Run, Sun, Fun

“Don’t wait to be discovered.”

–          Gil Atkinson

Today I wake up to a trifecta of reasons to be cheerful. First off, it’s nothing short of miraculous that I  sleep in till 9am! Secondly,  the sun is shining. Thirdly, my advent calendar is up and running. Yay! Today I get three jelly snakes. What a happy, healthy and nutritious start to the morning!

It’s eight weeks since diagnosis and I decide that the time is nigh. It’s time to get me out road running again. This is the perfect moment – the beautiful weather conditions combined with my soaring energy levels are a winning combination! I follow my favourite 5km route – I’m not super speedy but I don’t walk or stop either so it’s all good! I arrive home a bit sore but very satisfied!

It’s a busy afternoon what with the grocery run, a spot of Christmas shopping, ploughing my way through a mountain of laundry and some batch cooking. The freezer is looking a bit bare which always makes me feel anxious so I’m cooking in earnest to fill it up with our favourite foods. Today it’s Cheat’s Chilli which has to be one of the quickest, easiest and yummiest dinners on the planet. I always try to have a secret stash of the stuff in the freezer. To eat it is to love it!

In the evening, we meet our friends Tracey and Nick for a Bavarian dinner at the beer café. I think my mussels are more Belgian than Bavarian but I won’t split hairs! They’re delicious and full of iodine!