The curveball

The good thing about seeing the “Prof” is that he only works in the mornings so I always get a day off when I go to see him. He’s a punctual fellow so we have enough time to have a little reunion with his secretary, Geraldine . I take her and the other medical secretaries a Pumpkin and Date cake. She was really good to me when I was under the care of the Prof six months ago, before, during and after treatment. I haven’t forgotten her kindness and efficiency and want to say thank you. I also think of it as a “parting gift” as I figure with the good news I’m about to get, I’m probably not going to get to see her for another year! She’s thrilled with the cake, especially because it’s one of the other secretaries’ 40th birthdays, so for once, my timing is spot on! Soon enough, we get to see the man himself and the results of my routine check up 6 month ultrasound.  He sits us down and says something like this… “Well, usually the 6 month check up is a formality.  I check the scar, give you a pat on the back and off you go.“ Great! “  Then he gets to his punch line. “But not in your case.” That is a bit of a curveball. I wasn’t expecting that and apparently neither was he.  Hmmm.

He’s trying to explain the ultrasound to me while I’m reading the report upside down so I can’t quite get all the details but the gist of it is that the surface of the thyroid looks irregular and one of the lymph nodes looks a bit dodge. He’s totally gobsmacked because only six months ago he said I didn’t have cancer and he still stands by that. So it’s off for another fine needle biopsy to find out what’s occurring in the thyroid.

We’re feeling a bit anxious – I’m supposed to be going oh holiday in 10 days. After the consult, David and I go and regroup over breakfast and try to think positive. Hey, it can’t be that bad… Cancer can’t come back that quick… can it?