Curry, cakes, sleep and slice

Finally… I sleep. All night! I’m so happy about the continuous quality zzzs that I wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7.30! This just seems wrong, it’s the weekend after all!

However, it means I have time to eat breakfast, chill out and go to my first pump class in a month. I sweat buckets and pump to the max. How I’ve missed this!

Saturday is shopping day so I make a mad dash to the supermarket, and then realise I am without my shopping list! Quelle horreur! I have to rely entirely on memory to fill the trolley and I don’t do half bad. Mission accomplished!

Back at the ranch, I’m on a mission to put my surplus bananas to good use. Trussed up in my new Venetian apron, I try out some Chocolate Banana Bread and while the oven’s on, I throw in someOrange, Oat and Sultana Cookies. I love being productive.

I have a pit stop on the sofa and start to catch up on all the Biggest Loser I have missed. It’s gripping! I drag myself away from the TV just long enough to chuck together the Chocolate Pecan Slice. I have given this  terrific treat a triple D rating; dark, delicious and decadent! And only three ingredients!

Tonight we have a dinner date with Pippa and Colum at our local Indian, Malabar. It’s our bestest. The food is always top notch and we always leave with a satisfied stomach and a big, fat happy face. Tonight is no exception and we have a fab feast with our friends. It seems like an eternity since we last got together and there’s lots to catch up on. After dinner, we take the talk to our local Bavarian Beer Cafe where the boys have steins of beer that are so heavy, us ladies can barely lift the glasses off the table! We are much more sensible and stick with a nice glass of strawberry sparkling!

I check my phone and see a message from my trainer Kathy… she has only gone and scored me a ticket for the filming of the Biggest Loser Finale tomorrow. How cool is that? I am such a lucky lady! Commando, here I come!