Hard Habits To Break?

I survive another night without experiencing a word tsunami. Maybe I’m running out of things to say but whatever the reason, I’m just relieved to be slipping into a near normal sleep pattern.

I start the day by having a massive wash-a-thon. First, it’s all my sheets.  Then all my towels. Then all my  clothes.  I keep thinking that if I leave them hanging around too long they’re somehow going to cross contaminate something or someone. I know this is crazy and completely unfounded but I wash them anyway and it gives me an enormous sense of wellbeing.

 I can see how  this period of being radioactive and all the weird stuff I have to do because of it could easily turn into some mad OCD fetishes. Take your pick… 1)  compulsive hand washing – terrible for my nails and I’d end up with old granny, wrinkly hands! 2) Worse still, compulsive toilet flushing -really time consuming , not to mention, bad for the environment! 3) compulsive clothes washing – expensive and ditto, bad for the environment! However, I’m hoping that by the end of this week, I’ll be so over these repeated tasks that they’ll be easy habits to break!