Radioactive Girl

Radioactive and loving it!

Despite having no nana nap and  going to sleep late (so many movies and so little time!) I’m still hit by a word tsunami at the usual time. These word tsunamis are getting to be precision timed – about 1.30 am on the dot. The timing also coincides with an excursion to the bathroom.  I have to admit, waiting around to make those  mandatory four flushes is enough to break anyone’s sleep pattern! I really hope they’re using recycled water for my toilet cistern, because otherwise I don’t think the environment will want to be my friend! When you consider how much Lucien and the nuclear doctors want me to drink (a lot) and how many times they want me to flush (four) it’s an environmental disaster! Especially in a country that is always short of water. However, I guess contaminating the hospital water supply with my radioactive wee would be more disastrous still, so I’ll quit moaning and just stick with the four flushes!

I wake up at eight which is late by my usual standards. Considering I have  almost nothing to do, the day flies by… I watch a great movie, sit out on the balcony for a DIY mani and pedi, ate, nap and then before I know it, the day’s all over red rover.

The day nurse is a bit of a granny and is so fearful of the power of my radioactivity – she won’t even cross the threshold! It is quite a challenge  for her to take my obs – she insists I stand 2 metres back and just stick my arm out. She is full of sympathy, saying what a miserable time I must be having! She couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m been living it large!

I feel just a tad nauseous and as the day wears on and my throat is feeling a little sore. No drama there then – just a good excuse to eat more lollies or chew more gum! In a perverse way, I take some comfort from the soreness in my neck – that means the radioactivity is hitting the target and getting to work. That’s the way!