10 on 10 Project – April 2017

10 on 10 April 2017

It’s the tenth of the month and after a brief sabbatical in March, I’m jumping right back into this month’s Photography Circle, albeit a very small one, because there’s just two of us. Don’t forget, when you’ve finished checking out my pics, be sure to take a yourself on a round trip around the circle,  and pop over and see AnneI can’t wait to see what she’s been snapping!

I didn’t snap this month’s photos in one day, but I did snap them all on one weekend, this weekend in fact, when we were in Canberra. We’ve visited Canberra six times in the nine years we’ve lived down under and four of those visits have been to take part in the Australian Running Festival, this one included. Over time though, we’ve discovered there is so much more to love in Canberra, than running. Between you and me and the rest of the interwebs, I think the city is massively underrated but don’t tell everyone, otherwise they’ll all want to go, ‘kay?

This visit though as you will  see is all about running and eating, although we bring home a medal for the former, we deserve a medal for the latter too!

It takes about 3 hours to drive to Canberra door to door which is plenty of time to listen to a few episodes of The Minimalists podcast and work up a healthy appetite for a late breakfast/early lunch. We stop at the little town of Collector, and refuel and recaffeinate at the delightful Some Cafe. My scrambled eggs totally hit the spot and the Pillagio bacon is the most bacony bacon, I have ever tasted.

Some cafe

We proceed straight to the capital, check in to our favourite hotel, the QT CanberraThe hotel is full of political kitsch and the rooms are full of quirk.  We head out for some liquid refreshment at Parlourwhere from the patio, we can feel the late afternoon sun on our faces, but can still see the moon.

Parlour 10 on 10 April 16 2

Later that evening, there is an early but epic dinner at Jones & Cowhere David carb loads with a cheeseburger that’s nearly as big as his head.

Jones and Co 10 on 10 April 16 3

We’re up with the birds on Saturday morning and on our way to the start line of the Australian Running Festival 10k. I can’t resist a sneaky photo stop en route. I can’t stop looking at the lake and check out the colours of that sky!

10 on 10 April 17

We take some crazy pre and post race selfies but take my word for it, the sky looks much better than we do. We run up quite an appetite so after feeling the power of a shower, we head off to breakfast at The Cupping RoomWe’ve heard such good things about this place and so has everyone else apparently, because there’s a 25 minute wait for a table. The prize winning coffee and Instagram worthy food offerings are totally worth the wait. David’s sausage and anchovy breakfast totally steals the show. If the picture is a bit blurry, it’s probably because my hands were shaking in anticipation of getting a bite.

10 on 10 April 17 The Cupping Room

Later, we swing by The Arboretum because I’m keen to see how much the trees have grown since our last visit a couple of years ago. We enjoy the addition of some of the new walled gardens, revisit the bonsai collection and watch a wedding unfold at the Margaret Whitlam Pavilion.  I love weddings as much as I love doughnuts.

Talking of doughnuts, after the Arboretum, we hot foot it to The Forage, Canberra’s quarterly festival of street style food and live music. Canberra has a fantastic food scene and the Forage showcases it in the most delicious fashion. I however, only eyes for the donuts, but not just any old doughnuts,  Bombolini Doughnuts. I’ve been banging on about these dough balls of delicious since my first fix last year, and I’m not the only fan, because despite arriving quarter of an hour early, some doughnut loving punters have already made a dent into the doughnuts of the day. The flavours are all so delicious, it’s totally impossible to choose just one, so we do the logical thing and choose a four way selection. (In case you’re interested, left to right, we have Salted Hazelnut Caramel, Vanilla and Wildflower, Strawberries and Cream and Whiskey and Puffed Wild Rice.)

10 on 10 April 17 Bombolini doughnuts

We eat some doughnuts straight out of the box and save a couple  for the (seemingly) never ending car journey home tomorrow. The afternoon is a mix of doughnut coma, Canberra craft beer at Bentspoke and a well needed siesta. Later there is a delicious dinner at Otis Dining Hall. We love the wood panelled dining room, big leather seats and the menu but David’s dessert of Magnum and meringue, lemon curd and shortbread,  is the dish of the day (even with the dodgy lighting.)

10 on 10 April 17 Otis

Before we leave the capital, there’s just time for breakfast at Mocan and Green Groutit’s a beautiful space with beautiful food to match. We love the open kitchen, the retro stylish feel, the Fairtrade coffee and the brilliant breakfasts. The waiter says the Baked Eggs are best and his recommendation is spot on.

10 on 10 7 Mocan and Green Grout

On the way home we refuel the car and recaffeinate ourselves in Goulburn. We stop off at the much recommended Grit Cafe where the coffee and signage is totally on point.

10 on 10 April 17 Grit cafe

The cafe is also brilliantly located because it’s right across the road from the Big Merino, Goulburn’s biggest attraction. Ha, see what I did there! David argues that he is the designated driver not the designated photographer and opts to stay in the car (I think he will feel a bit sheepish about that later) so I have no choice but to take a selfie. As you can see, I have enough excitement for both me and David. Big things are my favourite. Do you remember that one time I went on a Big Things road trip? BEST!

10 on 10 April 16 The Big Merino

The Big Merino is the perfect way to end our big adventure and with that we drive wee, wee, wee all the way home. And if you’re left thinking that we went to Canberra and all we did was eat and run, you’re not wrong.

Clearly we like to spend our weekends eating and running, how do you like to spend yours? Have you ever been to Canberra? Got any new places I can add to my capital list?  Are you a doughnut lover too? Have you visited any big things?

Now remember friends, the fun of the photography circle doesn’t stop here. Do pop on over and  say g’day to Anne and see what she’s been clicking on her camera!

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  • Sorry but I am not a doughnut lover but I am impressed with The Big Merino being a country girl and all!

  • Life At 101

    Oh my goodness so much awesome food in one weekend!!!!

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Yay your Canberra trip looked great on IG and you’re so fast at putting it up! We really liked some of the same places 😀

    • There is so much good food in Canberra, it’s like so much yum and so little time. It’s most unlike me to have such a fast turnaround 🙂

  • merilyn

    lots of good place to eat sammie!
    i love the poster, the photo of you! so cute! and the photo of david! … he looks so happy with his choice!
    much love m:)X

  • Loads going on! Those doughnuts look amazing.

  • Those donuts! Could you maybe vacuum seal one and send it to me 😉 Because obviously we don’t have donuts in the US… OK, but they don’t look as tasty as those.

    • I ate a lot of donuts in the US and the only ones that came close to Bombolini greatness are the ones at General Porpoise in Seattle. You’ll never have a better reason to visit Seattle. It’s such an ace city and the most excellent donuts are a bonus!

  • I grew up not far from Canberra at Wagga, and I must admit as a child I hated Canberra, it was either ridiculously hot or freezing cold. At that time it was a bland political town, with very little colour. How times have changed!! On my next visit home, we are also going to be spending a week with my cousins in Canberra, can’t wait to see what it has to offer. xx

    • Canberra has changed so much, even from our first visit 7 years ago. There’s so much to see, eat and do there which reminds me, I must dust off my ultimate guide to Canberra that has been gathering dust in my drafts folder! You’re in for a treat when you go to Canberra – lots to look forward to!

  • All our weekends and every one of our trips is all about food. If I say to Rich ‘how about going here for a week’ the first question is ‘what’s the food going to be like’!!!! I do love how much to cram into your weekends away !

  • I love your big merino selfie, haha! I wasn’t brave enough to do a selfie because there were so many cars driving by! Hahaha.

    • I only had eyes for the Big Merino and couldn’t have cared less about the cars. For me big things equal big excitement!

  • I’m not a runner (cycling gets me going) :D. Nice pics of a nice weekend. Also I’ve never been near Canberra (let alone Australia). Still want to visit your country some day though…

    • You must come and visit. There’s so much to see and do, and if you love cycling, you’ll love Canberra! It’s a cyclist’s dream!

  • You are freakin hilarious … and I am in awe of your commitment to the monthly photos and other regular consistent blogging practice that I sorely lack!!!!! xxxxx

    • You’re all about quality rather than quantity and I love that! It’s my addictive personality once I start something, I just can’t stop 🙂 We will have to compare Canberra notes when I see you x