The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #106

The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #44

Howdee bunny holers! How are we on this fine weekend? It’s been a funny old week. I feel like I’ve been really busy but feel like I’ve achieved diddly squat! Do you ever have weeks like that?

Well, fear not, because although I may not have achieved all my goals, I did find some rare and precious finds for you to read down the rabbit hole.

First up, I love waking up early but I go at two speeds; slow and stop. I’m looking forward to trying some of these 8 ways to wake up with more energy

I wonder if my lack lustre performance in the mornings is down to the quality of my sleep lately, which could be best described as less than ordinary. This list of  9 things to try when you have trouble sleeping will come in very handy me thinks!

I’m getting to the pointy end of the Minimalism Game and I will not lie, every day that goes by gets a little bit harder! That said, I am loving these 5 Decluttering Tips from the main men themselves. Still on the subject of decluttering, I wonder if decluttering my inbox counts?! I need to revisit these 11 tips to stop you drowning in emails.

Talking of emails, advice I keep emailing myself  was one of my favourite finds this week. Wise words indeed!

Tomorrow, it’s National Pistachio Day! Shall we celebrate with some Pistachio Butter or how about some Pistachio Baileys Shortbread with a Chocolate Baileys Glaze? We’re a bit obsessed with hummus of all kinds right now so this Pistachio Hummus is calling my name and who can resist the Pistachio Bacon Cheeseball?!

I loved my GP in London so hard and not just because he told me that his oldest (and healthiest) patient told him that the secret to a long and healthy life was a glass of red wine every day. Maybe he and she were on to something because I’ve been checking out the 14 health benefits of wine and  apparently, a glass of red wine is equivalent to an hour at the gym! I’m not sure that’s totally legit, but it would be nice if it was!

Pretty much any international flight from Australia is a long haul flight and I’m still traumatised from that one time I travelled Sydney to Singapore with no entertainment, not even a light! I’ll never travel without the ipad again so I’m totally bookmarking these 5 TV series to get your through your next long haul flight.

And finally, this one’s for the dog and the cat lovers. Check out this gorgeous dog who picks out her own shelter kitten to take home. Now that’s what I call puppy love!

I think we’re going to lie pretty low this weekend. How about you? Are you an Energiser Bunny in the morning? Or are you more of a night owl? Tell me about the quality of your zzz? Is your inbox clean as a whistle or is it full to bursting point? Are you on Team Pistachio too? Any other TV series I should add to my long-haul list? Are you a dog or a cat person? Or both or neither?! Tell me all the things!

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  • I’m off to read about how not to drown in my emails!

  • LydiaCLee

    I’ve done Syd to HK without entertainment – I do Singapore without a screen all the time (scoot) and read. But I do love to watch endless movies on a flight….

    • I love to read and colour in (as long as the flight is not too bumpy) but yes, it’s fun to catch up on movies. That said, not the one time I watched “Fault in Our Stars” when I was flying solo and ugly cried for most of the movie! Not my finest flying moment. How was Melbs?

  • We’ve got a long haul flight coming up with our 2 kids. I’m hoping their ipad love affair is still going strong, and that the batteries hold out!

  • Uggh, I’ve been sick this week and I’m annoyed that it’s Friday and I’m STILL sick. That means it’ll be a quiet (read: boring) weekend. Boo!

  • I so need to combat that email problem, I have on my list to call my web host to add some more spam filters and I know when I eventually do it, my life will be so much easier, and I’ll be saying why did it take me so long to do that?
    I’m testing out some new DIY ideas this weekend and we have a kids party to go to, have a fabulous weekend lovely x

    • Eat the frog, lady, eat the frog! Isn’t it funny that the things we put off because we don’t want to do them are often super easy, and when we do them, we always wonder why we left it so long! Hope your DIY ideas make it on to the blog, I love creating vicariously through you! Happy Weekend, gorgeous!

  • Great tips for managing emails, although I don’t have anywhere near as many as when I was working full time. Back then, I remember coming back from a couple of weeks of annual leave usually meant just a day catching up on emails! Crazy!

    • I’m not nearly that popular but my inbox can still get rather cosy! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend x

  • merilyn

    thanks lovely sammie!
    i’m a morning person! don’t bother with me in the later hours I will be sleeping!
    i’m a good sleeper! because I love it! … useless without it!
    things you may find helpful! … meditation, wind down and no yukky tv violent shows,
    no coffee or sugar in the pm hours, lavender, bergamot, magnesium, schuessler”s tissue salts nerve nutrient kali phos they may have a combo sleep mix too!/?
    nature’s own sleep ezy … best and cheapest … (all tested and by moi who sleeps like a baby usually)
    a pistachio lover
    gorgeous story about puppy picking best friend kitten! so sweet!
    I like both but no longer need to own one!
    have a restful blob out weekend hun!
    much love m:)X

    • Definitely going to try a meditation app and spraying the room with lavender – will keep you posted. We’ve blobbed all day and it’s been ace… Exactly what we needed! Hope you’re having a magic weekend x

  • I would love more sleep but the amount of sleep I have and quality of it depends on two cute little boys who sometimes want to party all night, haha! I figure I’ll catch up on sleep when they are older 🙂

    Hope you manage to knock some more of your to-do list this weekend, we all have weeks where we do so much but never seem to achieve everything.

    Thanks for the link up!

    • Sounds like you have two party animals on your hands, what’s my excuse?! Hope you’re having a glorious weekend x

  • Great sharing as usual Sammie. It’s a grey cloudy weekend here so we too will be lying low. D x

    • We’ve had a pyjama day and it’s been just what the weekend doctor ordered! Hope you’re having lots of R and R!

  • I haven’t been drinking nearly enough red wine lately. Will rectify later today! Thanks for the reminder to stay healthy 😉

  • Decluttering feels good once it’s done but man, I hate doing it!

    • It’s tough but it’s worth it in the end. I have to get rid of another 81 things before the end of the month! Eeep!

  • Trouble sleeping?. Oh yes. None of those things work if you are up till 1 every night on the computer!.

    • Ah yes! I’ve tried to get better at getting better sleep. I leave my phone in the lounge room, step away from the computer way before bedtime and read before I head off to Sleepy Town. Now I just need to empty my brain! Hope you’re having a delicious weekend!

  • jess

    Well I had a couple of glasses of red last night, so I have basically done a massive workout right?!

  • Hello my darlng, I only posted one post this week and it’s about a wee playground so won’t link but am thrilled to have parked four ten years olds to watch a movie so I can read around the bunny hole. Waving from Orange.

    • You know you can link anything here, everybody is welcome! Good job with the ten year olds. Hope everything’s going great Smith-side in Orange!

  • I’m definitely more of a nigh owl! It’s why I work third shift. It takes me forever to really wake up! Hope you’re having a great weekend Sammie!

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    We are trying to lay low this weekend but it isn’t working and hopefully the weather holds out for us! 😀

  • Love the tips for waking up more refreshed in the morning – although not too sure about forgoing the weekend sleep in! Glad those email tips were useful.

    • For perfect sleep hygiene you should get up at the same time every day, even at the weekend. So you could forego the weekend lie in, or just have a lie in every day! Wouldn’t that be nice?! Loved your email tips, hope you had an ace weekend.

  • We had a quiet weekend this weekend. Next weekend is going to be full on – kids birthdays, school trips and a visit to the Zoo! Tonight I am going to get my inbox to ZERO!! Thanks for the reminder. Hope you had a lovely weekend Sam.

    • Hee hee, this weekend sounds like the calm before the storm, albeit a very fun one! Hope you got some time to recharge your batteries! Happy Weekend!

  • Thanks for introducing me to The Minimalists Sammie. I am following the path in my own way and its working. Always happy to linkup with you.Weekend was more of decluttering the bedroom. But my inbox seems brimming with mails. I need to work on it.

    • I was just thinking of you! Lovely to see you down the Rabbit Hole. The thing I like about the Minimalists, is that there is no one rule, it’s like they show you the recipe and you choose the “ingredients” to suit your taste. If you’re inbox is brimming with emails, I need to add to that, I haven’t forgotten you, I promise!

  • Um, so It just dawned on me that I’ve never really thought about binge watching tv shows on a long haul flight. I usually watch movies and then get bored and frustrated but I need to go for the tv show route when we head back to the US as I could spend hourssss watching series 😛

    • I think series could be better because you don’t have to stay awake as long for an episode as you do for a whole movie! You definitely need something to watch on those long haul flights to pass the endless amount of time you’re up in the air 🙂

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