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I can’t believe it’s Saturday, that long weekend really threw me, not that I’m complaining, I love long weekends so much, I think every weekend should be four days. For my Australian friends, there’s no four day weekend but there is a four day working week next week because of Anzac Day, now there’s something to look forward to!

Talking of all things Anzac, check out these 7 different ways to enjoy an Anzac bikkiethis showstopping  Golden Syrup Anzac Cheesecake and start your Anzac Day off right with this Low Fat Anzac Biscuit Granola. I’m quite obsessed with all recipes Anzac, I even have a Pinterest board full of them, although I’m currently crushing on my latest creation the Ultimate Australian Anzac Blondies. And lastly but not leastly, lest we forget why there is an Anzac Day this piece sums it up nicely, why thank you will never be enough. I’m sure I share it every year but it gives me the feels every single time.

This year I will be high in the sky on my way to the other side of the planet on Anzac Day but these airline travel tips and the free printable packing list will come in very handy. That said, I suck balls at packing, so I’ve dumped all my stuff on the bed and I will delegate David to pack it for me. Princess much?!

Now I know I’m heading into spring but when I get back down under it will be almost winter. I wish autumn could last forever, but we all know it can’t and won’t, but don’t be sad, here are 10 ways to stay happier over winter.

I loved this post about the friends I’ve never met. I agree wholeheartedly and I know I for one never get lonely because of the  friends in my computer.

I’m still fan girling over The Minimalists podcast and although I’m still decluttering like a boss, the inside of the bathroom cabinet is like Jenga. The toiletry avalanche will be a thing of the past with these 5 easy steps to declutter the bathroom vanity. Sticking with the minimalist theme, I’m loving these tips for a minimalist approach to grocery shopping.

Today is National Jelly Bean Day! Why not celebrate with some Jelly Bean Cupcakes,  Jelly Bean Popcorn or if you’re feeling thirsty, how about a Jelly Bean Cocktail?

And because it’s not a bona fide rabbit hole adventure without some canine cuteness, check out the 19 of the Best Dogs on BBC News. Peanut gets my vote, who gets yours?

That’s it from me for this week. I’ll have plenty of time to catch up on reading on my 24 hour flight next week! What are you up to this weekend? Are you going to a dawn service and/or getting your bake on this Anzac Day? What’s your favourite season? Do you have friends in your computer too? And do you have a favourite jelly bean? Tell me all the things and have yourself an absolutely fabulous weekend!

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  • We’ve somehow managed to score another long weekend here thankfully. I certainly need it. I’ve somehow manged to get back to blogging this week and even have some time up my sleeve for linking up.

  • All the short weeks! And another next week. We have a short memorial service up the road from us, so that’s how our day will start.

  • Happy Saturday lovely! I’ve been out of sorts all week too, especially since school also went back for us on Tuesday and we’ve got two more public holidays to go over the next two weeks! Glad to hear your decluttering is going well, mine is still a work in progress but we’ve definitely made some great progress. Have a great weekend x

    • Wow so much happening at Chateau Matheson! Why are public holidays like buses? You wait ages for one and then two come along at once! Enjoy lovely!

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  • Have a great trip home(?), even though Australia’s your home now. It’s so confusing. Anyway, I’m definitely following that ANZAC pinterest board of yours.
    Also, kudos for getting the other half to do your packing. You’re a smart woman!

    • It’s weird, when I’m in the UK I call Australia home and when I’m in Australia I call UK home but I totally get what you means, and yes, it’s so confusing! David has always packed for me, ever since we went on our first trip to Paris a few months after we met. I tell him what to put in and he arranges it beautifully. One has to utilise one’s strengths, doesn’t one?! Happy weekend!

  • Jelly beans!!!

  • Oh that Anzac cheesecake sounds delicious! I’ll need to check out the bathroom vanity decluttering tips too, I have SO many sample and travel size things it’s incredible how they accumulate so quickly!

    Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for the link up.

    • I keep clearing out the bathroom vanity and it keeps getting full up, as if by magic! That cheesecake looks epic and now I’m eyeing off Tania’s Carrot Cake Lamingtons that she linked up. So much yum, I don’t know where to start! Hope you have a delicious weekend!

  • Happy travels Sammie. I am so happy with short work weeks bring them on!

  • Happy travels Sammie and thanks as always for the linkup. We are heading to Singapore and Penang on Monday and I know it will be cold by the time we get back, not looking forward to that!

  • Knowing how you feel about travel I hope that your tummy is not butterflying too much and that the thought of seeing Mum is paramount …and getting to hug your fave people and doggies!! As for ANZAC biscuits…I have a husband who adores them but I do not adore making them as much. However, I have a recipe variation that I made because of an excess of nuts! I add chopped nuts of any kind, slightly reduce the coconut and oats and voila…a new version that keeps well. Safe travels my friend! D xx

    • I got some “relaxing” pills from the doctor and yes, I am looking forward to all the hugs. Bring it on! I love your twist on the Anzac biscuit and would love to give them a try. What ratio would you use nuts to coconut to oats? They sound yummy!

  • I can’t believe there is a national Jelly Bean day!

  • Wonderful travels!! Xx

  • My English friend said it got to 16 there the other day and everyone stripped off and headed to the beach. Meanwhile it was 19 here in Adelaide and we were all in coats and shivering, lol. May the sun shine for you!

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    My favourite jelly bean flavour is peanut butter. I must buy some! And thank you for the lovely shoutout Sammie! Safe travels 😀

  • Yes how good are ANZAC recipes! They make me feel so comforted too, I think because they bring back fun kitchen memories as a child!

  • jess

    I just did a massive declutter of the bathroom cabinets…sooo much stuff we don’t need! It felt great 🙂

  • Dianne Childs

    Benji the Corgi is something else! Always love the doggie links!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  • merilyn

    I enjoy your ultimate rabbit hole posts thankyou sammie!
    hope you can focus on something lovely whilst you are flying hun and manage to get some sleep too!
    have yourself a wonderful visit with your mum and doggie!
    my dad is marching in our regional Anzac day march tomorrow! … (it’s short)
    and the wooden boat show is on here! … so we are busy!
    enjoy your trip lovely!
    much love m:)X

    • Thanks lovely. Sorry for the late reply, I was sure I had replied already. How did dad go in the march? Did you go to watch? I put on my big girl panties and survived the flight, you would be proud of me! xx

  • Bee | Better than busy

    Oh my gosh – the decadence and deliciousness of the anzac cheesecake!! I love making anzac biscuits with my kids every year – this would be something else!

  • I was not aware about Anzac Day. Its so great that we honor the sacrifices of those you fought bravely for their people. Thanks for adding it to my knowledge Sammie.

    • It’s a really special day in Australia and I’m sorry that I missed it. Still, there’s always next year!

  • It looks and sounds so delicious!