The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #121

Ultimate Rabbit Hole 121

Ahoy there rabbit holers! How are you this fine weekend? We’re off on a big adventure to see some of Australia’s Big Things and as you can imagine, my excitement is also sizeable. Of course, I’m equally thrilled about sharing with you the golden nuggets of goodness that I found around the interwebs this week.

Today is National Herb and Spice Day so these 10 Easy Homemade Spice Blends might come in handy. Cinnamon is one of all time favourite spices and I’ve been putting it in everything this week from this Banana Bread to this delicious Apple Spice Cake.

One of my all time favourite moments was having dinner at Cinderella’s Castle in Disneyworld, complete with a singing fairy godmother (inside) and fireworks popping (outside)! After reading these 25 Insane Facts About The Magic Kingdom Castle  I definitely need to go back!

Talking of Disney, in 85 days I’ll be running my third Disneyland Half Marathon and I’m hoping to catch up with Gabriella, who shared her story on the blog this week, she really is so inspiring. She’s not the only one who’s motivating me to move though, check out this 94 year old who broke the half marathon record and like Gabriella has raised a bucketload of money for charity. Oh, so awesome!

Gabriella and Harriette sure know how to live life to the full, as does Nikki from Styling You who just turned 50 but looks about 30. I loved her 50 tips on how to spend life well. I’m going to have a lot of fun ticking everything off the list!

Still on the subject of living well, I’m trying to drink less wine and more water. I’ll be trying some of these 8 easy ways to drink more water each dayMy personal favourite is to add some fizz. It’s no trouble to drink water with bubbles!

The news from London broke my heart, let’s face it, most of the news breaks my heart. However, I like to look for the helpers even if I have to search a little harder to find them, like this Californian mum who saw the plight of Syrian refugees and took some positive action. It’s true what they say, together we can make a difference.

Did you see the War on Waste documentary series? I missed it but am looking forward to catching up because it’s such a hot topic right now. Last week, Lauren’s Notes from the War on Waste brought me up to speed and Michelle’s War on Waste post was jam packed full of simple (but effective) ways to take action. Di’s Beauty Fail Confessions  had me laughing out loud. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t know how to use a foundation brush!

As usual, I’m wrapping up the fun and frolics with a pawsome post, check out these  33 hilarious snapchats that prove we don’t really deserve dogs. It’s impossible to get through all 33 without the corners of your mouth moving in an upward direction!

What secret tricks and cunning plans do you have for the weekend? Is it a long one where you are? Have you got a favourite herb or spice, or even one you can’t stand? What’s your tip on living life well? Have you ever had a beauty fail? Tell me all the things!

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  • Oh gosh, I am first to link. Blame my big boy cat for waking me so early!
    The War On Waste was great. I need to catch up on some episodes but this show seriously made me consider dumpster diving as a worthwhile hobby. After I watched the series, I even dreamt I went dumpster diving! ;D

    • I wouldn’t go so far as dumpster diving but there’s definitely a few other things I’m going to try! I hope you had a wonderful weekend x

  • The dog and the potato! And the warp speed dog! Can’t. Stop. Laughing. Which is awkward since I’m at work. I think I’m getting sucked into the vortex.
    No long weekend here, but I’m out on a photography mission this weekend, so that’ll keep me busy enough. Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

    • You always take fab photos. I was only saying to David the other day that we need to plan a trip to San Fran just so I can follow in some of your footsteps!

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  • I’m off to read about the Disney castle and the funny dog thing. The jug is boiling which means my cuppa is just about ready. Thanks for the reading list!

  • Oh enjoy your big things roadtrip! The only big thing I’ve had the pleasure of seeing was the giant avocado…I’d love to see more, but maybe when the boys are older!

    Thanks for the link up – that dog snaphat link made me giggle. Have a lovely weekend!

    • The big avocado is great – I’m not sure how big these big things are but we’ll soon see! And how good were the doggy snapchats?! Have a great weekend x

  • That sounds like a fab road trip – enjoy!

  • LydiaCLee

    Drive safely – look forward to seeing some pics.

  • Thanks for linking to my recap on the War on Waste!!

  • Merilyn

    All good as usual thanks sammie!
    I love just about all spices!
    I use italian spice mix … sometimes do my own, morocan spices, and mixed spice for sweets … i love ginger too!
    Hope you have a good trip hun!
    Much love m)x

    • Oh yes, moroccan spices are my favourite. My neighbour gave me some preserved lemons and I tried my first Ras el Hanout in the week! So good! Mixed spice is another one of my faves! Yum! Have an ace weekend xx

  • jess

    3 half marathons? You are truly impressive! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    • Actually, I’ve done 7 (this will be my third in Disneyland!) but I’m aiming for 10 before I’m 50. This will be number 8 so there’s still time yet! Happy Weekend!

  • Enjoy your trip Sammie! About the only spice I like is cinnamon – you know, when other people get creative in the kitchen and share because they know I have a kitchen phobia 😉

    • If you’re only going to like one spice, then it really should be cinnamon! Hope you had a glorious weekend!

  • So many ‘big’ things to see these days. I recall when the Big Merino (Goulburn) and the Big Banana (Coffs Harbour) were the only ones in NSW…waaaay back. If you ever want to visit The Black Stump, I can tell you more as B and I lived in the tiny town (Merriwagga) where it was/is from 1973-76. Trouble is, there’s another place who also claims it.

    • You will definitely need to tell me more about The Black Stump. I think the banana and the merino are some of the original big things, and what I would call “major” big things, there are a lot more minor ones popping up all over. Not that I’m complaining, the more the merrier! Hope you had a lovely weekend x

  • Have a wonderful trip. We did a similar one with the girls when they were little. I’m not sure there are any big things here in WA. Will have to go google. No link up for me today. I’m back to blogging but hate to link and run, which is all I have time for right now. I’m obsessed, even with broken ribs, to finally get the new house sorted, to my standard, this weekend.

    • I don’t mind linking and running and then coming back later for a wee hop but sadly some folks like to link, run and then not come back. I’m such a stickler, it really irks me! I think there are quite a few big thing in WA. I will have to consult my big things book! Lovely to see you here but not so lovely t hear So happy to hear about your second about the broken ribs – that’s the last thing you needed. Is this going to be your last move for a while? Happy New Home!

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Have fun Sammie! Have you seen the movie Big Things?

  • Go Harriette, that is amazing. Have a good trip

  • Great idea. can’t wait to see the photo file. i have laughed myself stupid over those dog snapchats!

  • i think I’ve only seen one or two ‘big things’ – they’re so corny I kinda want to see more haha

  • I love that you went on a big things adventure! I think I’ve only seen the big oyster and the big ram!