Farewell Friday

If I things had been different, this would have been the day I would have been leaving London to return to sunny Sydney but as it is, it’s my last day at work for a while. Either way I guess, I’m still saying goodbye to a whole heap of people that I’d like to spend more time with, and on the plus side, I won’t have as long to wait to go back to work, as I would have to return to London!

It’s also the end of “term” or the end of a four week cycle at work – so much has happened in the past four weeks – I’ve certainly packed it in. Getting to know my class has been a total treat and they should take at least part of the credit for my positive and sunny outlook. It’s been an absolute joy to go to work and hang out with them. 

I hurry home from work today to get the most out of the nana nap and then drag my no good lazy butt back to the city for some Friday night beer and cheer with my wonderful workmates. It  is good to be back in the swing of things.  I am pretty relieved that alcohol is iodine free, shame about the chips and the wedges! Now, they are hard to resist! At about half 7 I can feel myself flagging, whatever batteries I’m running on these days, they’re certainly not long lasting, and we head home.  Pooped to the max!