The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #99

The Ultimate Rabbit Hole

Hello there! Welcome to you, to a brand new year and welcome back to the rabbit hole. I hope your 2017 has been pretty awesome so far and that your year ahead has much magic in store.

Talking of magic, I’ve got some fantastic finds that I can’t wait to share with you, so let’s get stuck in but before we do, let’s just stop and savour the moment, this is the first Rabbit Hole of the year and the last Rabbit Hole adventure to only have double digits because next week, will be the centenary edition! How exciting!

First things first, tomorrow is National English Toffee Day. Apparently, English Toffee is an American thing (go figure!) and  a very delicious thing at that! If you’re keen, here’s how to make perfect English toffee and if you want to think/bake/eat outside of the box, then you need to check out these English Toffee Cookiesthis English Toffee Cheesecake and these English Toffee Scones. So much yum!

I like to start the year with some positive self-talk and if you do too, you’ll love these 17 freaking awesome affirmations for 2017. While we’re on the subject of wise words, how about some from Winnie (as in the Pooh)  the wisest bear in the world? These 10 Winnie the Pooh quotes will instantly make you feel better about life.

Keeping with the inspiration theme, check out these 16 women who totally kicked arse in 2016. It’s inspiring stuff! Let’s not forget the women of the She’s So Inspiring series too. I want to bring that series back so much!

Over the holi-yays, I watched the Minimalism documentary“a documentary about the important things”  and it was a real eye opener. Have you seen it?  The doco inspired me to declutter as if my life depended on it. I still have a long way to go though, but I can totally see how you can live more with less.  If you want to get on the living more with less train, this list of 60 things to toss out in the next 60 days  is a great place to start!

Still on the subject of decluttering, check out these 8 hidden things to clear up and clear off your computer. Pure genius!

When I’m stressed I usually either bake or run, but not at the same time. That would be a recipe for disaster. I’ve always maintained how important physical exercise is for mental health, but can you imagine how thrilled I was to read that scientists say that baking and cooking could help you feel better. I was right all along, baking really does make me happy!

If you’re still looking for a calendar, look no further, here are 6 printable calendars that you will love. So much pretty!

I’ve started giving myself workout tips, every time I do a workout, I pop a gold coin in a jar that way I can train hard and save hard at the same time. I was totally inspired by another Sam who saved thousands without even realising it.  I’m totally taking some fiscal leaves out of her book this year!

Now I know Christmas has been and gone and all, but this clip of shelter pets choosing gifts from underneath the Christmas tree is too good to miss. There’s more cuteness and wagging tails than you can shake a stick at.

That’s it from me. We’ve got a busy weekend running and funning and catching up with friends. What are you up to? Have you ever tried English Toffee? Minialism – is it for you? What keeps you calm when you feel stressed? Are you good at saving? What’s on your 2017 agenda? Tell me all the things!

Every Saturday morning, we will open up the rabbit hole link up for bloggers to add their link list posts or even just their favourite post (if you are not of the link list kind) for the week. Please link only one post. This makes it fair for everyone and allows more posts to be read. Talking of reading, do try and pop along to say howdee to some of  the other lovely linkers. This week, you can link up here or bob on over and say hello to Karin at  Calm to ConniptionPaula at  The Geeky Shopaholic is moving house but will be back down the rabbit hole very soon. It doesn’t matter where you add your link because it will appear on all three blogs, as if by magic!  The link up will stay open until midnight the following Monday.

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  • Ooh I love toffee and what is called English Toffee over here, whether it is English or not it’s good. I have never made it tho, but made Sticky Toffee pudding ( a no dates one) for the first time ever for New Year and my son has declared it the best pudding ever and the best thing I have ever made. I also find baking relaxing even when I totally mess up.
    Winnie the Pooh is my favourite, so I am off to read the quotes now.
    Wishing you a magical 2017 as well and look forward to a new year down the rabbit hole ☺

    • I think I saw/read about your sticky toffee pudding on Instagram and it sounds delicious! I think you should totally be a contestant on the Great South African Bake Off! Baking is so therapeutic, isn’t it? Hope your 2017 is full of deliciousness, but for now, wishing you a wonderful weekend xx

      • savan ah

        Wow, Sam! You really answer your comments thoroughly! So impressed by you! So much to learn! But I bet you’ll be impressed that I have “joined the discussion”!!

      • I don’t think in this lifetime would I qualify to enter any competitions 😂 but thank you for the vote of confidence. Hope you had a great weekend too

  • Happy new year! I hope 2017 is a fabulous year for you!

    Winnie the Pooh has all the wisdom. Thank you for sharing x

    • Hope you’re having an ace start to 2017.

      That Pooh is a wise old bear! Have you ever read “Tao of Pooh”? It’s fabulous?

  • So many great links here Sam! I love positive affirmations and have been using them for the past couple of years. The ones you have here are great, plus those Winnie the Pooh quotes are ever so sweet! I love those money saving tips … I’m going to try some of those, although it’s not often I have change in my purse with my girls often needing money for one thing or another at school.

    • I love me a good affirmation and yes, how wise is Pooh?! I’m going to try some of those money saving tips too – do you know that old saying, “look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”? Have an ace weekend!

  • Happy New Year! So far so good, lots of time with kids and husband. That Winnie the Pooh is a wise old bear 🙂

    • So happy your 2017 is off to such a joyous start! I’m a big fan of Winnie from way back. Have you ever read the Tao of Pooh? It’s a a cracker of a book!

  • Congratulations on #99 today..and into triple figures next week. It’s good to know that there are both healthy and comforting ways to beat stress. My go-to is to be in nature which is what I wrote about today…and Miss Geeky Paula GOT MARRIED over the weekend! What a big surprise! Happy weekend, Sammie! Denyse x

    • I think if we had an outside kitchen, you and me would make a dream stress-free team, you’d be in your happy place with nature and I’d be in my baking my heart out! I’m so thrilled for Paula! Hope you have a beautiful weekend x

  • jess

    Oooo I need all those decluttering tips!

  • Cooking doesn’t make me feel better it stressed me out!!! Happy new year I hope 2017 is a good one for you!

    • Even baking? I think the only thing better than eating a cake is making a cake! I hope your 2017 is everything you want it to be and more!

      • I don’t mind baking but I usually have a 4 and 2 year old who insist on helping me so it usually goes pear shaped!!

  • Just the idea of decluttering gives me the jitters. So many things, and I’ve only lived here for a year and a half. I’m not quite at hoarder status yet though 😉

    • I hear ya! We’ve been down under for 8 years and the stuff we have “acquired” is terrifying. I’m a minimalist living in a hoarder’s body. I have so much stuff that I feel I need to part with but I just can’t! Our friends are on holidays in San Fran and they’re ice skating! I just can’t imagine it being that cold! I hope you’re having a warm and toasty weekend 🙂

  • Ooh I’m going to watch the Minimalism movie this weekend. Big fan of those guys! I love that $5 saving challenge too. I started that last year with one of those money boxes you can only open with a can opener. Not sure how much is in it but it won’t be much. Must get back on to it. x

    • Oh I think I need a money box like that! I just started listening to the Minimalist podcast and it’s a cracker! If you haven’t tuned in already, you should totally check it out, I think you’d love it! Hope you had happy holidays x

  • Sooo I’ve never heard of english toffee but now i need it right away. Yummo!

    I hope your weekend is a fabulous one, Sammie! xo

  • merilyn

    thankyou sammie!
    ok I know! but I like thankyou as one word!
    and ofcourse!!!
    lots of interesting things to look at and be amazed!
    i’m very interested in minimalism, as some of my works over the time have been
    part of this belief system!
    I just have to commit a bit more to not hoarding for just in case reasons!
    however I think i’ll start hoarding my spare change!!!
    those dogs and their presents are adorable too!
    i’ll send to my daughter as she loves dogs and cats!
    enjoy your weekend hun!
    much love m:)X

    • I’m with you on the hoarding just in case and with the spare change! I want to declutter but deep down I’m so sentimental, I just can’t bear to part with most of it! Weren’t those dogs and cats the cutest? That video warmed the cockles of my heart! Hope the first weekend of 2017 is a fabulous one! xx

      • savan ah

        Wait til you read my book on organising! Should be out… oh, 2019?

    • savan ah

      Hey, Marilyn! You are my first non-Sammie blog person I have replied to!

  • Happy New Year and thanks for hosting!!

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  • savan ah

    Let’s see if I have figured out this comment thing now?

  • savan ah

    Yay! That looks good! By George!
    Soooo want to be part of this, and any of your discussions, Sammie precious!
    I have been inspired by you to start a blog…. and I’ve written on it daily for a week! Ya-hoo!

  • Happy almost century URH! What an achievement! Im a big fan of old English toffee! Shall be devouring those links. Happy new year lovely xx

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I’ve been trying to clean out. It hasn’t been as successful as I wanted but baby steps. And yes baking definitely helps calm me down! 😀

  • Love the idea of rewarding workouts with coin! So motivating!!

  • I’ve signed up for Josh Becker’s Minimalist course! I also like the idea you put forward about rewarding workouts. Great idea.

    • I can’t wait to hear about the course. Right now I’m totally obsessed with the Minimalist podcast. It’s so inspiring!

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