“Think for yourself. No one else is qualified.”

– Frank Vizzare

Ah, lovely. A lie in! Hooray for holidays! We’re both pretty excited about our long love weekend in Jervis Bay. It’s a beautiful day for a drive down the coast to the little town of Huskisson. This is quite an adventure, as we’ve always headed North on our weekends away and this is our virgin voyage to the South.

The small seaside town of Huskisson is the “capital” of Jervis Bay and our beautiful b and b is a stone’s throw away from all the little shops and restaurants. We spend the afternoon walking along the beach, checking out the shops (and the chippy!) and soaking up the scenery with a cold beer from the deck of the local RSL.

In the evening, we have a Mexican max-out at the local Veggie Cafe, Pilgrims. I never thought I’d see the day when David would willingly enter, and then eat in, a vegetarian eatery, but there you go, wonders will never cease! I wish the cafe had a brother or sister  in Sydney. I think I could be their best customer.

Later, we come home and have a nice cup of tea and dip into the b and b extensive DVD library. I’m stoked because I find the movie “Julie and Julia” which I’ve been dying to see. It’s about a girl who makes a blog about food and cooking. Sound familiar? I think the similarities end there as her cooking experitse is extensive and  she is a big fan of French food. However,it is  food for thought!