Taking Stock – The Disneyland Edition

Taking Stock Disneyland 2017

Now I know that taking stock is a monthly affair but there’s been so much happening and so little time to write about it that I thought taking stock on a location basis would be the best way to keep you up to date with our adventures. Also we just got our mits on our official race photos and some of them are too fun not to share, so here it is, Taking Stock – the Disneyland edition!

Flying: Stateside with Qantas. The flight crew made me proud to be Australian!

Drinking: So much water because hydration is everything.

Eating: All the Mickey shaped things. Last year it was pancakes, this year it’s beignets, pronounced “ben-yays.”

Failing: At pronouncing beignets correctly. Nailed it on my last day in Disneyland. Prior to that, I called them “bane-yets.” #pronfail

Mickey beignets 10 on 10 August 17

Discovering: Lots of new Disney delicacies (but that’s a post for another day.)

Ordering: Cocktails from the secret menu at the Cove Bar.

Revisiting: The Cheesecake Factory where we always feel like an extra on Man Vs Food.

Club Sandwich 10 on 10 17

Fighting: Jet lag. It’s a bitch.

Needing: To sleep.

Staying: At the Disneyland Hotel. It’s my favourite.

Loving: High Tea at the Disneyland Hotel. Such a treat!   

Taking Stock - high tea Disneyland Hotel

Riding: All the baby rides. Rides that are too high, too fast or too droppy are my nemesis.

Facing: My fears on Mickey’s Fun Wheel.

Finding: Signs of Mickey everywhere.

Relaxing: By the pool.

Taking Stock Disneyland Hotel pool


Enjoying: Being in Disneyland. It’s my happy place.

Taking: So many photos. My camera is getting a thorough workout.

Running:  Around Disneyland. 36km in 3 days.

Starting: Every race at 5am. Ouchy!

Matching: My Minnie to David’s Mickey in the Disneyland 5k. It’s our most tried and tested running outfit.

Taking Stock Disneyland 5k

Marvelling: At all the amazing running costumes. People are so clever.

Wearing: Monsters Inc costumes for the Disneyland 10k. Check out that headband.

Realising: That David is a secret super sew-er. Look what a good job he did on my Monsters Inc headband!

Taking Stock Disneyland 2017

Wondering: When I’ll do my next Disney race. Because there is always a next time!

Attracting: A lot of attention with the back of our shirts. Even when they were sweat soaked at the end of the half marathon!

Taking stock #runningsydneytodisney

Wishing: The weather wasn’t quite so hot. The conditions for running were less than ideal.

Melting: Faster than Olaf in summer!

Liking: The atmosphere on all the Run Disney courses. Disney runs really are the happiest runs on earth.

Disliking: The Californian heatwave.

Feeling: Very relieved to cross the half marathon finish line.

Taking Stock Disneyland Half Marathon

Bringing: Home the bling.

Knowing: I can never be minimalist about medals.

Taking stock medals

Walking: So many steps around Disneyland.

Exceeding: My target of 10,000 steps a day.

Buying: A Disney Christmas decoration and a Disney Pandora charm. It’s my trophy charm!

Wanting: To buy all the Disney things but won’t because I’m a wannabe minimalist now.

Watching: Mickey’s Soundsational Parade.

Taking stock Mickey's Soundsational Parade

Thinking: How cool it would be to work at Disneyland. It would be my dream job!

Meeting: Gabriella. She’s so inspiring!

Taking Stock Disneyland Gabriella

Admiring: Gabriella. She too ran 36km in 3 days, the difference is, she did it with just one lung!

Seeing: One Republic live! I was so excited I could have jived with a jelly baby!

One Republic 10 on 10 Sept 17

Planning: All the things we’re going to do in San Diego.

Looking forward to: San Diego.

Leaving: On a choo choo train. Love some Amtrak action!

So tell me what’s been happening in your world? How’s the weather where you are? What’s your dream job?

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  • LydiaCLee

    I think I’m seeing One Republic on the weekend (I’m not as organised as I should be for Singapore…) Love your costumes, have a blast!

  • I just love reading your posts at the moment. I feel like am there with you.

  • Tracy

    I want to go back to Disneyland…we just didn’t get through everything, because someone told us two days is enough time. It isn’t.
    Here in Melbourne it’s still very wintry, despite being spring. And are we surprised? No. The answer is no we’re not.

    • We had two days in the park and you’re right it isn’t nearly enough! I’ve heard about the less than favourable Melbourne weather – sending some Hawaiian sunshine and lots of aloha your way xx

  • What an amazing trip to Disneyland! I love your matching Monsters outfits! Congrats on so many runs in such a short time!


  • That looks like so much fun! My 7yo has tried to make me promise that when we go overseas next we’ll take Qantas. I told him we’d see what’s available to wherever our destination is! (Nothing actually planned at the moment).

    • Last time we flew to the states, we flew with United who were fine but Qantas gave such good service, they just made me feel really proud to be Australian! Just faultless!

  • Sam Newman

    In answer to your questions it’s a very wet day in Sunny Southend , but the ducks are happy and I’m doing my dream job , how lucky am I !
    Great matching costumes and congratulations for completing your runs . I loved that post , it made me smile .
    Love you long time 😘

    • You do so well at your job too – you’re clients are lucky to have you! I’m pleased that this post made you smile. For the record, I love you more 🙂

  • Jennifer Forward Frost

    How much fun is this post?!?! Congrats on all your running accomplishments! YOU are so inspiring!

  • Haha well I’ve been going to work and then home, so you know… DISNEYLAND yay! I love the fast scary droppey rides 🙂

    • You could have my place in line on all the scary rides. I’m easy to spot – the only adult queuing for the baby rides!

  • How faaaaaaaaab, well done you! You must have stepped on every inch of ground around Disneyland by now!

    • Pretty much must have stepped on every last inch of Disneyland… But there’s no such thing as too many steps when it comes to Disney!

  • You will be shocked Sam but I have started incorporating a bit of a jog (couple of hundred metres) into my morning walks!!!! Maybe I’ll be joining you in marathons yet!

    • I’m not shocked, I’m thrilled! You know I never started running until just before I turned 40 (and just before my first cancer diagnosis!) If I can run a half marathon so can you! It’s all about redefining your impossible!

  • You guys are so adorable in your matchy-matchy gear! Love it!

    • I’m not really one for fancy dress, but I’ll always make the exception if it’s matchy and I can run in it!

  • Oh wow Sam, great race pics! Felt like I’m there with you. Love the themed running gear, and matching, so cute! Good luck with the jet lag! I’ve taken up running again this year and it’s baby steps but I love it.

    • Thanks, Bronwyn! Running is the best! You might be at the baby stage now but I bet you’ll be running a half marathon before you know it!

  • Oh I love the race photos – you look great in your mickey and minnie costumes! 🙂

    I like the beignet too – had no idea what they were or how to pronounce them but I definitely want to eat one when I get to Disney one day! 🙂

    • Thanks! It’s so much more fun to run in a costume! I actually saw beignets on the dessert menu at a restaurant in Sydney so of course, I had to order them!

  • merilyn

    i love those photos thankyou sammie!
    you are a ray of sunshine!
    glad you are having an ab/fab time lovelies!
    we are back to the cold now!:(
    much love m:)X

    • We had the best time in Disneyland – that place just oozes magic! Hope things warm up for you soon – sending some virtual sunshine! Mwah xx

  • Well done Sammie! Absolutely amazing! I REALLY want to go to Disneyland even more now after seeing all of your photos x #teamIBOT

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Amazing job Sammie and David and you both did it in such style! Haha you’ll have to buy an extra luggage allowance for your medals the way you two are going! 😀

  • Your race photos are awesome! It looks like you all had an amazing time! Going to Disney is still on my bucket list. We’re saving our money for next year!

    • You are going to have the best time – Disneyland is worth saving for! I love the race photos – the photographers around the course do an ace job!