Nobody Likes a Sunburn Slapper

“What you do matters. All you need is to do it.”

Judy Grahn

This time two months ago I was in hospital oozing radioactivity and now here I am a total beach babe! Time and radioactivity are great healers! We spend our day in the bay checking out all the beautiful beaches including Chinaman’s Beach, Nelson’s beach, Plantation Point and of course, Hyams Beach which reputedly has the whitest sand in the world!

You can get sunburmt in 15 minutes even on a cloudy day down under, so we slip, slap, slop  on  the sunscreen (factor 60) and still manage to turn spectacularly and quite painfully red! The sun is so not our friend!

We take a break from the sun with a siesta and a cold glass of wine on our deck before heading out for some fine wining and dining. If I  was a professional holidaymaker, I’d be sooooo good at my job!