Thermomix Blueberine Juice

Serves 3-4 This juice was inspired by Quirky Cooking's photo on Instagram. We fine tweaked this juice to purple perfection! The addition of spinach, keeps this juice ever green and the [Read More]

Thermomix “The Sixer” Juice

Serves 3 - 4 This is seriously similar to the Fruity Green Juice  and The Sara Green Juice - it's just as gorgeous but it gives a bit more green with a totally tropical taste!   Forget 5-a-day, [Read More]

Thermomix “Refreshinator”

Serves 4 I've delivered Belinda a juice a day since she's been tucked up neatly in her hospital bed. We've spent many a time discussing fabulous  flavours, clever concoctions and the joys of [Read More]

Thermomix “The Sara Green” Juice

Serves 4 Sara shared this recipe with me on Instagram after seeing some of my snaps of green juices. This is seriously similar to the Fruity Green Juice but is even better.  This juice is my all [Read More]

Thermomix Fruity Green Juice

Serves 4 This juice is clean and green but so fruity that it tastes truly fabulous! This is a great juice for beginners because it just tastes so good! Ingredients 1 roughly chopped frozen [Read More]

Thermomix “The Lime Green”

Serves 4 Karen from chair and chair shared this delicious recipe which I tweaked to make it thermie friendly! This juice may be green, but it's not mean. The trifecta of apple, mint and lime make [Read More]

Thermomix Carrot and Orange Juice

Serves 4 Using water and ice cubes in this awesome orangey juice helps incorporate the fibre and works to dilute the fructose. Ingredients 1 large carrot, roughly chopped 2 - 3 oranges, [Read More]