The Christmas Calorie Crunch

“There is more inside you than you dare think.”

David Brower

It’s Friday, it’s festive and I’m feeling fabulous. There’s no better way to wrap up the working week than with Kathy’s Kick Ass Basic Training Class. It’s early, it’s exhausting but it’s excellent! It’s weird science, the more I exercise, the more energy I have. Plus I figure, the more I exercise, the more chocolate I can consume!

I am eager to replenish the calories I burned off this morning and set to work in earnest at the office. One chocolate Santa, two Czech Christmas treats (I must get the recipe from Jitka…) and three bites of a mini Magnum. Watch out waistline… here come the Christmas calories! It’s a half-and-happy day at work. My students are on top form as usual and I get them feeling festive by planning a whole lesson around Wham’s “Last Christmas!” I don’t think half of them were even born when it was top of the pops, but hey, I’m loving it!

The diet-on-the-downhill continues into the afternoon and evening. I try and redeem myself by making some of my Slimming Soup, but not even that can save me now! After slaving over my soup saucepan, I do a quick change and head out with David to meet Heather (my hairdresser extraordinaire,) and Colum and Pippa. It’s wine and good times hanging out with the peeps and I meet one of Heather’s friends, who is a food stylist. I’m hoping she’ll give me some top tips for photographing my food but she’s keeping her tricks of the trade well and truly under her hat!

Later Pips, Colum, David and I go for a Christmas curry. But we’re not done with Friday night yet. We  decide a nightcap at the Bavarian Beer Cafe is the way to go.  Beer and cheer – we’re loving it.  However, this is a place that sells beer in litres.  Hmmm…we might be messy in the morning!