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Hello there! How is every bunny this week? All good, I hope!

I don’t know about you but I’m in the midst of a love hangover of the warm and fuzzy kind from a double dose of romance, thanks to our anniversary and Valentine’s. Love was definitely in the air. Wise words and all the feels with this post how not to lose your head on Valentine’s Day.

February is a month of celebrations – not just because it’s our anniversary, Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day but also it’s  National Sweet Potato Month?!  Let’s celebrate with some Sweet Potato, Chorizo and Haloumi Muffins! I also fancy the sound of these Black Beans and Sweet Potato Bites and I’ve already got on the  sweet potato toast train. Have you? If you search “sweet potato” on the blog, you’ll see my love for that orange vegetable knows no bounds and these Beef and Lentil Pies with Kumara Mash and these Pulled Pork Stuffed Sweet Potatoes are two of my favourites! Oh and for those of us with a sweet tooth, check out this recipe for Ultra Fudgy Sweet Potato BrowniesYum!

I’m more than half way through playing the Minimalism Game and loving the freedom that comes from letting go of things that I no longer need or love. I’m not quite sure I’m ready to downsize to a tiny house just yet though, although I love this story of the high school teacher who built her own tiny home. How cool is that?!

Did you see me free wheeling on two wheels this week? I have bikes on the brain since my learn to ride lesson and I loved these stories and the top tips of these 5 inspiring cyclists who learned to ride as adults. There’s hope for me yet!

Stop press! Have you heard about the feral bunnies who are taking over Las Vegas? Perhaps the Queensland government are on to something!

I can’t help but feel that social media and technology is such a paradox. In so many ways, it’s a social enabler and brings us closer together yet, it’s also anti-social because too often we swap face to face or verbal contact for electronic messaging. It’s like you’re surrounded by people but can be so alone. Lucky, there’s these tips to combat loneliness from a 90 year old gentleman who after losing his partner and sister is a quite the loneliness expert.

Talking of technology, when it’s used for a purpose, it can be all kinds of awesome! Check out these 10 apps to make 2017 an awesome year to travel. We’re already planning our next overseas adventure and my feet are itchy just thinking about it!

Moving house is never easy but with these tips on how to move home happily, at least you’ll be on the move with a smile on your dial!

My mum thinks her dog Calvin is a genius (because he is) but if you think dogs are just animals, you might need to think again. These 14 pups are going to prove you wrong. Personally I only have eyes for the skateboarding poodle!

That’s it from me but tell me, hat’s happening in your world this weekend? Sweet potato, yay or nay? Do you have a big love of tiny homes? Are you a phone-a-phobe? Hit me up with your favourite app, travel or otherwise!

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  • Feral bunnies taking over Vegas!

  • This week went by far too quickly and it genuinely feels as if I just read your post from last week, a couple of nights ago.
    I am going to read your link on happily moving home and look at the travel apps, because if things go according to plan we will need them.
    We were big into sweet potatoes until about 6 months ago and I don’t know why but we haven’t had them for a long time.
    Off to enjoy your links and read some blogs in the link up. Have an awesome weekend

    • That sounds exciting – moving and travelling! Tell me more! I saw your IG post yesterday – hope you’re doing OK. Remember when life gives you lemons, make lemon cake to sweeten things up! Hope you have an ace weekend!

      • Our lives are hurry up, wait, panic. Will send you an email. (Only saw your comment now). Still a bit under wraps at moment but yes somethings since last email started happening.

  • Go you for going on a riding lesson, I’m loving getting out on my bike with the kids! The de-cluttering is going well here too and I feel so much calmer with the more ‘stuff’ we get rid of. We’re big sweet potato fans here, what’s not to love? Have a great weekend lovely x

    • I wish I’d decluttered sooner, it’s such a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? Good on you for getting on your bike with the kids, I can imagine all five of you doing one of those massive charity bike rides in a few years from now! En famille! Happy Weekend, lovely!

  • Hope you have a happy weekend!

    A skateboarding poodle? I’m off to check that out next!


  • Good on you for decluttering with the Minimalism Game … I’ll be playing my own version as we put out the hard rubbish for collection this weekend, who knows, maybe it’ll spark some further changes. Have a great weekend Sam 🙂

    • The funny thing about minimising is that once you start, you just can’t stop! Well, I can’t anyway! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend x

  • The romance has been thick and fast here too – with my love’s birthday two days after Valentine’s Day and a night in the city just us tonight!

  • I love a declutter, it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something wonderful, and when it makes life run smoothly then it’s even more worthwhile, I’m a massive fan! I love the tiny house movement too, but I’m not quite sure I could do it with a dog.
    Happy weekend lovely, I’m off to get some sweet potato inspiration for the weekend. Xx PS I might even get my bike put this weekend and take a ride, thanks for reminding me.

    • Decluttering does feel like such an achievement, doesn’t it. Letting go feels really good. I’m loving it although it is getting more challenging as we get to the pointy end of the month! Hope you’re having a delicious weekend and that you got on your bike. I’m supposed to be joining the Rusty Riders class today, I hope I can still remember how to ride/wobble!

  • LydiaCLee

    We have Valentine’s day, a birthday and anniversary all in quick succession.

  • The sweet potato is certainly worth celebrating! I have my cull on too but with the baby coming I am in a bit of limbo. I think we are going to have to find out the sex so I can keep going and not just pull all the things out. You should see my spare room at the moment… Argh!

    And let’s not appreciate QLD bunny laws, you know where I stand on that! 😀

    • Did you see that about the feral bunnies? Imagine if that happened in Bris Vegas and not just Las Vegas?! My friend had her baby last week and they didn’t find out the sex until it came out, the suspense nearly did me in. Maybe cull after the baby? Why not? I’ll send you a pic of my spare room, I bet mine is more untidy than yours!

  • How is the minimalist thing going? Did you hit a fatigue stage at all? Because I know I start off with the best intentions and then get all frazzled and throw everything in a corner 😉

    • I’m still going strong. I did have a massive clear out over Christmas which is making it a bit more tricky getting towards the pointy end! I’ve been able to send lots of things to new good homes, chucked out a lot of toot (AKA rubbish) and my neighbour knows someone who manages a charity shop so every few days she comes and collects the results of my minimisation, dumps it in her storage cage and will drop it off at the shop at the end of the month! It’s so liberating!

  • jess

    Sweet potato is my favourite, so drooling over those recipes! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    • Big fans of the sweet spud here and it’s healthier than it’s white potato cousin too! Win, win! Happy Weekend!

  • By chance I have a block of halloumi sat in the fridge so I’m heading straight over to check that post out. Plus the moving house happily one, because I definitely need that. Also I have forgotten how to ride a bike so I’m going to see how you’re getting along learning! I’m a bit scared to I have to admit. Also I have a not so secret desire to live in a tiny house. Those documentaries are just so compelling!

    • Oh my goodness, how good is halloumi? I’m supposed to be going to a Rusty (read “wobbly”) riders class this weekend so I’ll report back! And yes, I love the theory of a tiny home but could never do it in practise! Happy Weekend!

  • The only good thing about February is it’s my Husband’s birthday on 27th. It’s never been a month to love,…even though it has the day of love in it! I’m talking about the weather of course. Extremes in this hemisphere and the northern one always happen in February. Hope your Mum is better! Nice to see you mention her along with her doggie. And big congrats to you on your bike riding challenge met! Happy Weekend and stay safe as I believe more of the dreaded storms could be on their way! Yay. Not.

    • Are you doing something special for hubby’s birthday? Calvin the Dog is visiting mum today for the first time today, I expect they will be both beside themselves 🙂 We’ve had some cracking storms, which is all well and good when you’re watching them indoors and don’t have to walk home in the middle of them in shorts and sandals! Hope you’re having a fab weekend x

  • I love that you got yourself onto a bike and got going! I was considered a late learner at 8 . . . I would like to ride more but our area is super hilly and well, it’s a struggle! The husband bikes to work rain, hail (sometimes) or shine and thinks nothing of it.

    • I can only ride on the flat, in a wide open space and in a straight line! I hear ya on the hills, I hate walking up them, let alone riding up them!

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Ooh it’s sweet potato month? I didn’t know that! We love them, especially the toast (Thank you!!) and sweet potato nachos. I’m going to have to give your suggestions a go too! 😀

    • You got me on to the sweet potato toast thing! So good! Now I’m off to check out those sweet potato nachos. Hope you’re having a delicious weekend 🙂

  • I really need to try sweet potato toast – I’m so adventurous with my sweet potato!

    Thanks for the link up, hope you have a great weekend.

    • It’s really good. I think it’s easier to make if you have a toaster but I just pop mine under the grill and it works just as well 🙂 Happy Weekend!

  • Let’s be honest – I am loving the Tiny House trend because I’m like “THERE IS HOPE FOR ME YET!”… as in hope that I can at least buy a tiny house and pop it on my parent’s back lawn if all else fails ;P

    • I thought after your star appearance in the paper, real estate agents would be falling over themselves to GIFT you a house! The good thing about tiny houses is that you can build them almost anywhere! Even your parent’s back yard!

  • Dianne Childs

    The sweet potato toast looks so yummy! Especially the strawberry one 🙂

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  • I so needed that how to move house article about a month ago! Great tips for sure! And Yes I love sweet potatoes! 🙂

    • Save that moving house article for next time you move! Having said that, you’ll probably not want to move for a very long time after the last one 🙂 Happy Weekend! xx

  • Aww how adorable is that 90 year old dude conquering loneliness. What a legend!

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