Taking Stock – January 2018

Taking Stock January 2018

It seems like I blinked and I missed January – it went by so fast but it was pretty fabulous. If January was anything to go by, I think 2018 is going to be a greaty. Before February rolls around, I’m going to take a breath, take a moment and take stock. Won’t you join me?

Welcoming: In the new year on the harbour.

Taking Stock Jan 18 - NYE2017

Deciding: Not to choose a word or make any resolutions for 2018 and here’s why.

Eating: Roast dinners with the air con on!

Drinking: All the best gins at the Gold Bar in Hobart.

48 hours in Hobart - Gold Bar 2

Snacking: On dried apricots. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Freezing: This Tomato Pasta Sauce. It’s great on pizza bases too!

Filling: The freezer with all the cookies – Nigella’s Totally Chocolate Chip Cookies and these yummy Freezer Biscuits.

Baking: Some of these Gooey Chocolate and Cranberry CookiesAnd of course, freezing some for later!

Gooey Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies 1

Smelling: Cookies baking in the oven. YUM!

Making: This Easy Cheese and Pesto Tart

Weekending: In Hobart and loving it.

Staying: At the Ibis Styles.

Meeting: Caramello Koala and Freddo Frog at the Cadbury Marathon 10K.

Taking stock - Caramello Koala

Remembering: When I was fit and fast enough to run the Cadbury Half Marathon. Sigh.

Running: The Cadbury Marathon 10K. I will run for chocolate.

Bringing: Home the bling and the chocolate from the Cadbury 10k.

Admiring: Julie. She’s so inspiring!

Visiting: My favourite patient, Belinda in hospital.

Taking Stock January 18 - Belinda

Delivering: Chicken soup for the patient and a plethora of baked goods for the nurses.

Sending: Happy mail and good vibes to Gabriella who is kicking cancer’s ass in hospital.

Looking: Up.

Marvelling: At summer skies – true blue!

Taking stock - blue skies

Taking: Our godchildren to the movies to see Ferdinand. So much fun!

Enjoying: A movie under the stars and on the harbour at St George Open Air Cinema.

Falling: In love with Sydney over and over again. Because… This view!

Taking stock - open air cinema

ReadingMen I’ve Loved Before by Adele Parks and The Hypnotist’s Love Story by Liane Moriarty.

Frequenting: The library.

Watching: The True CostWhat an eye opener!

Thinking: A lot more carefully about the clothes I purchase in future.

Loving: All the Netflix comedies – The Good Place and Grace and Frankie(Oh, how I missed those two!)

Wondering: What to watch next on Netflix. Any ideas?

Revamping: Old recipe posts (like this Flourless Coconut and Almond Cake) and making them shiny and new in the 10 on 10 project. 

Flourless Almond and Coconut Cake 5

Feeling: Hot and sweaty most of the time. Sydney is so sizzly!

Disliking: The heat.

Liking: Air con. A lot.

Celebrating: A wedding, a friend’s birthday and Australia Day.

Spending: Time with good friends.

Attending: The opening night of Open Air Cinema in Bondi. FUN!

Taking Stock Jan 18 - Bondi Open Air Cinema

Giving: Spin classes another whirl.

Wishing: Spin bike saddles weren’t quite so uncomfortable!

Packing: Lunch boxes like a boss.

Taking stock January - lunch box

Ticking: Another thing off my 101 Things in 1001 Days List – making sushi!

Buying: A new Tapas Yumbox for myself. I have totally outgrown my Yumbox Original.

Finding: These super cute sauce bottles on ebay! You can see one in action in the lunchbox!

Singing: All the songs from The Greatest Showman. Can’t stop, won’t stop!

Fangirling: Over Nigella Lawson at the School of Life.

Life lessons from Nigella Lawson

Learning: Life lessons from Nigella… But that’s a story for another day.

Coveting: The Nigella books I haven’t got. I think I just need Feast and Kitchen

Bookmarking: Recipes with almond meal – I have so much as a by product of making my own almond milk.

Cleaning: The pantry… Finally.

Writing: My will. Another thing ticked off my list of 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days.

Seeing: Muriel’s Wedding on stage. So much fun!

Listening: To the podcast – My Dad Wrote a Porno.

Laughing: Out loud to said podcast.

Hosting: Mochi Elliot – our favourite furry house guest!

Taking stock January 18 - mochi elliot

Trying: To walk 10,000 steps every day in January, with varying degrees of success.

Missing: My mum.

Hoping: I get to see her soon.

Planning: A trip to back to the mother country, just need to work on dates and logistics.

Volunteering: Back at the Asylum Seekers Centre for the first lunch of the year.

Looking forward to: February. With Valentine’s Day and our anniversary, it’s the month of love!


Tell me about your January? Has month number one been fun? How did it get to be (nearly) February already?!


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  • When you look back at the month that went by sooooo quickly, it’s amazing how much you pack into it. And scary at how quick the time is really going!! #teamIBOT

  • I’ve been loving the air con as well. We moved just before Christmas and it seems much hotter here haha!

  • I’m struggling to understand where the first month has gone! I can’t believe it, though when I look at your list above, I think I need to start fitting more into every day. xx

  • One good place per week is just not doing it for me haha. I want more. Now!! 🙂

  • Just heard from someone else that Ferdinand was amazing. Totally forgot it was being released (also missed Coco) so will have to rent when it comes out.

    Netflix- have you watched one day at a time? It is a remake/update of a show I loved in childhood and is SO good. Just blitzed through season 2 which just came out. My girls love it too. So funny (although this season made me cry a few times).

    • Thanks for the tip! We’re nearly running out of our favourite things to watch! Ferdinand was fab – would watch it again in a heartbeat! Have you seen the Netflix movie – Our Souls At Night – with Jane Fonda and Robert Redford? It’s so lovely – I think it would be right up your street. I don’t want to sound like my nana but it’s so good to watch something without sex, swearing and violence, just honest to goodness acting and a good old fashioned storyline!

  • January definitely flew by!
    We are also having summer at the moment and yesterday was just TOO HOT.
    I laughed at the spin bike saddles – so true!! I did one spin class last year and I felt that was enough haha!
    That lunchbox looks amazing – tasty and healthy!
    That is so thoughtful to take chicken soup to patients and baked goodies to the nurses – they must have loved it!

    • We’ve had a cool change here and it’s been most welcome. As for those spin bikes, they should come with a government health warning!

  • Agreed! January has flown by! I hope the rest of your year is as fab as your January has been.
    My January has been a big month in so many ways. I’m looking forward to what February has to offer.

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    January was SO fast wasn’t it? I can’t believe we are in February already. Hehe thanks for teaching Mochi how to read 😀

  • Wow, what a great month! I hear you about it flying by, I feel like I blinked and I missed it.

  • What an action packed month you had! I seriously can’t believe January is already over!

  • I’ve been so impressed with your 30 Wears challenge. That doco will certainly change the way I buy and wear clothes. Oh no, I can’t believe The Good Place has finished but apparently there’s a green light for season 3 – yay! Happy Weekend to you too – hope it’s a cracker!

  • I honestly don’t think I could survive the summer without it!

  • I bet those nurses (and Belinda) love you! I’ll have to try making some freezer biscuits I think. I haven’t even started season 2 of The Good Place yet! You’re way ahead of me. Unfortunately, it’s been all Top Gear re-runs at our place lately.

    • It’s so handy having biscuits (or any kind of baked goods) in the freezer – it’s always good to have some “just in case” treats! I am trying to save the last episode of The Good Place because I don’t want it to end. Although now, I’ve just discovered a British comedy drama called ‘Lovesick” and we’re totally addicted! David would love Top Gear re-runs!

  • January was a bit of a whirlwind for me. I ended up having to work heaps and heaps and I missed my girls, and then when I wasn’t working I was trying to make up for being away by doing lots of stuff with them. I’ve gone one week of work left on this big shoot and then I plan on taking most of the rest of February to recover from January, lol!!!

  • It has been pretty sweaty around here, hasn’t it? I’m just happy to be surviving my first Australian summer and ignoring everyone who says it’s been a surprisingly cool one. Your month seems to have been packed with all sorts of fun, I’m loving all the harbour-centric activities! Hope we can catch up soon 🙂

    • I promise it isn’t this hot usually or maybe I’ve just forgotten how much I sweated last year! Yes, must catch up soon!