Taking Stock – The San Francisco Edition

Taking Stock - San Francisco

I’ve renamed the city by the bay, Sam Francisco simply because I love it so much. I think I left my heart here about this time last year so it seems only fitting that I come back and try and find it.

This is my third trip to SF but it’s the first time that I’ve been left to my own devices. David came to work for two weeks and I came to play. There’s so much to see and do here that I’ve barely scratched the surface but I have discovered that being one is fun.

And if you’re wondering about the heart of mine, it’s still somewhere in Sam Francisco but I’m sure if I go back sometime soon, I’ll be sure to find it! But for now, let’s take stock and see what went down in San Fran town.

Colouring: My way in to San Francisco. In-flight colouring is as calming as in-flight meds. Who knew?

Eating: An ice cream a day. I have a theory that it keeps the doctor away. This Peanut Butter Ripple from Humphry Slocombe was one of my favourites.

Taking Stock - San Francisco

Snacking: On pickle flavoured chips. Best flavour invention ever.

Discovering: The cheapest (and some of the best) dumplings in town at Good Mong Kok BakeryAnd how’s that for a name?

Taking stock -Good Mong Kok Dumplings

Dining: Solo. It’s a novel experience. New, but not entirely unpleasant.

Trying: Not to get lost.

Admiring: The person/people who invented Google maps.

Feeling: Proud for not getting lost. Not even once.

Marvelling: At the awesome that is the Museum of Ice Cream. And before you ask, those are pink bananas on the ceiling 🙂

Taking Stock - Museum of Ice Cream

Knowing: That it was worth waking up at 2 am to score tickets for said museum.

Staying: At the White Swan InnWe stayed here last year and I think I love it just as much, if not more!

Relaxing: By the fire with wine and hor d’oeuvres.

Chatting: To guests from all over the world at wine time in the hotel lounge.

Making: New friends.

Honing: My social skills with my new found friends.

Taking Stock - White Swan Inn

Thinking: That it’s a small world after all… I met a woman from Michigan who literally grew up down the road from me!

Overcoming: Being shy and speaking to friends I haven’t met yet!

Learning: A lot about myself. A stint of solo travel will do that to you!

Remembering: When we were here last year…. So much fun. This photo popped up in my FB memories.

Taking stock - San Fran 2016

Loving: How much San Fransiscans love their dogs and how they can go everywhere!

Considering: Writing a blog post entitled “Dogs of San Fransisco.”

Combining: Learning about San Francisco’s oldest neighbourhoods and learning about San Francisco’s best beers on a craft beer tour with  SF on Tap.

Taking Stock - SF on Tap

Noticing: How many homeless people there are in San Francisco. It’s a most heartbreaking epidemic.

Getting: A mani and pedi San Franciscan style.

Wearing: My new bargain running tights.

Taking stock - running tights

Finding: Bob’s Donuts. It’s a 24 hour donut mecca.

Needing: To wire my jaws together when I get home!

Popping: My laundromat cherry.

Running: Around Crissy Field in the San Fransisco Aloha Run.

Taking Stock - SF Aloha Run

Matching: Our Toy Story tees at the San Fransisco Aloha Run. 

Bringing: Home flip flop shaped bling from the San Fransisco Aloha Run.

Enjoying: The views from the 10k – this is what you call “A Run With a View.”

Taking stock - Crissy Field views

Dreaming: Of living in San Francisco. I think it’s my happy (if a little hilly,) place!

Riding: The Sausalito Ferry.

Revisiting: Alcatraz. It’s so fascinating. It never gets old. Did you know some of the prisoners were into crochet? For realz!

Taking Stock - Alcatraz

Hearing: Stories about the women of Alcatraz. Fascinating femmes!

Learning: All about San Fran’s hidden secrets on a Free Tours By Foot walking tour.

Liking: The weather. It’s been glorious!

Disliking: Hills. They’re my nemesis and there are so many in San Francisco.

Taking stock - the hills of San Francisco

Walking: The hills of San Francisco. Some of the streets are so steep, there are stairs to help you climb them!

Buying: More Christmas Decorations.

Accepting: That I’m not minimalist when it comes to Christmas decorations.

Coveting: A Snoopy Nativity set. But I have to draw the line somewhere.

Seeing: My first ever college football game at California Memorial Stadium. Go the Bears!

Taking stock - California Memorial Stadium

Savouring: The game day atmosphere. The marching bands were a highlight.

Reading: The new (to me) Marian Keyes, The Woman Who Stole My Life *

Watching: Sumo wrestling in Japan Town. Let’s just say those sumo thongs don’t leave much to the imagination. Wedgies for days!

Taking stock - Sumo

Meeting: Kat from Bright Lights of America. It’s always such a treat to meet the friends in my computer, in real life!

Catching: Up with Tessa from Life With Lemonade. So fun to meet up with Sydney friends in San Fran!

Seeing: The seals at Pier 39. I could watch them for hours!

Taking stock - pier 39

Looking forward to: Going home. I love being away but there really is no place like home.

Chilling: Out with Chedda Cheese (one of the SFO Wag Brigade) at San Francisco airport before my flight home.

Wishing: Every airport had a Wag Brigade! Wouldn’t that be nice?!

Taking Stock - Chedda Cheese

Leaving: On a jet plane and not feeling even a bit anxious. I call this the “Chedda Effect”!

Have you ever been to San Francisco? Have you ever left your heart somewhere? Are you an anxious flyer? How’s your sense of direction? Tell me all the things!

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  • I’d love to visit the Museum of Ice Cream!


  • Suuuure, pink bananas 🙂

    I kind of like just walking and getting lost in a new city. It’s how you find the werid little gems and “see” the people of the city.

    I have been to SF a few times but I was in primary school so I was probably fit enough to handle the hills haha.

    • I love walking the streets too but believe me when I say there are some streets in SF you definitely don’t want to get lost in! And I promise you, they really were pink bananas 🙂

  • Sam Francisco! LOL. Love it. I went to San Francisco when I was in high school on a family holiday and loved it. I want to go back again. Your posts are renewing my travel bug Sam. x

  • Museum of Ice Cream? Sold.

    Looking forward to the Dogs of SF post, and omg how have I never heard of a Wag Brigade before? And I’m with you, why isn’t there one at every airport? I always want to go and pat the sniffer dogs but apparently that’s frowned upon… 😉

    • Actually, I bottled out of the dogs post. My social skills were stretched to the limit at hotel happy hour making new human friends, I just didn’t have it in me to approach random dogs and their hoomans in the street! Next time though… And yes, the Wag Brigade is so awesome. It’s such a refreshing change to have dogs that you can pat at the airport!

  • Looks like such an amazing place. I’ve certainly enjoyed following your stay on instagram

  • I loved San Francisco best out of the 3 major cities I visited in 2006. I liked its similarity to Sydney for one thing (just a vibe maybe) and of course the water may have helped that too. I so wish I had more time there as there is much to explore. Glad you got to meet up with peeps from the internet. I liked my solo travel as I got to do what I wanted to and when. Glad you are finding yourself happy back home too! D xx

    • We went on honeymoon in 2007 and I’ve been loving on SF ever since. I think the beautiful bay has something to do with it! And yes, you’re right about the solo travel. It does have it’s challenges but that freedom is so worth it! It’s always such a treat to come home when you live in Sydney! x

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Aww I loved SF too! And yes please do a post on the dogs of SF! So glad that you made it to the Museum of Ice Cream too. Mochi says hello and that she’s looking forward to seeing you!

    • I bottled out of the dogs post. It was one step too far for introvert me but next time… Because there will be a next time! The MoIC was so much fun. Give Mochi a pat from me!

  • Sumo wrestling, you saw sumo wrestling in SF!! That is super cool. I always love traveling along via your photos on instagram. Looks like it was a wonderful trip. The White Swan Inn, looks to be right up my alley!! xx

    • The sumo was so funny! Although those thong things they wear do not leave much to the imagination! Yes, you would have loved the White Swan. It’s so fabulous! xx

  • Oh I love San Fran!!! This is such a great wrap up. I would love to get back there. The ice cream museum sounds like the perfect place. Not sure about those pink bananas though!

  • I too am wiring my jaws together and drinks are vodka soda and green juice. BUT… now that I am back and James is better how about we lock in that dinner in Nov some time and swap travel tales?

    • I am totally off the booze (on weekdays anyway!) but I must get back to ye olde green juice! Dinner sounds so fun – will message you! Loved virtually tagging along on all your adventures!

  • Sam Fransisco, haha! I love it!

    I loved your ice cream updates each day of your trip, it looked like the most delicious vacay!

  • I agree with you on so many things. San Fran was one of my favourite US cities. SO interesting (and let’s be real, hard work) to walk around in! Alcatraz was one of the best audio tours I’ve ever heard, such a fascinating place. And seeing the Golden Gate Bridge in person was spectacular!

    • I’m with you – the Alcatraz audio tour never gets old! I met some Aussies on the beer tour who skipped the audio tour because they thought they didn’t have time and I was like “but that’s the best bit!” Running around the Golden Gate was such an amazing experience – I’ll never get bored of that view. I was totally over the hills though 🙂