Fatigued Friday

I have a great day at work. I rush home to recharge my batteries and have a power nap but they’re doing some kind of digging in the car park with a pneumatic drill. Lying in bed trying to rest with that is like some kind of Guantanamo Bay Torture Treatment so I decide to give up on napping and get up.

Today is my first appointment with my psychologist.  It’s really rather like seeing an old friend again and strangely, rather comforting. I hadn’t realised before but working with Cancer patients is her speciality I guess now is the time when I need her skill set the most! It’s so funny, so much has happened over the past month that it takes me almost the full hour to bring her up to speed. Phew! However, talking about and reliving the past four weeks  is pretty cathartic if exhausting and I finally head home at 4pm! That’s the longest I’ve been fully wide awake for weeks and by the time I arrive home I ‘m finished!