More Festive Feasting

“Your spark can become a flame and change everything.”

–          E. D. Nixon

It’s an action packed day at work and then I hit the random nail bar with the last of my discount vouchers. The nail bar is quite an experience, and not necessarily a good one. It’s like the box room of nail bars and one that must have an employment policy of “there’s none so strange as folk.” The senior nail guru is possibly the only person on the planet who has had more plastic surgery than Michael Jackson, it’s a wonder she can even talk, let alone smile, with that much botox! I’m mesmerised by her plasticity which is just as well as it takes my mind off the dodgy nail job. This is the ultimate false economy. I’d have been better off paying the full monty and getting the star treatment at my local nail bar. I should have listened to my mom, she always told me “you only get what you pay for!”

After a quick pit stop back at the ranch, it’s off to Nicky’s place for our annual Christmas get together. Our legendary Christmas Eve extravaganzas have become quite a tradition since we started living down under and tonight is another corker, albeit a few days earlier than usual. Nicky is the ultimate domestic goddess and as usual cooks up a storm. We love the Chook Legs with Vino Cotto or Balsamic. Kids, you must try this at home! We are inundated with uber cool gifts from the Nicky, Vince and the kids and from Nicky’s mum (another cook book – yay!) The kids are charm personified and keep us well entertained. Not only is Nicky a GP extraordinaire and a Kitchen Queen but she’s also a star at ceramics! There’s just no end to her talents! She gives us a beautiful hand made pot full of yummy chocolates for Christmas which I carefully place out of harm’s way in my bag while we eat. It may be out of harm’s way, but it’s not out of the dog’s way, Boulie the beagle manages to eat every single choc (and the wrappers!) while dinner is served. What a binging beagle! We’re shocked and simultaneously relieved at all the calories he’s saved us! The evening is full of fantastic food, festive cheer, wine and beer. There’s no better way to celebrate the silly season!