The Last Supper

I’m feeling pretty energised after my nana nap so decided to do a bit of baking. Lately I’ve made a lot of cakes and slices so I’m going to buck the trend and bake some biscuits instead. I’m going to try Grandma’s Jam Drops from “Another Generous Helping.” Apparently, grandma has been cooking these for over 60 years and everyone knows Grandmas never go wrong!

In Australia, the supermarket dockets (receipts) are usually full of advertising on the back. Usually it’s for completely useless stuff that you would never want or use but yesterday, I noticed there was a great deal going down at our favourite Indian restaurant. It’s my last day before I go iodine free and I figured I’d never have a better excuse for a curry in a hurry. Needless to say, I didn’t really need to twist David’s arm too much. Let’s face it, I didn’t need to twist it at all. Io-dine-licious!