The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #119

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Hello friends and welcome to the weekend. This week’s rabbit hole adventure is brought to you by my good friend, Jet Lag. Despite following these 12 easy ways to minimise jet lag to the letter, my body clock doesn’t know if it’s Arthur or Martha. But let’s not get our knickers in a knot, let’s get lost in lovely links instead. I think that’s much more preferable!

Now seeing as my body clock is all messed up, I hope you don’t mind if we rewind one day and celebrate yesterday’s National Cherry Dessert Day today. Is that OK? I mean who can resist this No Bake Cherry Cheesecake Lasagnethis Sweet Dark Cherry Cobbler and these Chocolate Cherry Brownies? Not me! Oh, and I’ll have to throw my Brown Sugar Cherry Pie into the mix, because it’s cherry delicious!

This week has passed me by in a jet lag infused haze but next week I’m going to be all aboard the lunch box train and I think these 101 Lunch Box Snacks plus free printable will come in super handy.

I love love so I love Annie’s list of 11 things that keep her marriage on track.  She is love by name and love by nature!

I don’t know about you, but I never know what to write in a sympathy card. I hope I don’t have to write one anytime soon, but if and when I do, I’m going to refer to this guide on how to write a condolence note. It’s practical, it’s touching and it’s written by the sister-in-law of Paul Kalanithi, the author of When Breath Becomes Air  which is one of the most heartfelt but heartbreaking books I’ve ever had the good fortune to read.

I found some cracking reads down the rabbit hole last week. I loved Jess’ 10 ways to celebrate your loved onesthe sneak peek into Denyse’s garden and of course, Aleney’s 24 Tricks to Sleep Better in the Sky. Wish I’d read the latter before I boarded the plane!

It was definitely a bad news week and in particular, the news from Manchester shook me to my core. However, at times like these I like to follow Mr Rogers’ advice and “look for the helpers.” Did you hear about the homeless man who became a hero at the Manchester bombing and was rewarded with housing? Call it the “Blitz Spirit” or whatever, but you can beat some British humour, and it’s always at it’s best when the chips are down. If you don’t believe me, check out how the #BritishThreatLevels hashtag is delivering stoical humour in the face of terror.

I’m determined that 2017 will be the Year of the Dog at our place, or should I say, the year we get a dog at our place. I’ve already started the research and will definitely be giving this list of Top 10 Recommended Small Indoor Dogs a thorough going over.

Talking of dogs, I think it’s fascinating to see how the popularity of breeds varies from country to country. I saw so many French Bulldogs in the mother country so I’m not surprised to see that the French Bulldog is set to become the UK’s favourite dog breed.  And if you want to see what’s top of the dogs down under, here’s a list of the most popular dog breeds in Australia in 2017.

What’s on your weekend agenda? Have you got a jet lag busting tip to share? What’s your top tip for keeping a relationship on track? Do you have a favourite dog breed? Tell me all the things!

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  • LydiaCLee

    Hope a day in the sunshine fixes your jetlag…

  • I was surprised to see kelpies weren’t on the most popular doggy list given how many of the cuties there are at the shelters! How fun you’ll be getting a dog this year! Picking the perfect one is tricky but a lot of fun reading about them! 🙂

    Hope you manage to recover from your jetlag too, and you have a good weekend! I launched my ebook on Monday so I’ve been pretty busy all week and this will be a relaxing weekend to do anything other than blog stuff for a change haha!

    • Congrats on your ebook! Go you! Very excited about completing our family with a canine this year. Hope you got the relaxing weekend you were after xx

  • Ingrid – fabulous and fun life

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend to recover from your jet Lag! I’m now off into the rabbit hole starting with a sneak peek into Denyse’s garden!


  • Yay for the Ultimate Rabbit Hole and that you are back in Australia. What a week alright….grrrr and such sadness and awful happenings in parts of the world. I for one am glad YOU are home safe and sound. Thank you for sharing my garden! Today I looked at nature and mandalas. I so hope you get your little pooch whenever that may be. You NEED a dog, right? Love D xx

    • Thank YOU for sharing your garden and I loved your mandalas. And you’re right, I totally do NEED a dog. I feel like once we have a pooch in residence, our little family will really be complete! xx

  • I had my waterpolo windup last night and then a birthday party tonight. Two nights out in a row might be too much for this old chook! I am sure you will be over your Jet lag soon.

    • You sounds like you had an action packed but fun filled week! I hope you enjoyed the second night out as much as you did the first!

  • jess

    I have never been able to sleep on a plane, so off to read those tricks! I love the ‘look for the helpers’ advice, it always helps me to gain perspective in the dark times xx

    • I’ve loved hearing the stories about the helpers. As you say, it really does give a sense of perspective, where there is darkness, there is always light. Hope you had a fab weekend x

  • Oh my goodness! How good is A Cup Of Jo (How to write a concolence note link). I could get very lost down the rabbit hole there. But first – Denyse’s garden! Hope you are feeling more like yourself real soon Sammie. Xx

  • merilyn

    hope you are feeling better soon sammie!
    lots of goodies here hun! … and you are lovely!
    chocolate and cherries! yes please!
    much love m:)X

    • All the ch’s – chocolate, cherries… If we just added chips we’d have the perfect trifecta! Hope you had a magic weekend! xx

  • Sleeping on a plane is my thing – hope that you get back on Sydney time soon. So many great links this week. I’m hoping to get to the majority of them whilst I am tucked up in bed and the husband is looking after the children – FINALLY.

    • Oh, how do you do that sleeping on a plane thing?! It’s a superpower, I tell you! Hope you got some time to recharge and catch up on some rabbit hole inspired reading this weekend xx

  • The British sense of stoicism and humour is the best. Hope you’re back to yourself soon and I would give ANYTHING to be able to sleep on a plane.

    • It is the best! I took sleeping tablets and still I didn’t sleep! Argh! Just starting to see the light at the end of the jet lag tunnel!

  • Welcome home!
    I have just returned from a vacation too. Boo hoo! Missing it all already.

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I hope 2017 is definitely the year of the dog for you!! Do you have a short list of breed narrowed down?

    • I do have some preferred breeds but if we get a rescue dog, we’ll take what we can get. If we get to choose a puppy, I think it will have to be some sort of oodle!

  • Great post from Annie! Thank you for sharing it! Have a great week Sammie!

  • Cheesecake lasagna say WHAAAAAT?!

    And how exciting that the dog research has started!!!