New Year – New Start

Everyone has a well deserved lie in – may it be the first of many in 2012! We wake up to beautiful sunshine. It’s a total s0l-fest! There’s no better way to start the new year than with some serious sunshine! We kick start our morning with some Bucks Fizz on the balcony and then I throw together some Mexican Baked Beans.  They taste good but I think they need less time and less heat in the oven, as the beans were a bit dry and the eggs hard as nails. However, I’m sticking with my flip-side-philosophy in 2012, and on the flip side, at least we aren’t going to get salmonella from them there eggs!

After a leisurely breakfast in the sun, we catch the bus to the beautiful Balmoral Beach. David and I are particularly smug, as that means, we’ve made it to the beach on Christmas and New Years Day, this festive season. That’s some double whammy! We have a wonderful walk along the promenade, and then grab a coffee and sit out on the headland soaking up the sunshine and the beautiful views! It’s a stunning vista and I’m quite overcome by the natural beauty;  the brilliant blue of the sea, the clear, cloudless sky and that stunning sunshine – I’m so lucky!

The sun is sizzling and we’re all starting to fry like raw eggs on a hot car bonnet so we decide to head home where we retire to the balcony for some bubbly. After some restful relaxation under the sun shade, everyone heads indoors. David and the guests take a power nap, and I get down to some blogging (oh-so-diligent) and make my favourite Mango and Coconut  Gelato to use up my last few mangoes.

Time for  a quick change and then we’re out for dinner to our favourite Thai restaurant. Yum yum for our tum! The food and wine just keeps on coming and my waistline keeps on widening! It’s frightening!