Happy Birthday Blog!

It’s another beautiful day in paradise today. The sun is shining, it’s the blog’s birthday and I’m getting my mojo back. I’m not quite an energiser bunny but there’s definitely more in the tank than there used to be. Oh, happy days! It sounds so corny, but every day I find more and more reasons to be happy. It’s like seeing the world in glorious technicolour.  I seem to be able to find meaning and beauty in the simplest things.

I am lucky enough to get a cancellation with my counsellor today. We’ve  travelled a long way together with her as my guide, but today, we feel that  I’ve turned a corner. This is definitely a move in the right direction and we both agree that we should take a mini break. I guess she needs some respite from the Feeder Programme and I’m in a really good place right now. I’m ready to go it alone, and travel “solo” for a bit. However, we don’t want to completely cut loose, so agree to touch base again after my next dose of doctors’ appointments.

I’ve realised I haven’t got time or energy to fret about what’s happened  in the past or about what might happen in the future because I’m just too busy enjoying the present. I feel a genuine sense of achievement.

My blog is 1 week old today! Yay! David and I have both worked real hard this week to get it up and running and fully loaded, both in terms of content and features. I can’t believe we’ve had over 3000 page views and hits from all over the world! It’s totally mind boggling!

It’s a beautiful evening so we have some sundowners on the balcony before having another Donna Hay feast for dinner. Tonight, I try my hand at Baked Italian Chicken. It’s the perfect summer  supper, fresh and full of flavour and miraculously, we manage to eat it without carbs! Now that’s what I call progress!