Back in the World of Work

I leap out of bed with a hop, skip and a jump this morning. I’m so excited to be going to work. Yay! Even getting on the train is a treat! Of course, seeing all my workmates is great. I’ve really missed them. I know it sounds corny, but it’s true, it’s just like coming home!

Meeting a new class is always a bit nerve wracking and meeting a class half way through a course is doubly so, especially when your voice sounds like a frog with a throat infection! However, I needn’t have worried, my new class are awesome! Loads of different nationalities and some super cool personalities. I’m having such a good time! Sometimes, I love my job so much, I can’t believe I get paid to do something that’s so enjoyable!

My bosses Andrew and Agata have been so supportive which I really appreciate. It’s their creativity with staffing, and flexibility with my work schedule that has allowed me to come back to work mornings only. The time flies by but at 12 o’ clock, I can feel that there’s nothing more left in my tank. Thankfully, I’m pretty organised so I quickly prep my stuff for tomorrow and then I’m out of there. I meet David for lunch on the run, we’re so lucky to work literally around the corner from each other and get to hook up most days for lunch and/or coffee. So after a quick feed, I head home for a well needed power nap.

Later in the afternoon, my ex colleague Gaille comes to visit. I haven’t seen her for ages so it’s really nice to catch up and of course, get her on to the Feeder Programme! Another  major bonus of being out of action for so long is that, I’ve gotten to have some real quality time with people I don’t see so often or see often but don’t have quality time with. Once again, I’m seeing for myself that there’s always a positive!