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Carrot and Snow Pea Salad

Serves 4 Every time my neighbour visits the family farm, she always comes back with a big, fresh bag of goodies for me. This time I was lucky enough to score a big bag of juicy limes. I did [Read More]

Anzac Biscuits

Makes 20 large biscuits I was inspired to make a batch of these biscuits after visiting the Australian War Memorial.  Anzac biscuits have  been associated with the Australian and New Zealand Army [Read More]

That’s the way the cookies crumble!

I wake up and it's dark and wet. It seems like Summer has only made a fleeting visit and now Winter already has it's foot in the door! I still manage to make it to Kristy's Pump Class and as usual, it [Read More]

The Slow Go

Operation Big Sleep is coming along a treat. With my complete quota of 8 hours, I'm feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to put in the hard yards with Kathy.  I arrive at the gym and hit [Read More]

The Coiled Spring

I'm up early and out pounding the pavement. Another 5km in the bag. Yay! I've been feeling uber anxious the past couple of days and my insides feel like a coiled spring. What's more frustrating is [Read More]

Date and Rice Bubble Slice

Makes 15 squares This no bake slice is quick, easy and packed full of yum. A bowl of cereal was a breakfast favourite growing up and it was one of my favourite brinners too. Now I have this [Read More]

Holiday Eve!

Another early morning start - this time for Kristy's Tuesday morning pump class. She's on fire today! Her enthusiasm is infectious. I'm loving it! Work is so busy. It's interview day today. It's [Read More]

Fat Friday

Friday gets off to a flying start with Basic Training. It's fun, it's fast and it's full on. Just the way I like it! I've got a whole heap of stuff to do at work and I'm stoved off but I'd rather [Read More]

Cookie Cutter Kingdom

I'm up at the crack of dawn...again! It's hard to sleep with all the rampant rain, forget cats and dogs, it's raining wombats and wallabies today. I make good use of time playing with the blog and [Read More]

The Three Month Marker

I've been to gym every day this year (I know it's only 10 days in, but it sounds good hey?!) and I want to keep the momentum going. For that reason, I'm ready and raring to go at Kristy's 6.15 morning [Read More]