Breakfast with the Boys

It’s always good to get up with a purpose. I’m looking forward to a double dose of visitors this morning.  Jim and Anton are coming for breakfast. David and I can never agree on whose friends they really  are. They’re my work buddies, and technically, I “friended” them first, so I say they’re mine, but David plays football with them every week, so he thinks they’re his. I guess, seeing as we’re married and pretty good at sharing, we should just work on the premise, that what’s mine is mine and what’s David is mine too! That makes Jim and Anton our friends! Anyways, we go for a hearty breakfast the four of us, me and my male harem. It’s quite a treat.  It’s a beautiful day and after a leisurely lap around the block, we decide it must be beer o’clock. When Jim, Anton and David are together, you can bet that they’re either on a football court or in a pub.

We chill out in the sunshine in the beer garden of our local rugby club which is conveniently located next to our building! We’re all giving our guesses for the big rugby world cup matches this weekend, tonight Wales play France and tomorrow is the biggie – the Wallabies are taking on the All Blacks.

Then, it’s time for the boys to head home and for me to recharge my batteries.  It’s a pretty chilled arvo and in the evening I have my first nocturnal engagement since surgery. We’ve booked to go to our favourite little Lebanese restaurant. It’s pretty ironic, I think we last went there the weekend before my first surgery, and here, we are, this time celebrating surviving the second surgery! I may still have an elephantesque neck and walk like an Egyptian but I still have a healthy appetite. Not surprisingly, I manage to eat everything and nothing comes between me and a glass of good red wine. It’s still a bit tricky to bend my neck to drink from a glass, so I suck up my wine through a straw! Where there’s a will, there’s a way!