A Nice Day For a White Wedding

It’s a glorious day and as I open the blinds and look outside –  I notice that a bird has pooped on my freshly washed table! It’s a conspiracy – first the spiders, now the birds. I’m thinking that my balcony cleaning is going to have to be on a weekly rather than a yearly basis!

We don’t want to waste the day so when David finally gets up – we head out for a late breakfast. If we looked like we were at a couple at war last weekend, walking 2 metres apart, we looked like we were on honeymoon today, holding hands and looking like love’s not-so-young dream! It just felt so good to be able to get up close and personal without fear of contamination! This experience has definitely taught me not to take a good hug for granted!

We should have been in Perth today celebrating  Stace and Steve’s wedding. We may be over 4000km and a time difference of +3 hours away but we’re excited all the same. So much so, that gripped by wedding fever, we get back from brekkie and book flights out west in January. This flight booking causes great excitement, because now, we really have something to look forward to, and what’s more, we don’t have all that long to wait! All day, we keep checking our watch and wondering what the nearly marrieds are doing now!

I still can’t get a handle on my energy levels, just when I think I’m getting my mojo back, I hit a wall of fatigue and today is just one of those times. So in the afternoon, I have to take to my bed and recharge with some quality zzzs.

Later, we head out for some wedding drinks. This has taken some precision planning because of our +3hour time difference but we’re in the pub ready and waiting to toast the happy couple at the exact moment they become husband and wife. Yay! They have a really cool Twitter feed where the guests can upload live wedding photos from the ceremony, and later, some fun photos from the wedding photo booth. The bride looks like a princess, and the groom looks great too!

The mind is a funny thing. When you know you can’t have something, it just makes you want it more. That’s exactly how it was for me eating iodine free. I spent the 3 iodine less weeks fantasising about eating bread, dairy products and seafood. I usually plan our evening menus for the week  ahead – it saves a lot of time and money – but I’ve never taken such delight in planning ahead than I have this week, when the menu for the next seven days is full of all my favourite things

I waste no time in tucking my way through my edible wish list and start the week as I mean to go on! Although my radioactivity is greatly reduced I don’t really feel comfortable enough to sit in a restaurant on a busy Saturday night. So instead, we plump for a take away pizza which more than satisfies my bread and cheese cravings. We devour it at home sitting comfortably close on the sofa watching my latest favourite movie “crazy, stupid, love.” We eat, laugh and enjoy. The perfect iodine free Saturday night!