Thermomix Blueberine Juice

Serves 3-4 This juice was inspired by Quirky Cooking's photo on Instagram. We fine tweaked this juice to purple perfection! The addition of spinach, keeps this juice ever green and the [Read More]

Thermomix “The Sixer” Juice

Serves 3 - 4 This is seriously similar to the Fruity Green Juice  and The Sara Green Juice - it's just as gorgeous but it gives a bit more green with a totally tropical taste!   Forget 5-a-day, [Read More]

Thermomix Sara’s Green Juice

  Serves 4 This green juice will give you six serves of fruit and veggies - it's green but it's not mean! When I was having treatment and was on the low iodine diet, I was a lean, [Read More]

Thermomix Fruity Green Juice

Serves 4 This juice is clean and green but so fruity that it tastes truly fabulous! This is a great juice for beginners because it just tastes so good! Ingredients 1 roughly chopped frozen [Read More]

Thermomix “The Lime Green”

Serves 4 Karen from chair and chair shared this delicious recipe which I tweaked to make it thermie friendly! This juice may be green, but it's not mean. The trifecta of apple, mint and lime make [Read More]

Thermomix Carrot and Orange Juice

Serves 4 Using water and ice cubes in this awesome orangey juice helps incorporate the fibre and works to dilute the fructose. Ingredients 1 large carrot, roughly chopped 2 - 3 oranges, [Read More]