anyway) but the company will be making up for that. I am getting behind ‘share the dignity’ too having made my purchases and I am waiting on the donation (!) yes, of two bags from a lady who works in a shop I visited. Looking at the bags’ contents I’ve collected and bought, I just hope that the person is OK…because you never know what situation they are in. Sad but true.

    • The weather turned out to be fabulous – the weather gods were certainly looking down upon us! I know exactly what you mean about the bag’s recipient but I hope it brings a little bit of comfort to them this Christmas. Hope you had a beautiful weekend x

  • Pizza with the works day? Now that sounds like Jesse’s favourite kind of food holiday!

    I hope you have the most amazing weekend with Karin! Enjoy!

  • Hello ladies.
    I will happily gather a bag together for share the dignity. A great cause.
    Happy Saturday xx

  • jess

    I really need those tips on working from home, I can be so distracted! Also, Christmas tree already? That gives me the green light to start my decorating!😀😀

  • How exciting. Have a wonderful weekend catching up.

    I NEED a gluten free yorkshire pudding recipe. Pronto.

    • I wonder if you can use a regular recipe and just swap in the GF flour? We had an ace weekend and hope you did too!

  • Bravo on getting your tree up already! We have a tradition of putting ours up on December 1 so I’m counting down the days!! Have a fantastic time with Karin this weekend – stay out of trouble 🙂 xx

    • You’ll be pleased to know Karin and I were very well behaved 🙂 We usually wait til the 1 December too, but Karin’s visit was a great excuse to get the tree up and running! I think I’ll make this November thing a new tree tradition!

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  • My weekend is partially wishing my air con works! It smells really bad when we turn it one and the real estate are being slack a$$es about getting someone to look at it. I’m not much of one for Christmas or shopping, which makes me feel grateful when the “how to stay calm in December” type posts appear. I’m not too grinchey, it just doesn’t mean much to be so I don’t care either way.

    • Slack real estate people are the worst! Hope you get the air con fixed soon! We’re not huge Christmas shoppers either but I’m a sucker for the spirit of Christmas, I love it so!

  • Did I read correctly that you have your tree UP??? I don’t know if that is impressive or petrifying. After a frantic week I’m having a weekend of yoga and Netflix!

    • Oh, hope the weekend was a fun one. Wasn’t the weather glorious?! You totally read that right, and it’s impressive. Every time I look at the tree, it makes my heart sing (a Christmas kind of song!) When it comes to having the Christmas tree up, I don’t think there is any such thing as too early!

  • Hey Sammie and Karin – hope that you’re having an awesome time hanging out together. I look forward to trying to catch up with Sammie before the end of the year and hopefully, there might also be a time that I can also catch up with Karin {although i’m guessing your time in Sydney is pretty jam packed}.

    • Time just ran away with us, although you missed Karin, I hope we get to finally meet in real life soon! Hope you’re enjoying this weekend of sunshine!

  • Hi Sammie
    What a fantastic idea sharing the dignity is. Have a fun Sunday 1 x

  • I have never tried a Yorkshire pudding, but they look delicious!

  • I enjoyed a couple of delicious gravy soaked Yorkshire puddings on my last trip to the UK – disappointing they haven’t made their way over here along with so many of our British-based traditions! Love a blogger friend catch up, hope you had a awesome time!

    • Yorkshires and gravy are the best! I think they haven’t made their way over yet, because mostly our weather is just too hot to eat them! I love bloggy catch ups too and yes, we had such jolly fun. It was a really lovely weekend. Hope yours was a cracker too!

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Hehe I’m glad to see that there are some animal links in there amongst all the fun human stuff. I always enjoy your dog links (and your human tips too!)! 😀

  • Sounds like you and Karin had a wonderful time! 🙂 And those doggie snapchats had me laughing so hard!

    • We had such a fun time and how good were those doggie snapchats? It was impossible not to laugh, wasn’t it?!

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