Taking Stock – June

Taking Stock June 2017

Well, June has flown by in the blink of an eye! As the end of the month draws near, let’s take stock  like Pip did! So without further ado…

Baking: Everything with lemon and lime. Like this delicious Lemon and Lime Loaf Cake with Crunchy Topping. It’s irresistible!

Making: This Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake Slice. It’s an oldie but a goodie and it just got an extreme(ly delicious) makeover.

Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake Slice

Snacking:  On dried apricots. I’m kind of addicted.

Cooking: All things bolognese. These Bolognese Stuffed Capsicums have been on high rotation on our dinner menu.

Drinking: Water and lots of it.

Eating: These healthy mini frittatas. I eat them for breakfast, lunch and sometimes even dinner! So yum!

Ham and Spinach Cottage Cheese Frittatas

Sticking:  To the Slimming World eating plan. It’s so easy!

Losing:   Weight. It’s been the first time in a long time that the scales are going in a downward direction.

Wondering: What cake to make for David’s birthday. I don’t think Moana is quite his style.

Channelling: My inner minimalist. This year, we’ve decided no birthday presents, just experiences and quality time with quality people, because spending time together is the most precious gift of all!

Admiring: Gabriella – did you see her interview? She’s so inspiring!

She's So Inspiring - Gabriella Kasley

Marvelling: At the kindness of people who have love bombed Gabriella with cards and gifts. Despite what the news might have you believe, the world is full of good people.

Discovering: 10 more big things in NSW. The Big Ugg Boots were one of my favourites! So many big things, so little time to blog them in!

Wanting: To see more big things. My big ambition in life is to travel around Australia and see all the big things.

Taking Stock June 2017

Enjoying: The long weekend in Newcastle and surrounds.

Finding: Hidden bars in Newcastle. Such thirst quenching fun!

Remembering: The delicious doughnuts we had at Doughheads, Newcastle. Totally worth driving 2.5 hours for!

Taking Stock June 2017

Knowing: That I have trained my Instagram husband well. He even photographs his own food (like a boss!)

Sharing: My five top tips for picking the best sunglasses.

Listening: To The Minimalists. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Those guys are still my heroes.

Finishing: Up at the Rabbit Hole. We had our last link up at the weekend. It’s the end of an era!

Running:  Run2Cure 10k for Neuroblastoma. Such a feel good event and such an awesome cause!

Taking Stock June 2017

Bookmarking: All the things to see and do in San Diego and Hawaii. Have you got anything to add to the list?

Dreaming: Of Disneyland. 65 days! The countdown is on!

Training: For the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend – a 5k, a 10k and a half marathon on 3 consecutive days.

Sorting: Out our costumes for the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend.

Needing: To do a lot more training to be half marathon weekend ready!

Matching: The distance in our legs and our new, gifted 2XU compression tights on our legs. We’re all about the matchy matchy.

2XU Compression Pants

Wearing: My 2XUs before and after long runs (with a wash in between obvs.) I love them as much for running as I do for recovery!

Buying: Boots on sale… Because winter is here and my feet are feeling chilly.

Returning: To work, full days but part time. Reality check PLUS!

Missing: Dumplings. It has been way too long between serves of No 225. I rectified the situation as a matter of urgency.

Dumplings Taking Stock June 2017

Trying: To eat a more plant based diet after watching What The Health. What an eye opener!

Visiting: The dentist. After a 3 year sabbatical.

Thinking: I mustn’t leave it so long between dentist visits next time!

Loving: Sydney in winter.

Taking stock Sydney in winter

Hoping: Strata says yes and I can have a dog of my own.

Taking:  Mochi for walkies!

Liking: Having our furry friend Mochi  for a sleepover. As you can see, she made herself right at home.

Mochi Taking Stock June 2017

Disliking: The news, especially the news from London. It makes my heart hurt.

Getting: Goosebumps watching the Artists for Greenfell video. I grew up in a London tower block.

Feeling:  All the feels. It just feels so close to home.

Looking: For the helpers. I know they’re there.

Seeing: Vivid. We only touched the tip of the festival iceberg and planned to make a return visit but fatigue and cold weather got the better of us!

Vivid Taking Stock 2017

Wishing: I had paid more attention in the lesson on night time photography on my photography course. My Vivid photos are as blurry as they are colourful!

Reading:  Tracey Spicer’s The Good Girl Stripped Bare and now Jojo Moyes’ The Girl You Left Behind.

Watching: A combo of Orange is the New Black and This Is Us. It’s about as Yin and Yang as TV can get.

Waiting: For the new series of Offspring to start tomorrow. Are you with me?

Celebrating: 9 years of living down under!

Helping: Out with lunches at the Asylum Seekers Centre.

Remembering: All the birthdays (or trying to.) Me, my mum, David and my best friend Sam all have birthdays in the same week, and many other friends and family are also celebrating birthdays in July.

Looking forward to: July and not just because I can put up the Christmas tree and have a birthday knees up.

How was your June? When is your birthday? Are you an Offspring fan too? When was the last time you went to the dentist?  And are you looking forward to July too? Tell me all the things!

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  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Mochi says hi! She’s currently in bed snoozing and hoping that we don’t wake her up to go outside where it’s cold! 😀

  • Wow, it makes life seem very full when you write it down like that! Loving those food pictures, of course! Hope your trip to the dentist goes okay, it’s never fun but sometimes it’s better to get it over with.

    My birthday was yesterday! Also I’ve got a lot of family and friends birthday around these weeks.

    • Happy Birthday fellow cancerian! Hope you had an extra special day! The dentist went well, but I think the longer I leave it between appointments, the more anxious I feel! June has been an action packed month, but I like to jam as much life into every day as I can 🙂

  • Alicia-OneMotherHen

    I am loving This is Us, it’s one of my favourite shows(that isn’t a reality tv show!). I need to watch What the Health, I could do with eating more fresh food and lose some excess kilos!

    • If you watch What the Health, let’s compare notes! It’s been a game changer in the diet department in this house! I have a few episodes of This Is Us to catch up on… I’m torn between binge watching it and eeking it out because I just don’t want it to end!

  • Hugzilla

    I just checked out your blueberry cheesecake link to see if I can low carb it!! I’m also watching the latest season on OITNB. I was so pissed off with Poussey’s storyline but I think they’ve somewhat redeemed themselves with the resulting riot narrative. Either way, I’m hooked again.

    • Can you low carb that cheesecake? I guess you could just have a thinner base? I must say, I’m not really feeling OITNB this season, it’s just so dark. I always feel so heavy hearted watching it but I kind of feel like now I’ve started, I have to finish!

  • Happy 9 years in Oz! Also, I had no idea there was a giant ugg boot and how Aussie is that?!

  • So much goodness. So exciting about your Disney running trip again!! And how are you losing weight while eating all those yummy desserts and dumplings? Congrats though. I need to get the scales moving downward finally. Also loving this is us and watching OITNB but not falling in love with this season so far. Sticking with it though.

    • Excited about Disney but also terrified because I am so much unfitter than last year! I don’t know how I’m going to survive race weekend! The Slimming World eating plan is so easy to stick to, I am hardly ever hungry and have hardly any sweet cravings and when I do have a night out (read blow out) my healthy eating kind of balances it out. I hear ya on OITNB, it’s just so dark this season. I’m loving it at all, but I feel like I have started so I must finish!

  • Yes to dumplings! And bolognese! Hmm how about dumpling bolognese . . . I mean, they both use pork mince, how hard would it be to have some kind of delicious fusion?!

  • Congratulations on nine years living Down Under. That Cheesecake slice looks SO amazing that I may just have to make it this weekend. Good for you on loosing weight to (though you don’t need to) I wish the scales would go down in number for me as well xx

    • The cheesecake slice really was sublime – you should totally treat yourself! I really do need to lose the weight. I lost 20kg in the two years before my cancer diagnosis and I seem to have “found” them again in the five years since! Lucky I have found a way of eating that is easy, healthy and I really enjoy and even if I don’t lose weight, I feel SO much better! I can’t wait to make it to double digits down under – not that I’m wishing my life away or anything!

  • merilyn

    you pack a lot into your lives sammie!
    nine years … congratulations lovely!
    Australia is a better place with you here!
    I just pinned that cheesecake slice … like a boss!
    lol m:)X

    • You know what they say, it’s not the days in your life that count, it’s the life in your days! You’re so lovely thank you for your kind words, I must start following you on Pinterest (but not in a stalky way!)

  • Onya Sammie! What a Taking Stock that was. Your presence here is such a sunny and delightful one in bloggy land. I do hope you have a wonderful festival of birthdays coming up soon! Thanks so much for joining in the link up this week. Next week is ‘taking stock!” ha. Then the blogging will be quiet for a bit until I am back home and feeling better after my surgery. Your support is always appreciated! Denyse x

    • That is so lovely of you to say! Yes, July is always my favourite month and why it won’t be your favourite, it will be a massive month for you. Hoping it’s going to be the start of one way trip to wellness. You know I’m rooting for you xx

  • I got sidetracked with the cheesecake!! It looks great. Is it tricky to make, or is it not too bad? I might attempt it for the party this weekend. I will be making your Moana cake, but a Lego Friends theme. Argh!!! How cool are those boots?!!!

    • I can’t wait to see your Lego cake! The cheesecake is seriously easy, just make sure you leave enough time to follow the instructions to cool it in the oven and then in the fridge. Oh, and leave enough baking paper hanging over the sides to make “handles” to lift it out with! I love that the cheesecake is a tray bake, so much easier to cut and serve and as for portions, it’s like bread and fishes 🙂

  • So many yummy things Sammie. Those mini frittatas looks great, and the cheesecake, and the donuts, and the dumplings! I’m hungry now. I can’t believe we’re almost half way through the year already … how did that happen?! #teamIBOT

  • Where are those giant ugg boots?! haha
    There’s a giant prawn on the drive up to Queensland that always makes me laugh.
    Awww you had a Mochi sleepover 😀 how sweet. Do you have any fur babies too?

    • They’re in Thornton, near Newcastle. I found 9 other big things too – blog post coming soon! We loved having Mochi to stay, we felt like proper empty nesters when she went home. No fur babies yet, but we are planning to get one as soon as poss!

  • I can hit you up with my hairdresser, I’ve been with her pretty much since I came down under. She’s my only long-term relationship hairdresser 🙂 I am totally obsessed with big things, there’s no such thing as too many! I see Jen did the Tinkerbell Half – this will be my third Disneyland Half Marathon and likely my last. I don’t think my budget or my legs can take anymore!

  • Every time I read one of your Taking Stock posts I feel inspired to pack a bit more into my day. Tips for Strata – if you get a puppy that looks like a teddy, they never need to know 🙂 Congratulations on your 9 year anniversary. And I am totally with you on the subject of the news, I’ve had to turn it off here as the 15 year is so worried about his sister he has become sensitive to the news. xx

    • I love your strata tip and you know, I like to live by the words, it’s not about how many days you have in your life but how much life you pack into your days. And yes, the news is a case of massive turn off and turn it off! xx

  • Three years between dentists!?! Was it bad? I hope not! I can’t seem to go three months without a trip. I swear, my dentist should have a frequent visitor card. Happy July! (Ewww, taxes)

    • Actually it was fine. Just a clean and some up to date x-rays. I swear my electric toothbrush and regular flossing is the secret to my success. I used to have a really hot dentist who was so cool and used to play Radiohead and I was in his chair every six months without fail. Much to my distress, he moved back to Ireland and I kind of lost enthusiasm for the dentist after that! You should ask your dentist for one of those loyalty stamp cards, you know one stamp for each visit and get the tenth visit free 🙂

  • What’s the slimming world diet? I was so on track before I went to Bali and now it’s BRRRR. Might have a dry July to kick things off again!

    • It’s so awesome! It’s a UK based slimming club – all my friends and family are on it in the mother country. No gimmicks, no weighing, just eating lots of healthy yummy food. Shoot me a message if you want to know more – it’s totes easy to stick to!

  • We only just finished watching This Is Us – so fricking good. I need to take out shares in Kleenex for the next series. Let’s compare notes then! Have you got a Jack theory because I have a few 🙂

    Your maple glazed bacon donut tower looked amaze. I think hubby is dropping hints that he would like it next year 🙂