More medicine!

“The greatest gift is the gift of loving and believing in yourself. Guard this gift with your life. It is the only thing that will truly be yours.”

– Tiffany Loren Rowe

My widening waistline is out of control… but help is at hand! My personal trainer, Kathy, does her brilliant Basic Training Class on Monday mornings so I’ve never had a better excuse and  a greater incentive to get my lazy butt out of bed at 5.45 on a Monday morning.  It is well worth waking up early for – it’s the classic kick start to the week.  It’s a veritable fitness fandango;  push ups, lunges, squats, running and other  cardio coolness and Kathy’s enthusiasm is totally contagious! It must be true what they say about time flying by when you’re having fun because the 45 minutes flies by!

My medical biorhythms must be well out of sync today. I’m so out of it when I wake up this morning and go to pop my pills, that I take a Nurofen instead of my Thyroxin – that’s a total medical mix up! Still, at least I realised in the nick of time, and I can rest assured that at least I’m not going to get a headache today!

I’ve had a red blotch on my neck at the end of my scar which has been growing angrier and bigger by the day. I’ve consulted a couple of pharmacists who both gave completely different advice – in fact, the only thing they did agree on was to go to the GP if it didn’t go away! It’s not particularly irksome, although it is sore to the touch and is pretty unsightly. However, the final straw came today,  was when one of my colleagues thought it was a love bite! Aaargh! So it’s back to the doctors – again! My mission in life is to go a week, just one week, without having to visit a doctor! However, I’m fortunate enough to get squeezed in to see my lovely GP who prescribes some antibiotic cream, and some antibiotic tablets in case that doesn’t do the trick. On the plus side, at least I get to give her my Christmas cookies face to face!

The script from the Endo is in the mailbox when I get home so I go to the pharmacy and get me ole bag of drugs and relish the thought of how much more energy I’ll have tomorrow!  I wonder if I’ll bounce off the walls….  My Chocolate shortbread Stars are in mass production tonight, I’ve got lots of gifts to give this week and they’re all going to come from the kitchen with love! However, all this cookie-ing is hard work! I need a bake-ation!