Taking Stock November

Taking Stock November 2017

Well, it’s certainly been a November to remember and for all the right reasons. This month has been action packed but the good times have been a-rolling. I think it’s time to take a breath, have a cuppa and take stock of the month that was. Come, join me!

Wining: And dining at the Kirribilli Club. The views can’t be beat!

Taking stock - kirribilli club

Peeking: Inside the oven. It has no light and I have no willpower.

Eating: A lot of dumplings. I predict I will be dumpling shaped by 2018.

Taking stock - dumplings

Snacking: On cherry tomatoes.

Deciding: What to eat for Christmas dinner. All I know is that it has to include Yorkshire Puddings!

Making:  These Christmas Cupcakes with my godchildren. Little hands make light work!

Taking Stock November 2017 - cupcakes

Ticking: Another thing off my 101 Things in 1001 Days list – I made my own mince pies. Recipe coming soon!

Needing: To update said list. Watch this space.

Baking: This Beetroot, Cranberry and Zucchini LoafCan’t stop baking it, won’t stop baking it.

Beetroot, Cranberry and Zucchini Loaf

Admiring: Camilla and Jacqui. They’re so inspiring.

Putting: Up the Christmas tree. I couldn’t wait any longer.

Buying: A Christmas tree skirt. There’s a first time for everything!

Wishing: I had an Elf on the Shelf. Just for me!

Wrapping: Presents for the FMS Gift Exchange. Flamingos make everything better. Even my crappy wrapping.

Taking stock - FMS Gift Exchange

Hoping: I’ve elf-celled myself in the gift giving department and that my giftee likes what I’ve picked.

Staying: In Melbourne for fun, to see friends and to have frolics.

Checking: Out the Magic of Aardman exhibition at ACMILove, love, love!

10 on 10 - Wallace and Gromit

Dressing: Up for the Bupa Blog Awards. Not my usual Thursday night attire.

Wearing: This dress from Review. It’s still on sale. (I’m not enabling, just saying!)

Meeting: Bloggy friends old and new at the Bupa Blog Awards.

Bupa Blog Awards 2

Thanking: You, and you, and you. That award is much for anyone who reads my words as it is for me writing them.

Writing: The speech that I wish I’d said at the Bupa Blog Awards.

Testing: My blood and scanning my neck.

Taking Stock November 2017 - scan

Suffering: From scanxiety. It’s totally a thing.

Waiting: For test results. The waiting is definitely the worst bit.

Getting: Good news from blood and neck via the endo. I have a clean bill of health… At least until my next check up!

Marvelling: That I weigh the same as last year! First follow up appointment without weight gain in six years!

Blogging: For 6 years and celebrating with a fabulous giveaway from I Still Call Australia Home. Have you entered yet? (Hurry, entries close tonight!)

Blogaversary Giveaway

Hosting: Overseas friends, interstate friends and furry friends.

Showing: Our visiting hoomans the best of Sydney.

Admiring: Sydney. It’s looking mighty fine!

Taking Stock November 2017 - Sydney

Celebrating: Our 13 year meetaversary with (more) dumplings and a movie in Gold Class.

Thinking: Back to this time 13 years ago and this time three years ago.

Feeling: Grateful for the past 13 years – what a ride!

Matching: My flowers to my running shoes. I’m all about the matchy matchy.

Taking Stock November 17 - matching

Loving: That Australia said YES.

Wondering: Who are the people that said no and why did they do it? I just cannot deal.

Playing: Couples Travel Tag with David. Try it with your favourite travel buddy – it’s so much fun!

Listing: All the fabulous things for Couples to See and Do in Hawaii

Remembering: All the fabulous food we ate in Disneyland (without even entering the parks!) This Fried Green Tomato Sandwich was one of my favourites.

8 places to eat in Downtown Disney - Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen

Seeing: Take That in concert. Squee!

Reliving: My youth at Take That.

Listening: To Take That. The guys might be getting older but their music never will!

Booking: Tickets for Muriel’s WeddingI cannot wait!

Finding: Fruit Pastilles in Woolies. Resistance is futile!

Taking stock - fruit pastilles

Losing: My running mojo. I hope I find it soon.

Signing: Up for the first fun runs for 2018. Here are some of my favourites.

Frequenting: The gym. Because… Not running.

Packing: All the things for the In the Bag campaign.

Taking Stock - It's in the bag campaign

Enjoying: Having a dishwasher again. Game changer!

Knowing: To love people and use things and that the opposite never works. But maybe the dishwasher is an exception to this rule!

Opening: My new Thermobliss Calendar. (Not sponsored just a fan girl.)

Taking stock - Thermobliss Calendar


Trying: To walk 10,000 steps every day from November 20th to December 20th. So far, so good!

Breaking: My tooth on a piece of toast. Most expensive piece of toast ever!

Visiting: The dentist…  Again! Argh!

Coveting: My friend’s chihuahua, Talia. Isn’t she the cutest?! She’s such a dear! Or should I say deer?!

Taking stock - chihuahua

Buying: Minimalismfor my friends. I’m trying to gift in line with my values.

Liking: Spring. I think it’s my favourite season.

Disliking: The heat. And this is just the beginning!

Popping: My Story Club cherry at the Giant Dwarf Theatre. Such a great night out!

Taking Stock November 17 - story club


Reading: My Not So Perfect Life* by Sophie Kinsella and The Happiest Refugee* by Ahn Do.

Watching: Jane the Virgin Season 3. BEST! What shall I watch next?

Bookmarking: All the things I want to make from Amanda’s new cookbook.

Taking Stock November 17 - A cooker and a looker

Looking forward to: Christmas, of course!

Tell me about your month. Do you celebrate meetaversaries too? What shall I read/watch next? Are you feeling festive? Is your tree up yet?

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  • LydiaCLee

    yay on the clean bill of health – off to enter the competition

  • I love reading round up blogs, it makes everyone seem so happily busy and enjoying life. I don’t bake but I feel a baking session coming on. Only happens this time of the year.

  • I’m so glad you got good results back after your scan. And those cupcakes are too cute! My Maggie is adoring flamingos at the moment so she would LOVE that paper.

    • That paper is from Kmart – I love a bit of flamingo action too! The kids really loved those cupcakes although I see you have totally excelled yourself in the kitchen this Christmas – that wreath! I’m still in awe of your chocolate nativity scene you made a year or two back! You are totes a food blogger!

  • Beverley McCallion

    Inspiring: all of us!! Love to you Sammie xx

  • What an amazing month! Congratulations firstly on your all clear scan results, and also on your no weight gain – I wish I could say the same! Scanxiety is definitely a thing – I have my scans coming up in mid December and my scanxiety has already started. Also a huge congratulations on your BUPA blog award! And you do realise I am now going to have to search out the Fruit Pastilles on my next Woolies shop!


    • I always think it’s a double edged sword having tests so close to Christmas because if the news is good, it’s the best Christmas present ever but if it’s not… Still I know your news is going to be good and all the festive fun and frolics are a great distraction for ye olde scanxiety! Oh and don’t be fooled by the no weight gain, because in the 5 years preceding, I’ve put on almost 20kg, thankfully no more this year though!

  • I love your monthly reviews, they remind me of all the good things that have happened in my month I haven’t taken time to appreciate. I must say I am super envious of your tickets to Muriel’s Wedding, I simply have to see it!!

  • I totally forgot a meetaversary this year. Oops. I’m not good with dates though. I’m waiting to get paid (damn electric bill haha) so I can do a secret santa shop because I absolutely adore the person I got and I can’t wait to find them the perfect gift.

    • We’re not really doing presents this year because I’m a wannabe minimalist and shopping for presents is so stressful! Shopping for Secret Santa is a totally different ball game though – so much fun! As for dates, I’m good at remembering them if there’s something to celebrate and there has been plenty of that this month! Damn that pesky electricity!

  • So much awesomeness (although sorry to hear about the tooth). I definitely think of dumplings when I think of you lol. Going to look at fun runs in 2018 too and see if it motivates me to get back to running (would love to do twice a week).

    • It was sad about the tooth but luckily it was only a veneer so it was just a bit ugly and quite a lot expensive! But as my mum says, “everything is replaceable except life itself.” Even teeth! I’ve already signed up for 2 runs in January and February in the hope I’ll get motivated and moving! I love that when you think of dumplings you think of me – when (notice I didn’t say if,) you come to Sydney we shall dumpling together!

  • Lorelle Catalano

    Great recap Sammie. Bring on the hectic Christmas month of December!!! 😉

    • I’m going to be very minimalist about Christmas this year, so hoping to swap the Christmas crazy for the Christmas calm!

      • Lorelle Catalano

        Sounds like a plan love. xx

  • Oh what a month. Congrats on all the good news. Bad luck about the tooth. I hope you get back to running if that’s what you want. I loved my couple of visits to the Kirribilli Club. Pity I havent been back and my membership was for life..Oh well. Your photos do the view great justice. And it is almost next door to the Australian Writers Centre HQ

    • You know you can have coffee at the Kirribilli Club – maybe in the new year on your way back from one of your appointments “insert cheeky wink emoji” I could sign you in. You should definitely go back one day, it’s such a great spot. And yes, I totally need to get back to running, my widening waistline and my emotional wellbeing will thank me for it!

  • Yay for all the good news and DUMPLINGSSSSSS!

  • merilyn

    lots of great things in November for you sammie!
    most of all, receiving positive results from your tests and winning the bupa! … lovely!
    thanking you hun, as you are always an inspiration to so many people!
    maybe you will find a different excersize mojo! I believe cross fit is good!
    I would know! … I can’t even spell it!))
    I just eat less so I don’t have to burn it off!;))

    • Oh you are so lovely! It has been an epic month! I still have the exercise mojo (sort of) but just can’t find the will to get out and run. I hope I find it again because I love it so! I think I would last a nano second at cross fit – it’s hard yakka! Much mwah xx

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    What a fun November you’ve had Sammie! The deer chihuahua is so adorable.

  • What an amazing month November was for you Sammie! Congratulations on all the positives xx

  • Kirribilli Club definitely has the best views in Sydney! And I wish I could say I was eating all the dumplings, but sadly they have not found their way to the Hawkesbury yet (we seriously only got Sushi like a couple of years ago, so maybe we’ll have dumplings in good supply in a few years time?!).

    • The Kirribilli Club will always have a special place in my heart. If the dumplings won’t come to Kylie, Kylie will have to come to the dumplings. Next time you come to the big smoke, let me know and I will make all your dumpling dreams come true 🙂

  • What a fun filled month – and such great news about your scan results too. Here’s to another year of cheer and good health xx

  • What a fun filled month – and such great news about your scan results too. Here’s to another year of cheer and good health xx

  • What a cracking month! Over the moon you won with great scan results and a bloggy award! So well deserved me lady. Sorry for the late response – crazy harvest times!! Big congrat hugs xx #teamIBOT

    • Thanks lovely – it was a mega month that’s for sure! Hope you’ve had a bountiful harvest and that now you can put your feet up and reap the rewards xx

      • We won’t finish before Christmas 🙁 due to rain and crazy hot weather. On the plus side crops are better than first imagined 😊 looking forward to relaxing one of these days!! 😂

        • Yay for a bumper harvest! I don’t think anyone works harder than a farmer! I hope you get to down tools, kick back and relax sometimes very soon xx