The Endocrinologist – The Sequel

What with the cancellation of our European holiday and the wedding in Perth, I feel like we’ve missed out on a lot recently and, secretly, I’m still smarting about it. It’s been a long couple of [Read More]

Doreen’s Coconut Cake

This simple, scrumptious cake will keep  for several days - if it lasts that long! Check out the Thermomix conversion here. Ingredients 1 ½ cups (210g) self-raising flour 1/2 cup (115g) [Read More]

D Day with the Prof

I must say the advantages of having the same(or at least) similar surgery twice in six months are two fold. Firstly, you know what’s involved and what to expect so it’s easy to be mentally prepared. [Read More]

Donna Hay’s Too-Easy Blueberry Muffins

Makes 12 As their name suggests, these muffins are super easy and of course, super yum! You can whip them up in a matter of minutes and the ingredients list is full of pantry staples so you're [Read More]

Herb and Tomato Fish Bundles

Serves 4 Ingredients 4 x 100g firm white fish fillets 125g cherry tomatoes, halved 1 tablespoon rinsed, drained  capers 4 thyme sprigs 1 tablespoon white balsamic vinegar 1 [Read More]

Mental Health Day

There’s no better way to start the day with some baking! Today I decide to knock up some of Donna Hays’ Blueberry Muffins. I love making them because they’re so easy to prepare, and so delicious to [Read More]

Anzac and Orange Marmalade Slice

Cuts into 24 pieces I love marmalade more than Paddington, I'm sure of it. I recently played the Minimalism Game and during the month got rid of almost all the DVDs, all except Paddington that is. [Read More]

Frozen Yoghurt

Frozen Yoghurt  makes approximately 1 litre You will need an ice cream maker for this recipe! Use your imagination and your favourite flavoured yoghurt. Low fat/diet yoghurt and skim milk work [Read More]

Going Nuclear

So today, we head out bright and early to meet the Nuclear Medicine team to get the lowdown on my radioactive iodine treatment. The consult is in the public hospital and it’s a stark contrast to the [Read More]

Emily’s Chicken, Potato and Leek Soup

Emily bought me this delicious soup when I was recovering from my Thyroidectomy. I could eat soup all day, every day and never get bored of it! Simple and scrumptious! Ingredients 2 leeks, cut, [Read More]