Taking Stock – July

Taking stock July 17

July is by far my favourite month of  the year and this July has been no exception. It was fast but fabulous but before we get stuck into the awesome of August, let’s take stock  like Pip did. Shall we?

Enjoying: Sydney in winter. Blue skies all the way! Check out that title pic if you don’t believe me!

Baking: This Double Choc Chip Cake with Choc Chip Frosting. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

Double Choc Chip Cake with Chocolate Frosting

Swapping: Cows milk for almond milk.

Making: My own almond milk. It’s delicious!

Drinking: Black tea. Almond milk and tea are not a perfect pair.

Cooking: All things vegetarian. Current favourites include this Slow Cooker Mixed Bean Chilli, these Karma Burgers and this Lentil Bolognese.

Karma vegan burgers

Eating: So much cake!

Needing: To stop eating cake. Stat!

Snacking: On this yummy hummus – low in fat, HUGE on taste!

Removing: My belly bar. I feel quite naked without it.

Losing: My willpower instead of weight. Sigh.

Admiring: Robyna. She’ so inspiring!

Marvelling:  At the amazing cake David made me for his birthday. I was positively out caked!

10 on 10 July cake

Feeling: Very lucky to be celebrating another birthday.

Discovering: Superior sconeage at The Tea Cosy.

Finding: Out I’ve been nominated for the BUPA Blog Awards.

Coveting: All the Toy Story PJs in Peter Alexander.

Channelling: My inner minimalist and not buying any of those much coveted pyjamas.

Remembering: The big fun we had seeing all the big things in Newcastle and around.

The Big Kookaburra 2 Big Things in and around Newcastle

Sharing: My seven top tips for coping with a cancer diagnosis.

Hoping: You never have to use those tips.

Listening: To Cancer Council NSW’s podcast The Thing About Cancer. So much added value.

Running:  The Sutherland to Surf – one of my favourite events on the running calendar.

Bringing: Home the birthday bling from the Sydney Harbour 10k.

10 on 10 Sydney Harbour 10k

Wearing: My 2XU (gifted) compression pants. I am sure they make me run faster.

Training: For the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend – 36km in 3 days. Eeep!

Counting: The days until the Disneyland Half Marathon (all 33 of them.)

Telling: Myself I can do this. Let’s  hope my legs believe me.

Buying: This running headband to complete my Toy Story half marathon costume.

Taking Stock July Jesse headband

Adding: San Francisco to our holiday itinerary. Such a pleasant (and relatively last minute) surprise.

Bookmarking: All the things I want to see and do in San Fran. Can’t wait to revisit some of my old haunts.

Crying: Over This Is Us a) because it’s so good and b) because it’s ended.

Watching: The Handmaid’s Tale.

Thinking: About the Handmaid’s Tale. All the time.

Dreaming: About the Handmaid’s Tale, it’s kind of like a  borderline nightmare.

Receiving: Favourite flowers for my birthday from one of my favourites via  Little Flowers.

10 on 10 July

Sending: Flowers for my mumma’s birthday. If you want to send flowers to peeps in the UK – try Bunches. Not sponsored,  just a fan girl!

Opening: Birthday cards of the electronic and paper variety.

Spending: Time with special friends – valuing presence more than presents.

Wishing: Birthday festivals could last forever.

Helping: The environment by swapping plastic for these reusable Onya produce bags. They’re the best!

Onya produce bags Taking Stock

Rising: To this month’s Good Life Gang challenge – walking 10,000 steps every day.

Tracking: My steps like a boss.

Missing: My dishwasher. It’s died but I believe in miracles so am hoping it comes back to life soon.

Liking: Having the Christmas tree up.

10 on 10 July 17 Christmas tree

Disliking: Having to take the Christmas tree down. If only it could stay up all year round!

Escaping: To the country with friends for the weekend.

Knowing: That a change of scenery is good for the soul.

Seeing: Kinky BootsI wish I could dance like that in heels.

Taking Stock July Kinky Boots

Loving: The Big Sick. Saw a sneaky preview but loved it so much will have to see it again when it’s out at the flicks.

Reading: Cath Ferla’s Ghost Girls. It’s written by my friend’s friend and set in Sydney’s Chinatown. Could not put it down!

Celebrating: Birthdays and Christmas in July.

Looking forward to: August. Holidays are a-coming!

Was your month magical too? Do you celebrate Christmas in July? Are you a fan of birthdays? Do you love cake? Any top tips for what I should see, eat and do in San Fran? Tell me all the things!

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  • Thanks so much for the mention lovely lady – I admire you. Handmaids tale – I know! Stayed with me for ages too.

  • Wow! What a jam packed month. Thanks for the chilli bean slow cooker recipe. I am definitely going to try that. What an exciting time being nominated for a BUPA award. That is awesome. Congrats again. I haven’t read Robyna’s post yet, so I’ll have to get back there soon and read it. xx

  • Going to try that chilli thanks. Looking forward to seeing your toy story costume!!!!!

    • That chilli is the bomb diggity! We’re taking things pretty easy on the costumes this year, but I am very excited about my Jessie headband!

  • I have grown fond of almond milk and don’t even mind it in tea, but it has to be the Vitasoy unsweetened one. I thought of you when I saw the Toy Story pjs 🙂

    • We tried an organic, unsweetened one in tea and it still tasted like almonds. The homemade version isn’t so bad, just a bit pissy although it goes great in coffee! Those Toy Story PJs so have my name all over them!

  • LydiaCLee

    Congratulations on the BUPA awards. That’s great! As for Handmaids Tale, have you read the book? I loved it. You see where they’ve gone a little astray in the series (though I still enjoyed that). There’s season 2 on it’s way, apparently

    • Thank you! I haven’t read the book – it’s on reserve for what seems like forever at the library – so I’ll try again when I come back from holi-yays! Season 2 isn’t until 2018 apparently, I don’t know how I’m going to wait that long!

  • Ooh going to check out that burger recipe! I need more dinner ideas, I feel like I’m in a rut!

    • Those veggie burgers are the business and the slow cooker chilli is my new favourite thing (if you think spicy is not nicey, you can leave it out.) The one good thing about being a semi food blogger is that there are always new things on the dinner menu 🙂

  • Oh that chocolate cake looked divine. Congratulations on your nomination in the BUPA awards Sammy, That’s awesome news. So deserving to be there. x

  • I had the same problem with almond milk in tea – try the Vitasoy Coconut Milk for tea, it holds together far better. 🙂 Plus adds a coconut flavour of awesomeness.

    • Being English, the non-cows milk just doesn’t seem to cut it. Homemade almond milk is too thin and shop bought almond milk is too sweet! I’m like the Goldilocks of tea drinkers – only cows milk tastes just right! We’ve been drinking T2 creme brulee tea black and it’s totally delish!

  • I’m definitely going to give those Karma burgers a go!

  • Oh stop it! That chocolate cake looks delish! I’ve heard so much about The Handmaid’s Tale lately, I think I will need to check it out. #teamIBOT

    • I’d hate for you to miss out so you should totally eat a slice of that cake while watching The Handmaid’s Tale. Two birds with one stone!

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Ooh I really want to watch the Big Sick! I love Kumail in Silicon Valley (have you watched it?). And yay for San Fran! 😀

  • Loads of stuff going on for you in July, does August look as busy?! That chocolate cake looks divine.

    • I’ve been sick since the start of the month so August is all about the go slow! I might not be doing as much but I’m sure I’ll be eating as much 🙂

  • Sounds like you had a great July. That cake looks awesome!
    “This is Us” is such an amazing series – I cannot get through an episode without tissues.

  • A wonderful July there in all the wonder of pics and taking stock! Have a fun August..sure to be right? Denyse x

  • Merilyn

    Always full of light love and delightfulness thankyou sammie!
    I hope you take out the bupa awards!x
    July is good here in sunny qld!
    Went out on a boat today!
    Must take apic of giant pineapple for you!
    We had such a huge lunch I’m having pineapple for dinner!
    I’m sure august will be wonderful!
    Much love mxx

    • I think taking out the awards might be a bit optimistic but it was really lovely to get nominated! I hope you’re having fun in the sun in Queensland, and yes, please snap the Big Pineapple if you can. I would love that so! Pineapple for dinner sounds just dreamy! It sounds like your August has got off to an awesome start xx

  • I am SO into the Handmaid’s Tale. So binging. And I love lentil Bolognese as well. It is so yummy!

  • Congrats on being nominated for the BUPA awards, I’ve got my fingers crossed for you, it’s a pity we can’t vote. Sounds like you’ve been having an interesting month. I’ve pinned lots of recipes from this post. Unfortunately we’ve had a few people made redundant at work recently so I think a double chocolate chip cake would go a little way to making them feel a bit better.

    • That chocolate cake would definitely make them feel better. I come from a country where there is pretty much nothing that a cup of tea and a slice of cake can’t fix! Thanks for your supportive BUPA words – much appreciated. I’ve been sick since the start of August, so I’m working on the premise that things can only get better!

  • That chocolate cake looks divineeeeeeeeeeeee! I need to try that!

  • Oh that cake!!! No Netflix for us so I’m not into this Handmaids Tale just yet! Hope you had a wonderful birthday – that cake looked cracking!! Very impressed David 🙂 I’ve lost my willpower too – bugger it!! Once the sun returns I shall find my mojo again. It’s too crazy cold at the mo!! xx

    • Handmaid’s Tale is on SBS on Demand so you can get that sans Netflix I think. I still can’t stop thinking about. I felt very out caked this year, will definitely have to raise my game for David’s birthday next year! I am going to have to wire my jaws together when I’m in the states because at the rate I’m going, I’ll need two seats to come home!