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Huzzah it’s the weekend. I’m so pleased to see it… And you, of course! Sydney has been so soggy this week, it’s been like 7 days of rain check. On the flip side (because there is always a flip side,) it’s given me a chance to do lots of reading. So let’s hop to it, shall we?

Today is National Lobster Newburg Day but I have no idea what that is so shall we  just fast forward to Wednesday when it’s National Something on a Stick Day. For realz! There is actually a mind boggling array of food on a stick on the interwebs and if you don’t believe me here are 50+ ideas for lunch on a stick25 dessert recipes on a stick10 awesome party foods on a stick and finally, 10 tips for perfect cake pops. As my friend Jo would say, that’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick! (In case you’re wondering, that pun was totally intended!)

I am still not bored of packing our lunch boxes, heck, I even pack mine on the days  I don’t go to work. I take great care to pack a box that’s healthy and yum although I’m so pleased that our lunch box is self censored because I’d be mortified if I received a note critiquing my choices. It’s time for the lunch box police to back off.

In contrast and on a happier lunchtime note, this story of how high school students started a club so no one had to sit alone at lunch left me feeling all warm and fuzzy!

Talking of happy, I may only work part time, but I learned a lot from this post 3 keys to finding more happiness at work.

It’s no secret that I love love so I’m going to be all over these 25 acts of romance that your partner is guranteed to love. I think travelling together is about as romantic as it gets, here are 10 top travel tips for couples. 

Talking of travelling, I’m such a nervous flyer, I’m already freaking out about the 24 hour flight… Solo! Wah! At least I now know what to eat, with this handy list of  foods that can make or break your flight.  

Just because you’re a professional doesn’t mean you can’t travel too. I’m excited about these 5 ways to find new adventures as a professional.

Still on the subject of travel, why (and how) travellers should support refugeesIt makes me think of the quote, “when we truly welcome people seeking asylum, we open the door to a new life.”  It feels good to know that my friends and I contribute to welcoming and feeding some of those people –  together we can make a difference, however small.

I’m all about bubbles not troubles so if you’re in need of some fizzy liquid refreshment this weekend, you might want to check out the best sparkling wines for under $20. That’s what I call BB (Bargain Bubbles!)

If like me you want fabulous photos, check out these photography basics that will instantly up your photography game.

Finally, I loved this one about the story dogs to help Perth children build confidence and develop into bookhoundsWhat a brilliant idea – I so wish someone had thought of that all those years I taught in London!

Let’s hope the sun makes an appearance tomorrow because I’m taking part in the inaugural Meet Me in the Middle. What are you up to? What’s your favourite thing to eat on a stick? What’s your quintessential lunch box item? Do you have a go-to in flight snack? What’s your top tip for travelling with A.N Other? And if you could read to any animal, what would you choose? Whatever you’re doing this weekend, I hope it makes you happy!

Every Saturday morning, we will open up the rabbit hole link up for bloggers to add their link list posts or even just their favourite post (if you are not of the link list kind) for the week. Please link only one post. This makes it fair for everyone and allows more posts to be read. Talking of reading, do try and pop along to say howdee to some of  the other lovely linkers and my awesome co-hosts. This week, you can link up here or bob on over and say hello to Paula at  The Geeky ShopaholicJess at Confident Life and Shari at Good Food WeekIt doesn’t matter where you add your link because it will appear on all four blogs, as if by magic!  The link up will stay open until midnight the following Monday.

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  • The Lunchbox Police are scary.. and kind of pointless. If my kid came home with one of those notes, my first reaction would be “Right, that’s it, you’re getting cake and chocolate for ALL of your school meals”. 😉 Probably why I’m not a mum.
    My favourite food on a stick would have to be fairy floss. And I’m thinking about making my inaugural trip to WalMart this weekend. For the purposes of blogging. I hear it’s an experience 😉

    • I would be mortified if I was caught out by the Lunch Box Police – I bet they’re all attacking the biscuit tin in the staff room at break time! Now you’ve said that, I want fairy floss! Have you tried corn dogs? It’s the one American thing I can’t stomach. I’m very excited about your WalMart visit. My idea of a good day out is a visit to American Target – it’s got everything! If I was going to WalMart it would be excitement PLUS!

  • You know I just come here to see the new bunny picture each week. This one is my favourite!!!
    Ok, I also come here to say hi, hang out and share.
    Thanks for the linky (and the cute bunny pictures)

    • PS I’m off to read more about Meet Me In The Middle and foods on sticks (specifically party foods on sticks)

      • The party food on sticks is so cool! I’m very excited about Meet Me in the Middle – just hoping the rain stays away!

    • Thanks for being here. This is Bubbles bunny – he and Oreo have their own IG account. I totally think they could be the next top bunny model, don’t you?!

  • Oh it’s so rainy here too. But I sort of like it. Off to read about happiness at work – love it!

    • I liked the rain… At first. But after almost a month, I’m totally over it. I wish I hadn’t moaned about the heat so much! Happy Weekend!

  • I’ve just started looking at high schools for Miss 11 so it was lovely to read about that lunchtime club so students don’t eat alone. Also, my favourite bottle of bargain bubbles is Wolf Blass Red Label, which you can pick up for about $7!

    • $7! That’s totally a bargain! Will check it out. Happy high school hunting! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  • Lobster thermidor is one fancy pants version of half a lobster with some sauce of some kind mixed in it..I think brandy is part of it. I used to like Lobster Mornay. I feel for you being fearful of the flying. I dont mind it but 10 hours a in the air at a time was my limit. I know though, that most important of all, is seeing your mum will help those fears be seen in perspective. Have a good weekend. Denyse …p.s. I’ve cut back on my blogging output for a while and here’s one on education which may be the last of my Tuesday IBOT posts for now.

    • I’m a bit partial to Lobster Mornay although I think I’ve only had it once – at the Sydney Fish Market 🙂 I know the flight will be worth it but after 24 hours flying time I will surely have an acute case of cabin fever! I loved your education post and will miss you on Tuesdays but I hope we will still have our weekend catch ups down the rabbit hole! Hope you have a lovely weekend x

  • LydiaCLee

    Enjoy MeetmeintheMiddle. Hope it’s fun and not too crowded for the food part. The rain will stop because in 40 degree heat I sent out an invite to an ‘Winter is coming’ party, and it was meant to be lawn games and summery cocktails with umbrellas under fairy lights but it basically rained non stop until the party and we all had to stay indoors…so expect it to be sunny from now on.

    • LydiaCLee

      PM me when you fly out – we might be at the airport for a preflight drink!

      • LydiaCLee

        Tho I HATE flying, and am a very nervous (terrified) flyer but my partner is super calm and obviously in front of the kids I have to keep it together (so we won’t discuss any of that!)

        • I have some “relaxing” pills from the doctor, I’m going to dose up. My partner is really calm too, I’m much better when I fly with him. I’ll just have to put on my big girl panties and hope for the best 🙂

      • That would have been glorious – I reckon you’ll be coming as I’ll be going!

    • The weather has been atrocious. I used to say Autumn was my favourite season but I might have to take that back now!

  • merilyn

    i love bubbles bunny sammie! so adorable!
    i have loved lobster since i was a child! as friends had a cray pot!
    i went to tassi with a calasthenics group and we went to a fancy restaurant (back in the day)
    my friend and i sat at a table for two and we ate lobster thermidor! we were treated like queens the white bibs, white table cloths and our huge half lobster with all the trimmings!
    we were given claw breakers etc! … a queen form way back!!! and i didn’t have to share hun!;
    i think we were twelve!!! … talk about precocious!
    I don’t believe in the lunch box police even though I would make a good one hun!;))
    thanks for the bunny hole and enjoy your weekend!
    much love m;)X

    • I love the lobster story. I can just about peel a prawn, I think if I’d have been given claw breakers I’d be like Darryl Hannah in Splash – the bit where she flicks seafood anatomy all over the restaurant! I love that you didn’t have to share because we both know how we feel about the weekend! Hope you have a very hoppy weekend!

  • jess

    Soooo much linky goodness! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  • Oh I just fell down the rabbit hole, thanks for all the links, so much good stuff!
    Loved the food on sticks and obviously I am eating everything wrong on a flight!
    I love Meet me in the Middle, what an awesome concept, have a fabulous time. If the lunchbox police left me a note, I’d be ropable, i’m loving your lunchbox ideas on insta, BTW.
    Have an awesome weekend lovely xx

    • I have become quite obsessed with lunch boxes and am trying to fill the freezer with goodies so that David can pack his own when I’m gone. Meet me in the Middle should be fun – watch this space! In the meantime, have yourself a very merry weekend!

  • Dianne Childs

    I love that story about kids starting a group so noone has to sit alone at lunch! So beautiful 🙂

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  • I am a recent and enthusiastic convert to those spiral potatoes on a stick. Soooo good! We have had no run ins with lunchbox police but I wish they were on duty last week when someone took my daughters water bottle by mistake!

    • That’s pants about the water bottle – lunch box equipment is not cheap either! I haven’t tried those potatoes on a stick but I think I need to! Hope you’re having a fab weekend!

  • I had no idea there were so many possibilities for food on a stick, haha!

    The kids reading to dogs is a great idea, when my boys are bigger I’ll be encouraging them to read to Cooper as well as us, I think it’s lovely for all involved 🙂

    Thanks for the link up!

    • Cooper is the dog of all trades – model dog and now reading dog! I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend 🙂

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Not long now til you leave but I’m sure you’ll be fine Sammie! Haha do I dare read what foods might make or break the flight?

    • My departure is still 4 weeks away – eeep! I don’t think the food they make in business class definitely won’t break you! Seeing as I’ll be travelling like a sardine, I think I’m going to pack my own snacks 🙂

  • It’s been super rainy here too! I hope it’s fine today for your special outing. Ahh so much linky goodness in this post. I don’t know where to start. Think I’ll check out the sparkling wines first 🙂

    • I hope that rain is cooling you down. I was so excited to see the sun today! It’s great to see you down the rabbit hole – happy exploring and of course, happy weekend! xx

  • I’ve been so impressed with your lunchboxes on IG Sammie – they look almost too pretty to eat! Have a lovely (and less soggy!) weekend xx

    • We saw the sun this morning and it was a joy to behold! I’m loving making our lunch boxes – so much fun and so much delicious! Hope you have an ace weekend x

  • Really good links there although I’ll keep away from all the dessert ones. Hope the weather is good for you was nice to see blue skies this morning!

    • The weather was perfect – blue skies all the way. I was so happy to see the sun! Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend!

  • Food on a stick is like miniature versions of food – it always tastes better because it’s so much more fun, haha!

  • Wow so much to read. I love all the travel info. t is hard flying by yourself on such a long trip

  • Hey Sammie. Thanks for sharing such useful and fun links. I am all awe. Happy to linkup as always. Love from India