It’s Times Like These We Learn to Live Again…

I woke up uber early as I’m wont to do on weekends. I must train my body clock better so that it can differentiate better between weekdays and weekends! I went through the usual motions of drinking coffee and checking facebook. That was when I saw that Mo lost her battle with Lung Cancer yesterday. I knew that the going had gotten tough, her entry last week was entitled “running out of silver linings” but I didn’t realise quite how bad it had been. I was pleased she wasn’t suffering anymore but I just felt a huge wave of sadness wash over me. I thought too, of all Mo’s friends and family and thought how much they’d need some of Mo’s superpowers in the coming days. I immediately went to tell David. Mo’s life was short but she’d lived it to the max and touched so many lives – that was her legacy I guess. Anyway, in 2009 she took part in the Mongol Rally, a charity event where a whole heap of people drive crap heaps of cars from the UK to Mongolia to raise funds for charity. Usually people do this in a team of 3 or 4 – but not Mo – when her teammates bailed out for different reasons, she continued her quest, solo, in a Skoda… called Bertha! Anyway, the story is amazing and she made a really cool mini movie documenting the journey which one of her friends shared on facebook.  That’s how I wanted to remember Mo, full of life, vivacity and plenty of balls! That video was awesome and a magnificent tribute to an amazing person.  It was a seriously sad start to the day but a stark reminder to live for the moment.

So, if I’m going to stay in hospital, I least have to look the part of a model patient! Will I ever have a better excuse to buy new pyjamas? Probably not.  It isn’t my birthday or Christmas but David has kindly offered to buy me whatever my heart desires at my all-time-favourite pyjama shop… Peter Alexander. Check out the website here at   We have a bit of pyjama drama if the truth be told, so many pyjamas and so little time! The current season ‘s theme is Disney so there is a plethora of pyjamas a la Bambi, Lady, the Tramp, Minnie, Mickey – you name the character, there is a pair of pyjamas that immortalises them. Finally, after an hour when I have tried on almost all the pyjamas in the shop and just as David is about to spontaneously combust from lack of patience, I settle on a lovely pair of Mickey Mouse ones. Pink of course. The first ones I tried on? Of course!

We then head down to the harbour to meet my brother Ryan, his wife Kari and the kids. It’s always so beautiful with the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge and probably my all time favourite spot in Sydney – even on a grey day like today. It’s  fun to have a quick catch up and say hi, bye.

For the evening, we had planned a last supper at my favourite Indian restaurant , Nilgiris. This was going to be the last supper, as in, going away on holiday supper but we think we should stick to the same venue, just change the reason, to a going-into- hospital supper instead.  The purpose of  is irrelevant really, the food is totally tasty and we have an excellent evening.