The Day Before Christmas!

If you’re going through hell, keep on going.”

– Rodney Atkins

It’s Christmas Eve and the last day of my advent calendar. I wrap up the countdown to Christmas with a lovely lollipop. Thanks, David! I always feel a bit sad on the 24th, it’s the end of an era. If only my calendar had 30 or 31 pockets, we could keep going all year round! In turn, that means that today is the last of my little window cards with it’s message of faith and inspiration. Notice how I’ve saved my best one til last- what a marvellous motto!

It’s the morning after the night before. I can’t say I’m feeling as fresh as a daisy, think more like exceedingly lazy… however, I manage to hold my hangover at bay and head off to the gym for my last pre-christmas gym class. Seemingly, everyone else has the same idea vis a vis last chance training as the studio is packed to the rafters! It’s the only time I’ve been to a Body Pump class where we’ve run out of weights! It’s like weight training for sardines  in there but I sweat buckets and attempt to kill off at least a few of those Christmas calories.

Then we head out for breakfast, where I undo all my hard work with a veritable feast. Working out in the morning is all well and good but it means I start the day with a voracious appetite. Today is no exception, and my body, and it’s slow-release hangover, both need some feeding! Furthermore, I need to line my stomach for the urban warfare that is, Christmas shopping. I am all set for battle but as it turns out there’s no need to prepare even half so hard, it is all very civilised. The customers are calm, the shelves are well stocked and the queues are quick. It is totally painless. We swing by the butcher on the way home, to get our pork leg, which is ready and roasting to go for tomorrow. It’s enormous. We may look like a pork sandwich by the new year!

The sun is shining in Sydney, and finally, it feels like Summer. We take a wonderful walk to North Sydney to get the final part of my Christmas present – more gym clothes from my favourite sportswear shop, Lorna Jane. I can’t wait to get going and wear them!

Back at the ranch it’s time for some Christmas kitchen chaos. I finally get to make that P & O Cookies and Cream Cheesecake –  in his role as Official Taste Tester, David gives it the thumbs up and if it tastes as good as it smells then, it’s the champion of cheescakes! As it’s got so hot, and I got me another box of mangoes, I make some more Mango and Coconut  Gelato. It’s my bestest!

For dinner, we try out a new Donna Hay recipe; Pork Pasties. They’re so easy to make and taste totally terrific. We’ll be making more of those again, that’s for sure! It’s too hot to do little else except crash on the sofa, drink port and watch “Love Actually.” The perfect Christmas movie for a perfect Christmas Eve.