Taking Stock – August

Taking stock - Augsut 2017

Despite a sickly start, August turned out to be pretty awesome. And here’s why. Let’s take stock like Pip did!

Baking: This Plum and Orange Baked Cheesecake. So easy but so yum!

Plum and orange cheesecake 5

Making: My own pasta sauce. Once you’ve made your own, you’ll never go back to shop bought.

Drinking: Homemade own almond milk. It’s the business.

Cooking: This Turkey, Pesto and Ricotta Lasagne. It’s amaze!

Turkey pesto and ricotta lasagne

Eating: Everything that’s left in the freezer.

Snacking: On this yummy hummus (still) – low in fat, HUGE on taste!

Remembering: All the fabulous food we had in Toronto – it’s definitely Destination Delicious!

20 places to eat and drink in Toronto - Dirty Bird

Admiring: Talya. She’s so inspiring!

Watching: Finished Line of Duty. So good! Currently crushing on Atypical.

Reading: Jojo Moyes’ Ship of Brides*. Such a lovely read.

Needing: To catch up on all the Game of Thrones we’ve missed before we go away!

Listening: To One Republic. Just got tickets to see them in Anaheim. Squee!

Enjoying: Relief work. Especially when my co-workers are such cake enthusiasts.

Sharing: Cake with my colleagues. This Chocolate, Cranberry and Coconut No Bake Slice was a big hit.

Choc, Coconut and Cranberry No Bake Slice 4

Spending: The first third of the month under the weather. Boo.

Taking: Armaforce. Keeping germs at bay with one torpedo tablet at a time!

Training: For the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend.

Running:  From Sydney to Disney.

Swapping: Views of the Harbour Bridge for Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

Taking Stock August 17 bridge

Planning: The Disneyland itinerary – Sleep, eat, run, repeat. And… See One Republic.

Packing: Everything but the kitchen sink.

Adding: More things to my packing pile when I know I should be taking away.

Delegating: All packing duties to David. Not only he is a cake boss, he’s also a packing ninja.

Crafting: Our costumes for the Monsters Inc 10k.

Taking Stock August 17 Monsters Inc

Checking: Things off lists. I’ve got lists for lists for this trip.

Finding: Things to see, eat and do in San Diego.

Booking: All the holiday things.

Loving: My new Kikki K travel notebeook sick.

Taking Stock August 17 1

Buying: A foldaway backpack. It’s my go-to travel accessory. What’s yours?

Trying: To walk 10,000 steps every day with varying degrees of success.

Wondering: How they managed in the olden days without a dishwasher. I’m at my wits end after a month.

Considering: A kitchen reno. It’s time to turn Brown Town into White City!

Hosting: Our favourite furry friend Mochi,  for a sleepover.

Taking Stock August 2017 Mochi

Matching: Our house guest to our bed linen.

Walking: With a dog is so much fun!

Wishing: The Australian government would get with the system.

Wanting: Marriage equality for all. What’s to debate?

Knowing: That love is love, whatever your sexual orientation.

Voting: YES!

Thinking: Of 122 million other ways the government could spend 122 million dollars. (Other than on a plebiscite.)

Celebrating: My godson’s 3rd birthday with the epic  Lion Guard Birthday Cake.

How to make a lion guard cake 7

Wearing: Lip gloss for days. My lips are so dry!

Binging: On Netflix.

Helping: Out at the Asylum Seekers Centre.

Liking: Winter sunshine.

Disliking: The news. My emotional raincoat has been on high rotation.

Pondering: When one is eating scones, should one cream then jam, or jam then cream? Teatime dilemmas.

Taking Stock August 2017 3

Feeling: So excited I could jive with a jelly baby.

Looking forward to: Holidays.

Leaving: On a jet plane.

Was your August full of awesome? I hope so. Can you pack like a ninja? Got a top travel tip to share? What should I read/watch next? Tell me all the things!

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  • Great stock take! Dumbo Double Dare? LOL

    • My bad, Dumbo has retired this year and made way for the Pixar characters so it’s rebranded to Disneyland Double Dare. Still all the D’s though!

  • Oh my God!!!! Disney marathon!!! So freaking exciting!! I can’t wait to see the pics and follow the adventures. Meanwhile, I just love that picture of the tea and scones. The tea cosy is so sweet.

    • It’s just a HALF marathon so it’s not quite so exciting! I’m actually pantsing myself and will feel very relieved when I cross the finish line! When you come to Sydney (note I didn’t say “if”) we’ll go there to enjoy the superior sconeage!

  • writeofthemiddle

    Travels ahead – how exciting! Oh and that cheesecake and lasagne have me salivating! I want both – must make!! xo

  • LydiaCLee

    Have a great trip – look forward to the pics., Need to check out the tv shows as I’ve never heard of them. Great cake! Very impressive. Enjoy the run!

    • Atypical was brilliant, I hope they do a second series. And Line of Duty is classic British police drama. We were riveted! Temperatures are rocketing in California, so just hoping to cross the finish line without melting 🙂

  • I avoid Kikki K because there’s too much I want there haha. And I can’t wait to see the pics from the disney marathon.

    • I only go there when I have a birthday voucher… Or when I’m going on holiday! Their travel range is the business!

  • Have a great holiday! Hope the packing goes smoothly. I love your Monsters Inc t-shirt! Amazing.

    I wholeheartedly agree about the waste of money on the plebiscite and although I’m not eligible to vote, I’m really hoping for the right outcome (surely it’s obvious?! Why waste the money!). Love is love!

    • That’s actually David’s shirt – mine is Sully and even better – with furry spots! And matching headband.

      The more I think about the plebiscite, the madder it makes me. I’m with you. Love is love. As Nike would say,” just do it!”

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    You’ve been so busy Sammie! Thank you so much for looking after Mochi. She loves staying with you both! Your outfits are coming along really well too! 😀

  • Oh it was not good to be sick for some of August. Jam before cream always on scones. Turning the brown kitchen white will be such fun. As for your running..you do it for the love of it and this is to be applauded! You are not the only people I know doing this particular run at Disney. A teacher friend is a life-long Disney fan and her husband is doing the run too. Looking forward to the pics. Safe travels because I know you ‘hate’ flying. Denyse x

    • How funny that you should know two of us doing the Disney runs. LA is currently “enjoying” a heatwave so it should be interesting! You’re right I’m not a fan of flying but at least I have David with me this time 🙂

  • Glad your feeling better lovely. I just love your monsters Inc shirt, so cool 🙂 good luck at your marathon, I’m sure you’ll smash it xx

    • It’s hubby’s shirt – mine is even cooler! Luckily it’s only a half marathon, I could nor would never do a full one!

  • So exciting to have a awesome holiday to look forward to! And of course, it’s jam first!

  • I love all the food! And your trip sounds amazing. I’m with you on Love is love. And the 122 million!! Glad you are feeling better too. Elisa x

    • Thanks lovely. It’s going to be a big fat yes from me in the vote but I can’t help but think that why it’s up for debate. C’mon Australia, let’s get with the system!

  • It’s jam, then cream for me! Are you enjoying the Jojo Myers book? #teamIBOT

  • Scones are so delicious! I always put jam first but won’t say no to a scone with cream then jam 🙂
    Your trip sounds so exciting – enjoy!

    • To be honest, I don’t really care about the order as long as it’s got both the jam and the cream! The trip is awesome so far. Now I want to emigrate to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth!

  • What an awesome month you’ve had – and September is only going to be so much better!!!