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How was your week? Was your weather as wet and wild as ours? I hope the weekend has packed some sunshine in it’s suitcase! You won’t believe this but my mum is back in hospital. I can’t believe it and mum can’t believe it either. I can’t wait to get to the UK in a few weeks but at the same time I’m trying not to wish my life away. Just like that one time I learned important life lessons from a cucumber sandwich, I’m trying to appreciate that this  moment is the moment I’ve been waiting for. 

When I was sick, my psychologist suggested I read Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning. Have you read it? All the pennies dropped for me when I read it, as it did with this post, why a meaningful life is the best route to happiness.

As a born worrier, I love these 49 phrases to calm an anxious childI’ve tried and tested some of these myself and they totally work on anxious grown ups too.

If you have something to celebrate and you’re going to party, I couldn’t think of a cleverer way to invite your guests than with this balloon invite with free printable. It’s sure to make your party pop!

Talking of celebrations, not only is today April Fool’s Day but it’s also National Sourdough Bread Day.  I love eating sourdough bread, but I’ve never made my own although I’ve always wanted to. Let’s think out of the box a bit here, shall we? How about some sourdough waffles, sourdough bagelssourdough doughnuts and if like me, you’re a sourdough beginner, here’s how to get started with a DIY spelt loaf.

I’m not really an April Fool’s Day person but these 31 April Fool’s Day pranks kids will totally fall for  had me laughing out loud.

So much goody goodness around the interwebs this week. This story about the Ambulance Foundation in the Netherlands made my eyes leak and gave me goosebumps. Positive end of life experiences are too important to pass up and these pictures of terminally ill people living out their final wishes will warm the cockles of your heart.

If goosebumps are your jam and being inspired is your bag, Kate’s story, Chasing Daylight is going to give you the warm and fuzzies. And maybe something in your eye too.

Talking about wishes coming true, 2017 is going to be the Year of My Dog and I’m keen to adopt not shop. Getting prepared reading all things doggy, I’m totally pinning these puppy training tips that work. I might try them out on Calvin when I’m in the mother country, I wonder if you really can teach an old dog new tricks!

Of course, it’s not a bunny hole without a doggy tale (or should I say doggy tail?) I haven’t counted exactly but I’m sure I follow almost as many dogs as people on Instagram. If you want to follow along with our furry friends, here are some of my favourite dogs to follow on Instagram and let’s not forget my friend, Mochi. And that’s not all, here are more Instagram Dogs to add to the list. I just can’t get enough of  Agador, @poochofnyc. If he doesn’t make your Saturday cuter, I don’t know what will!

Pooch of NYC

What’s happening in your world this weekend? Have you played or been on the receiving end of any April Fool’s? Do you love sourdough too? Have you ever made your own bread? Know of any other dogs I can follow? Tell me all the things!

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  • So wet this week in Brisbane but now the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful weekend. I’m sorry to hear about your mum 🙁 that Insta dog is hilarious

    • Oh I hope you stayed safe and dry in the Debbie deluge. I’m pleased the weekend is full of good weather and good things. It’s such a worry about mum, perhaps I should send her a picture of Agador to cheer her up!

  • LydiaCLee

    off to look at the April fools pranks, as I’m the only one awake so far…might get one done before I’m sprung! See you in May!

    • My favourite April Fool ever was when the BBC did a documentary way back about spaghetti growing on trees. I was only a kid and totally fell for it. Have an amazing trip! Bon voyage!

  • That book by Frankl is wonderful! Thanks for reminding me. Now that I am officially in remission, I could do with some of his thinking in my life. X

    • How good is that book? Such a confronting but such a game changing read. It’s always a good day to think positively, you know that saying, “the body achieves what the mind believes.” Have an ace weekend!

  • Dianne Childs

    OMG Agador is something else! Can’t stop looking at him!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  • Sorry to hear your mum is in hospital. Hope she’s okay.
    Today is my 5th wedding anniversary! Hubby and I knew if we got married on April 1st then we would never forget our anniversary.
    When hubby proposed he made bread for us that same night. So home made bread holds a special significance.
    Good luck finding your doggy!

    • Happy Anniversary! Bread has such a special significance through history and I love how it has a special meaning to you two. Mum is getting better slowly but she’s been in and out of hospital (more in than out) since before Christmas. Poor love! Enjoy th loveness this weekend!

  • OMG that dog!!
    I’m sorry … he’s taken the limelight off the rabbits this week.

  • That dog is just adorable, such a nice way to cushion the blow of reading that your mum is in hospital again. Hopefully she has instagram and you can send her some of these cute accounts to keep her spirits up 🙂 I follow a few doggy instas, most of them look like Cooper! 🙂 He was a rescue too, suspected he was abandoned around 12 months as he was”no longer cute” as that happens a lot, so you might be able to get a 1 year old if you can’t find a puppy! Pet Rescue is good for letting you look only for puppies though 🙂

    Thank you for the link up!
    Hope you have a good weekend ahead of you 🙂

    • I was just thinking I should send her some of those dog pics. She’s lucky to have such wonderful friends who are looking after her own dog while she’s been away, and even luckier than said friends send regular photographic updates! Cooper is adorable, to be honest, I’d rather have a younger dog than a puppy (because training!) I don’t want to start looking just yet because don’t want to fall in love with a dog that I can’t take home – we’re doing a big trip later in the year and want to wait till after that. Tell me about the other IG dogs, has Cooper got his own account? Hope you stayed safe and dry in the wet weather and have a sunny weekend x

  • Thanks for sharing my Balloon Invite printable lovely, too kind.x
    Sorry to hear your mum is back in hospital, I hope she is doing ok. You will be there before you know it, but you are right, we shouldn’t wish our time away, so many moments are happening right now.
    My dad will love that book by Victor, I’m going to get it for him, we’re off to see them in a few weeks, he will love it, thanks for the share. I like to read the books before I give them to him, and I write things on the pages, so when he reads the books I send, he knows I’veI read the same pages as he is.
    I love a good prank, especially no. 27!
    Have a wonderful weekend lovely. xx

    • Loved your balloon printable, in fact, I love everything you do! The Viktor book is quite intense but such a brilliant and thought provoking read. Mum is getting better slowly. I feel so sorry for her, it’s been one thing after another. I’m sure me going home will be the best medicine! LOL! I hope you didn’t get too wet up there and that you have a warm, dry and happy weekend x

  • Sammie I am so sorry to hear your Mum is in hospital, it’s hard enough when you are in the same country. I hope she is home soon.
    Thanks so much for sharing the end of life photos, that post made me cry and smile at the same time and I have shared it over on our Facebook page. Happy April Fools Day 😚

    • Mum has been in hospital pretty much since before Christmas. It’s hard for me but even harder for her. I hope she can get home soon. How amazing were those end of life photos, it definitely made my eyes leak and it reminded me that at the end of the day, it really is the little things that mean the most. Hope you have a fabulous weekend x

  • Ingrid – fabulous and fun life

    Sorry to hear that your mum is back in hospital but I’m glad she is slowly getting better.

    I’m off to read the Aprils Fool Day pranks list. See if there is anything there I can use on my kids!

  • Thanks for all those interesting links Sammy. I will have to high tale it back home after work and read them.

  • So sorry your mum is back in hospital. It has been a really rough trot for her (and you too, I know). I have read parts of Viktor Frankl’s book and it’s here on our bookshelves so I guess I am going to get it down for the full read. I “know” I need this too. Here we are enjoying the cooler weather and remembering to turn the clocks BACK one hour before bed. Enjoy the extra hour, Sammie. D xx

    • That extra hour was much needed and much appreciated! It has been such a rought trot for mum, I think since Christmas she has only been at home for a sum total of 14 days. I hope those doctors find a magic wand! As for Frankl’s book, I think we all need to read it from time to time, it’s jam packed with take aways. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend x

  • jess

    Definitely going to check out that book recommendation, I love in the review “we cannot avoid suffering but we can choose how to cope with it, find meaning in it, and move forward with renewed purpose” such powerful words! Happy weekend xx

    • You are going to love that book – I think it’s right up your Read Street! Hope you’re having a fab weekend!

  • Sorry to hear that your mum is not well, it must be hard being so far away. We are having lovely weather over here on the west coast. I totally forgot it is April Fools day!

    • It is horrible being so far away but that’s the price we pay for living in paradise! I hope you’re having a great weekend.

  • Wishing all the best for your mum’s health and that you’ll soon be there to boost her spirits. I am not a heaps bready person but I do love some fresh sourdough and so does my mum, who makes her own!

    • Clever old your mum! I’d love to make my own, it’s on my list of things to do this year! I will feel better about mum once I’m there and she’s under my care 🙂

  • I hope that your mum feels better soon sweetie, must be hard to be so far away from her when she is unwell.
    Some of these dog accounts on Instagram are hilarious. Have you seen Tuna Melts my heart account ? Poor little pooch isn’t exactly gorgeous, but he is cute in an unconventional way xx

    • It is hard being so far away but it’s some comfort knowing I’m going to be there soon! Just checked out Tuna! What a hoot! I’m so pleased you all stayed safe in the cyclone – it must have been terrifying!

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Sorry to hear about you mum Sammie!! Mochi says hello and waves her paw. I think it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks-as long as you have snacks of course! 😉

    • I’m so sorry to hear about Mochi! Sending my most powerful pup healing vibes. And yes, I think you’re right about the tricks and snacks!

  • Sorry to hear about your mum, but good that you’ll be back there to see her shortly. Thanks for the recommendation of that book, I’m going to see if my local library has it. I could use some meaning.

    • It’s really short but really intense. Definitely one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read. I feel so bad for mum, especially being so far away but we’re both hanging out for when I head over. Hope you had a good weekend and that pesky tree is done and dusted.

  • merilyn

    i forgot to comment sammie!
    many wise and meaningful thoughts in this post thankyou lovely!
    very sorry to hear that your mum is back in hospital … sending her love and healing vibes.
    much love to you too! m:)X

    • You know me, I’m all about the deep and meaningful! I think mum needs all the healing vibes she can get right now, so thank you, lovely! Hope you’ve had a magic weekend xx

  • Oh I’m so sorry your mum’s had to go back to hospital. I’m sure she’ll be so glad to see you when you get there.

    Those April Fools pranks are very cute, but the Virgin one with the doggie air hostesses was my favourite this year. Off to reserve Man’s Search for Meaning from the library. Sounds intense!

    • I feel so bad for mum. I hope she catches a break soon. How good was that Virgin ad? I would enjoy flying so much more with some canine cabin crew! And yes, Man’s Search for Meaning is intense but although the subject matter can be challenging, it’s an easy and enlightening read.

  • Sorry to hear your mum is back in the hospital…it sucks but I’m sure it will be a relief for you to be there with her soon. The pooch is cute!! I was meant to read Man’s search for meaning for my bookclub in Sydney but it was the month I left so I didn’t end up reading it. Must get my hands on it.

    • It will be such a relief to be there! I think you will love Man’s Search for Meaning – it’s a cracker of a read!

  • Wishes for your Mother to recover quickly. This post is full of read-worthy links. Nice pranks.

  • That balloon invite is so so cute!

    Your poor Mum. Sending thoughts and hugs and prayers your and her way! <3 xo