The End of an Era

Annie was right. The sun comes out today – in full force. I go to my last Basic Training class of the year and it’s glorious. I go fast and I go hard and I have absolutely nothing left in the tank. I go to work running on empty but feeling on top of  the world. And hungry! Very hungry!

Work is fun but I’m pretty sad to say goodbye to my students. Rightly or wrongly, I’ll always remember them  fondly as my Class of Cancer and I’m just very grateful that our paths crossed. They made going to work the past few months an absolute pleasure and for that I am very thankful.

After work, some of  us skeleton staff get to catch up over a few pre-New Year beers. David and I make a cameo appearance and then make a hasty retreat to meet Barbara and John. Tonight we’re off to Leichardt aka “Little Italy” for a pizza feast. We can’t go past our favourite restaurant “Cafe Moretti” – not only are the pizzas perfect but it also featured in an Australian Masterchef challenge, in the second series. And won, of course! It’s a perfect combination – good friends and good food – what more can you ask for?